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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Thursday April 19 2018 (The real and proper Day 2409) - Found, found, found

The word 'Morrissey' spent all day Tuesday trending on Twitter, but not because of a previously unheard song that has emerged but because, of course, the interview that was published on Monday.

Morrissey must laugh his arse off as he reads the comments of all the snowflakes he has managed to 'outrage'. The predictability of it all is so.... predictable. Morrissey's response to all the faux outrage  was to simply post a picture of his cat on the Morrissey Central website.

The fall-out from Monday's interview has seen more so called Morrissey fans denounce him on Twitter, although actually it is just the same people who denounced him before - why do they hang around? Their view says nothing to me about my life, now move away. Billy Bragg is one such bore who keeps taking to Twitter to denounce Moz. We get it, Billy, now just fuck off.
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I also thought that Charlatans singer, Tim Burgess, had also been sucked in by the propaganda of the loony left when he tweeted, "Maybe Morrissey was just bitten by a radioactive racist and it's not his fault", but thankfully he later clarified his position by tweeting, "People seem to have lost the ability to see a tongue in cheek comment for what it is. I was commenting on the comments on his comments." Burgess obviously has far more intelligence than Bragg and that other bore from a previous time, Martin Tossiter.

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Morrissey's words also saw YET ANOTHER Guardian journalist denounce him. This latest journo is a guy called Owen Gibson, who tweeted, "Morrissey saved my life with his music, but you have got to be fucking joking if that means I am going to sit around and not say anything about his outrageous statements laced with the language of the far-right." These words are straight out of The Guardian manual. The least old Gibbo could have done was use his own words, although in truth, he's probably never actually listened to any Morrissey songs, and it's just that there was no one left at Guardian HQ who hasn't denounced Mozzer, so was handed the script and instructed to get a tweet out there. Who next time, the cleaner?
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Another so called Morrissey fan, Dave Haslam (@Mr_Dave-Haslam) tweeted, "A friend of mine is selling his Smiths memorabilia, he's had enough of Morrissey. Any decent offers, I'll pass on to him." Isn't it wonderful that Mr Haslam, er, I mean Mr Haslam's 'friend', is happy to profit from a person he believes to be a racist. Some people have no morals.

Anyway, enough of the nonsense, and more about that previously unheard song. On Tuesday afternoon, Morrissey's nephew, Sam, posted the following on Instagram, "Who would like to hear a new Morrissey track??". He then followed this by posting a Youtube clip on Twitter with the words, "Morrissey - Lost studio track - By The Time I get To Wherever I'm Going". The clip was also posted on Morrissey Central.

No clue was given of when the recording was made, but there is a lot of speculation on Solo that it is from the LIHS sessions. I personally think it was either part of the WPINOYB recordings, or if not, was recorded last century. One thing is for sure, the song isn't listed on Morrissey's BMI repertoire, so it really would seem to be a song that was genuinely lost. I wonder where it was found, and I wonder if there are more of these?

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