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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Saturday July 21st 2018 - Day 2502 - Ask them why and they'll knife you in the spine

Morrissey (as @Alfsbutton) yesterday paid his first visit to The Wrong Arms since last Sunday, and spent over four hours chatting to us regulars about current affairs - it was just like sitting in a real pub going through the newspapers.

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Mozzer's stint in The Arms began just after 1.30 pm, when he linked to an article in The London Economic about 'a knife battle among feral teens' which had taken place in broad daylight in Bethnal Green. M added to the link, "England is over. London is dead."

I responded by asking Morrissey if he was a regular reader of the London Economic, to which he replied, "One reads what is put in front of one when one wakes up. Apparently Playboy wasn't available."
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Deborah Bartlett (@bartlettpr) responded to Morrissey's tweet about the knife battle with, "Life is no longer valued or revered", to which Morrissey replied, "Has it ever been? We are born without asking. We are then expected to live without asking."

Sharon (@HpPilates) - the strange pilates woman who last week stated that she believed I was behind the Alf account - then jumped in asking Alf, "You must feel God's grace in how your life evolved though? Reading the autobiography it's as the road towards the creative life appeared effortlessly and naturally", to which Morrissey (or is it me?) replied, "Nothing is effortless and nothing is natural", which led Deborah to state, "Natural born talent, lots of hard work, self belief, a pinch of good luck, good people around you", to which Alf replied, "What good people?" - there certainly aren't many people left from those early days, and most, if not all, have put the boot in at some stage, so you can see his point about them not being good.

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The recent Morrissey interviewer, Fiona Dodwell (@Angel_Devil982) then joined in, replying to Morrissey's tweet about the Bethnal Green knife battle with, "So much to be disheartened about lately with what's going on in the UK....and if any of us dare to criticise the way things are, they turn daggers on us. This world is a mess", to which Moz replied with a link to a story in The Mirror about a knife attacker on a bus in Germany, and the words, "Although naturally it's not just the Disunited thingdom. I wonder what the common denominator is?" Fiona tweeted back, "I know it as do you....dare anyone say so!"
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Having read the two stories, I didn't see the link which Moz and Fiona were presumably seeing, i.e. radicalised immigrants, because the Bethnal Green stabbings appear to be nothing other than what was reported - feral teenagers. I tweeted to Fiona and Moz, "It's not immigration in these particular cases, the street gangs in London are no different to the knife & cosh wielding teenagers of the 50s." Moz took up the baton, tweeting, "Oh but in the fifties there was honour. A certain respect. There was a law to the lawlessness."  I replied, "I guess you're right. There seems to be no fear of consequence now", to which M came back with, "England belongs to them now. Ask them why and they'll knife you in the spine." - spitting in the eye is SO last century!

I then asked Morrissey, "So how far will it go? Will they eventually storm Westminster, burn it down and take control?", to which he replied, "They don't respect parliament (the only thing we agree on) therefore they wouldn't bother with storming it. Why would they storm something that lets them get away with murder?"

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Fiona then tweeted, "We're not allowed to question it and heaven forbid we talk about the answer. Lots of people are concerned about this world but feel powerless to A) do anything about it B) are silenced because of ridicule", to which Morrissey replied, "Let us all continue spending £5 on a coffee, watch the news, and ignore the mounting evidence. Also, there is no C)!". I genuinely laughed out loud as I read the last part of that tweet, and replied, "Oi' that's my line", to which Our Mozzer replied, "Now now old chum. You don't get lines in this play. You can be a curtain rail." He is just too good to me!

Back to the serious problem regarding London's knife crime - statistics released on Thursday show they are at their highest levels ever -  I tweeted, "Sadiq Khant shrugs. He should be bringing in laws to instantly jail anyone carrying a knife. Giuliani cleaned up New York, Khan could do the same", to which Moz replied, "That involves having some intelligence. I wonder if something about this furthers an agenda of his or not? Well what do you expect, have you ever heard him speak.."

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A tweeter I'd not come across before named, Lisa Lou (@Dreamybanter) then tweeted that she was shocked to read that no-one is charged in 9 out of 10 crimes, to which Morrissey replied, "I was not shocked to read this. They perhaps do not charge people in fear of being labelled with something that sticks." - and he would know all about sticky labelling!

The next topic up for debate was Brexit. Yesterday Theresa May-day was in Belfast, making an address regarding the Irish border.  Mozzer tweeted, "The Prime Minister says the EU must 'evolve' its Brexit position. They will not budge, they want us to leave even less than she does. They also don't have a Brexit position and neither does she."

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The mysterious Garett (@MRLennon__40) replied, "and this is news?". I don't know who this Garrett fellow is, but I am convinced Morrissey knows him. Garrett also replied to the Morrissey tweet about there being honour amongst criminals in the 50s with, "You're such a romantic", to which M responded, "You have no idea." Morrissey also sent Garrett a tweet asking, "How does one end up living in Milton Keynes"- which is where, according to his Twitter profile, Garrett lives.....although personally, I don't believe a word of it.

Tying-in with Brexit, the next story Mozzer linked on Twitter was one from The Sun, in which a rather wet behind the ears Shadow Sports Minister called, Rosena Allin-Khan, claims that Brexit has made the St George's flag "toxic". Morrissey tweeted, "Politicians and Labour in particular did this long before Brexit."  I pointed out that this was indeed correct, and that the toxifying (is that a word?) of the St George's Cross can be traced back to the former Foreign Secretary, Scottish Robin Cook. Morrissey replied, "Perhaps he hated anything redder than he was."


Morrissey's final tweet of the day was in response to a question I put to him about a track on the new compilation LP, This Is Morrissey. I asked, "It seems odd that the Mael mix of Suedehead is included - it really is un-Moz like and as Russell Mael hasn't been very nice recently, it makes it's inclusion even more surprising", to which M replied, "I felt it had an ephemeral quality". And before anyone asks, YES, I had to look up what ephemeral means.

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It is quite amusing to think that the online crèche that is Morrissey-Solo has no mention of ANY of these latest offerings of Moz, in fact, it has missed out on seven years worth of offerings, and all because Peter 'Uncle Skinny' Finan convinced everyone connected with the Solow site that the Moz we are interacting with, is actually a film director hoaxer and his mates, having a laugh at the expense of innocent Morrissey fans. Has any one person EVER got so much wrong? What a tool.

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