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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Thursday March 21st 2019 - Day 2744 Boom Boom Boom

It has been over three weeks since I last wrote a blog entry, with the main reason being that there has been no 'Online Morrissey' to chronicle, but I have also been sidetracked by a number of things happening in the real world, which include: passport issues, an eventual holiday to Tenerife, house building, a busy work schedule and..... you don't need to know these things, let me get back to Morrissey.

First things first, the 'Online Moz' (True Morfessa) has finally returned to The Wrong Arms, although the only tweet he has posted thus far was on Tuesday night, when he replied to Wolf66's tweet of, "Welcome back" with:

"I did not go away. Just a simple disguise of disgust."

Goodness only knows what he was disgusted by, but the main thing is he is back, and hopefully in the mood to interact....or just take the piss out of me, anything will do!

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Although things have been quiet regarding the 'Online M', in the real world of Morrissey there has been plenty going on, including: a new song being released online, announcements of physical singles, announcement of Broadway shows, announcement of a festival, a test pressing.... in fact, here is a brief resumé of events from the past three weeks:

A) FEB 27 - 100 test pressings of California Son are released on Morrissey Mporium website at £100 each....and I order one! I just couldn't resist.

B) FEB 28 - An announcement that Lover-To-Be will be released as a 7 inch single on Record Store Day (April 13) with the b side being the previously unreleased (and unheard), I Thought You Were Dead. It is limited to 1,000 copies. I now have to decide whether to get up at an unearthly hour on the 13th and queue so that I get a copy at a reasonable price, or pay over the top for it on ebay. I'm pretty sure it will be the latter option.


C) FEB 28 - An announcement that Wedding Bell Blues will be released as a single in May. Fabian on the cover. Brow of My Beloved as the b side. No queuing required. I have ordered via Reflex Records.

It had previously been announced that Brow of My Beloved was going to be the b side of It's Over, but presumably It's Over is no longer going to be released as a physical single.
D) March 1 - The Guardian predictably pick up on the dullard story written by Ales Toss; which I wrote about in my last blog entry, and print their own story; written by another dullard called Daniel Wray, who has gone to the lengths of contacting Ariel Engle to tell her that she shouldn't have worked with Morrissey because of his political views.... even though it is blatantly clear that Wray himself has no understanding whatsoever of Morrissey's actual views. Where do the Guardian find all these cunts?

E) March 4 - It is announced that Morrissey will play seven nights in May at the Lunt-Fontanne theatre on Broadway. The tickets then go on sale a week later and sell out straight away.

F) March 14 - It is announced that Morrissey will play at the Ravinia Festival in Illinois in September.

G) March 20 - The song Morning Starship is released online and I immediately download it on Spotify and start binge listening.

I think that's got us up to speed.

I'll be honest, although I love Jobriath (thanks to Moz), I've never been particularly enamoured with Morning Starship, but Morrissey's version has absolutely changed all that for me. It is a far, far superior version, thanks mainly to two things: A) Morrissey gives the lyrics far more clarity - which he does with all his songs and B) It isn't over-produced like the Jobriath original.
I didn't really know what Jobriath was singing about; presuming it to be a song about a space ship, but unless I'm barking up the wrong tree, it would seem that a morning starship is the same thing as morning glory. Utter filth! Goodness only knows why the openly gay Jobriath wrote a song about losing a girl, and I am completely lost by the fact that she seems to travel in the morning starship at the end of the song, but who cares. Morrissey not only gives the song clearer, silkier lyrics, but also adds a great set of la la las, and finishes it off with a boom, boom, boom. I love it. California Son is going to be something quite special.

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