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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 13 - Tuesday Sept 27th 2011

Bastard dog woke me up at 4 o'clock again this morning, although actually he didn't. Don't get me wrong, the bastard was scratching the door and would've woken me up, as he seems to on a regular basis at the moment, but on this occasion I was already awake. Yep, yet another night of broken sleep. Why? I hear you ask, Bloody Morrissey, that's why!

Let me explain, but first I need to take you back twelve days to Thursday 15th September. There I was,  minding my own business, trawling away on the internet as usual, ducking between youtube, ebay, google, bbc sport, morrissey-solo and all the other websites I tend to visit on a daily basis, when somehow I stumbled upon ''. Don't ask me how I found this site, I really don't remember, but I guess I probably just googled 'Morrissey'.

Anyway, back to 'morrisseyworldismoz'. I read it through, and it was fascinating, with references to 'signs' being secretly given out by Morrissey to suggest that a different blogsite, called '' was run by MORRISSEY himself. Obviously my next step was to check out this MorrisseysWorld blog, so I immediately logged on to it.  Having already read from the 'ismoz' blog, that MorrisseysWorld was written by Moz, I approached it with both excitement and a positive and open mind. I read one or two articles on MorrisseysWorld, and it really 'did' seem as though it could be the work of Morrissey, or if not, at least somebody close to him. Surely nobody else could be this witty. It's not like you can just turn wit on and off when you like. You either have it or you don't and Morrissey, as his lyrics show, is the wittiest of them all.

I was drawn to an article at the top of the MorrisseysWorld home page, encouraging fans to wear a rose to the USA concerts. I'd already read on the 'ismoz' blogsite, that Morrissey had said he would wear a rose at one of his concerts, and here was the confirmation on the MorrisseysWorld blogsite. I'd also read reference on 'ismoz', to a prediction that Morrissey would don a T-shirt of a manufactured band, and again here was not only a reference to it on MorrisseysWorld, but also a poll, asking fans to vote for the t-shirt of their choice (from a list of about ten), so I voted for Cheryl Cole. It revealed that the leader in the pole was Justin Beiber with 55%. Why had so many people voted for Bieber? What was the joke? I was to find out later that there was an ongoing anti-Bieber theme running through the blog, but for now, my attention had been drawn elsewhere, an advert on the blogsite for Morrissey's twitter account, '@MorrisseysWorld'.

I'd dabbled with twitter a few times over the last couple of years, but had long since given up on joining in the banal and meaningless chat, there just seemed little point to it. I don't have facebook for the same reason. Why post things about my life? Who on earth would be interested? So instead, I had used  twitter as a form of amusement, using various pseudonyms including, @Brian_Nazereth and @TheFoxHat. I even became @amanda_holden and built up quite a following with stupid tweets about nothing. I never claimed to be the 'real' Amanda Holden, but it was amazing how many people presumed I was. When I got bored of Amanda, I gave up the name, and guess who took it up? Amanda bloody Holden, that's who, the cheek of it! I also became @ITBotham during last winter's Ashes series, again, not actually claiming to be Ian Botham, but once more, many people presumed I was! I ended up being followed/stalked by Botham's 'alledged' ex-mistress, Kylie Verrell, so I decided to end it, just like Ian had all those years ago! Twitter can be a cruel and dangerous place, even when used for mild amusement.

So Morrissey had a twitter account, I logged in to my old account, which I hadn't used for months, and was shocked to find I still had 1500 followers, did these people have no homes to go to? I typed in @MorrisseysWorld and started to trawl through his offerings. Yes, it had to be him, it just had to be, the tweets were just so highly amusing. I'd found Morrissey. If it was a hoax, somebody had gone to an awful lot of hard work, and what's more, they were a genius on an equivalent level to Moz.....and that ain't easy! It also occurred to me, that with such bold predictions about the rose & the T shirt,  if they didn't come true, the joke would be up. The blogsite would be rendered a joke and that would be it. It HAD to be Morrissey, I believed alright and I wanted to know more.

How long had the site been up and running, how long had I been missing out? Who knew about it? It only seemed to date back to August, so I concluded it was fairly new. Why hadn't I seen it advertised? Why wasn't the internet buzzing with it? Was Morrissey really that far off the scales of public interest that this blog was passing by unnoticed? I'd seen him play at The London Palladium only a few weeks ago and it was packed. Granted he currently has no record deal, but he'd even said that night at the Palladium, that he no longer wanted one, which incidentally, I don't actually believe, because Morrissey  LOVES  record labels, not record companies mind you, the actual labels, and I share this love. Having grown up in the era of Vinyl records, as a kid, I used to spend every last penny buying records, and the labels were as beautiful as the songs. Bell, Polydor, EMI, CBS, RCA, RAK, the list goes on and on, and of course, Morrissey has reproduced many of these labels, purely out of nostalgic love. He wants a record deal alright, but only for their pretty paper label, and what is more, there are only certain ones he'll want!

Anyway, I digress, surely Morrissey was still on the scales of interest, after all, he is not only the greatest songwriter of all time, but he is MY HERO, MY GOD, and therefore it's inconceivable to think he's not on EVERYBODY'S scale. My head was spinning, I needed information, information, information, I wanted to piece the jigsaw together, fill in the gaps, but hold on, hadn't Morrissey recently denied something about a twitter account, or a blogsite on his 'official' website, I looked, yep, a denial, but then this MorrisseysWorld blogsite even drew reference to the denial, what was going on?  Back to twitter, I noticed that @MorrisseysWorld hadn't tweeted for the last five days,  and had signed off by saying it would only return when the number of followers had reached 500. It  had just 334, so I registered as follower number 335. How long would I have to wait for him to return? I went to bed, as excited as a teenager. Ridiculous.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, no more tweets and the number of followers weren't exactly shooting up. I couldn't understand it, why weren't journalists picking up on it, and why weren't Morrissey's fans finding the blogsite and twitter account? I checked back daily to the blogsite and trawled my way through all the various articles. There were some works of genius, it was Morrissey alright but STILL nobody was finding it.

Tuesday, Wednesday, still nothing, and I wasn't sleeping. It was as exciting as finding a new band as a fifteen year old and wanting more material, more material, more material. Thursday 21st September, I logged on to twitter and @MorrisseysWorld 's followers had reached 442, not yet 500, but, HE'D BEEN TWEETING, and I'd missed him! He'd tweeted about things like; Vic Reeves, his song 'The Kid's A Looker', Justin Bieber, the music he was currently listening to (Cough Syrup by Jessie & The giants or whatever they're called), and Wayne Rooney's hair. He'd obviously been too impatient to wait for the 500 followers, perhaps The Mozziah (as I had now decided to call him), was as surprised as me that it was taking so long for the whole MorrisseysWorld thing to take off. He may have been impatient and surprised, but I was pleased. I again logged on to the blog site, and discovered yet more works of genius, it was incredible. I read for a few hours, and then went to bed.

Friday 22nd September. Bollocks, I'd missed him again. Followers were up, he'd been busy! I trawled through his tweets, which revealed that he was listening to Nico and was once again picking on Bieber, as well as; Jordan, the drabness of twitter, Madonna, Richard Madeley, Tony Blair and Elton John. I tweeted to advise my followers to follow @MorrisseysWorld. I wanted everybody to know about it, although in fairness, most of my followers were cricket fans or Amanda Holden fans. It wasn't long before The Mozziah started to retweet my messages and even reply to me, blimey, I was in!

So for the next couple of days I logged on, exchanged tweets and retweeted his every word. And here we are now on Tuesday 27th Sept, The Mozziah still has only 1500 followers and still the media/his fans and the world in general haven't worked out it's him. His follower numbers saw an increase last Sunday, after a bit of banter with Boy George, but since then, it's gone quiet again, but surely not for long. I have decided to enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. Just re-read this one. "I decided to enjoy it while it lasts." Who would have thought that we are still here nearly a year later, eh?!

  2. Or even two years later, Biker and Ratty. And having just as much fun. And an autobiography in our sticky hands.

  3. More sloppy journalism. Where does it say here I'd been online for months? S**ding hacks. All the s**ding same.

    1. How about this link to TTY then? The THIRD denial:

    2. Rat is right. Morrissey issued that TTY denial about being on twitter in September 2011, and he has been on twitter, unnoticed, ever since. Fucking UNBELIEVABLE.


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  5. Our Moz is indeed one of the best kept secrets on Twitter.
    I am so glad to still be part of all the fun and games more
    than 2 years later.

  6. And now here we are, 4 years later with several blue roses accepted, eagerly awaiting a novel that was first mentioned by OM, and still no one believes.

  7. Ratty, ok you have this one hooked. I am committed to working my way through, but as one with an 8-second attention span it may take me until 2020.


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