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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 14 Weds 28th Sept 2011

He's hit 2000 followers, that's 500 more followers added in just one day! It's gathering speed now, it won't be so accessible for much longer, but in a way I don't want it to be, it deserves a bigger audience, after all, THIS IS MORRISSEY!

But having said that, I don't want 'everybody' to find MorrisseysWorld, it's mine! Well, mine and a few others, in fact, there have been 110,000 hits on the blogsite now! Bollocks, he's being too funny, MorrisseysWorld will be viral soon. The blog article about banning the bloke from the Morrissey-Solo website (David Tseng) from all concerts, is the funniest thing I've read in years, but it seems from most of the comments being left, that most people are claiming it's NOT Moz writing the articles! These same deniers will no doubt be the ones boasting that they were there at the beginning when it all goes viral and the truth comes out. They'll say that they never doubted it was Moz.....splitters!

I've decided to form the MWF, The Morrisseys World Front. To join the MWF, you have to really love Morrisseysworld. None of these Johnny come latelys will be allowed in, oh no, just those few of us from the beginning, the ones who believed. I think I'll limit it to 6, no 5, no 6. Now look what's happened, I've started trying to be funny and write in a style like the satirical Moz.

Note to self, stop being a twat. I'm off to bed, but first, I must mention twitter.
The Mozziah's really been pushing the rose thing on twitter tonight, he's asked all USA concert goers to wear one, even using a quote from his Cemetry Gates song, "Wilde on mine". It's all about the roses, but it's too obvious now, he needs to definitely NOT wear a rose, I hope he doesn't. By the end of the tour the venues will be awash with roses, but how funny if he DOESN'T don one! Mind you, I'm not sure those Yanks will pick up on all this subtle satire anyway, they're not exactly known for it, we might yet be safe for a while, they might NOT wear roses. Anyway enough for now, I need to check back on The Mozziah's blog quickly, just to make sure he hasn't added anything new.

Applications to join the MWF are invited either via my twitter site, @TheRatsBack or by asking in the comments section under this entry. Ask nicely and remember you've got to really like MorrisseysWorld, a lot.
No doubt some journo will pick up on MorrisseysWorld overnight, and tomorrow morning, it will be all over the place. Viral I tell you, 10,000 followers by Monday I reckon. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Goodnight.

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  1. Looks like your MWF - or Blue Rose Society as it became - has really shrunk to about 6 people! How did you know? Lol!


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