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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 15 Thurs 29th Sept 2011

6am: That bloody dog! I'd slept so well too. With little twitter activity from Moz yesterday there wasn't much to be excited about.

7.15am: Ipod shuffle on, first song of the day Remedy by Little Boots. Yesterday's first song had been Identity by Xray Spex. First song of the day is always important, it sets the mood. I have 2000 songs on my ipod, I don't want any more than 2000, you end up fast forwarding. The beauty of 2000 is they should all be good ones. If you end up fast forwarding one, it means you're fed up of it and it's not worthy of being on there. You then delete it and replace it with either a good newly released song, which is rare these days, a newly discovered oldie, or an old forgotten gem you've picked up again. I suggest everybody try this, it's great. It's like having your very own top 2000.

Obviously my ipod is packed with The Mozziah, but they're not all on there. Usually 4 or 5 from each album, although I don't recall too many from Kill Uncle making it into the top 2000. Sometimes you have to have a mass clear out of the 2000, I'm due one soon actually, it's like servicing the car. I was horrified to find Gilbert O'Sullivan's Nothing Rhymed was missing when I went to play it the other day so he can come in to replace Buddy Holly's That'll Be The Day, which frankly is the sort of song you never actually listen to. Anyway, I'm off to work now & then I'll check out The Mozziah's twitter and blog activities. *Note to self, delete Tom Jones' Delilah too, fast forward to song three Placebo's version of Bigmouth, that can stay!*

8.30GMT: Have decided to use GMT in case any Yanks are reading, although I doubt it though! I've only had 44 hits on my blog & most of those are me logging in. I've promoted it on twitter and HectorLector has asked to join the MWF, so he's in! The Mozziah's followers have now reached 2,040. Slowly, slowly, they're starting to arrive. When will it go viral? I guess either when The Mozziah walks on stage wearing a rose or a T shirt, which I now don't believe he'll do, or more likely when a respected(?) journalist has the balls to say in print that they believe the blogger to be Morrissey, which is unlikely as they would be too worried of the ridicule.

More likely then, a journalist will simply write about the blogsite and leave it open for debate. There's now been 110,000 hits on The Mozziah's blog, so there is definitely a lot of people reading it, even if they aren't prepared to admit it, and what's this, Morrissey's number of tweets has gone down! I noticed last night he'd tweeted 1,001 times but it's now down to 1,000. I'm sure I read somewhere he would stop after 1,000 tweets, so he's obviously deleted one. Presumably it was a mundane throw away remark about Jordan or Madeley as opposed to one of his wittier ones. I fear this will mean The Mozziah won't tweet today, or maybe for even longer. He'll be watching though, no doubt planning his next move.

I'll keep checking back & keep an eye out for some new satirical gem on his blogsite. And now I suppose I'd better get on with my own life. Was it like this for the disciples of JC? Would old Simon Peter call round first thing, do a bit of following and sucking up to the old Messiah and then go off and do a spot of fishing during the afternoon to earn some sheckles before returning around tea time for a spot more following? See you at tea.

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