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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 15 Thurs 29th Sept 2011 Late Evening

1700hrs GMT: Two things, firstly, The Mozziah has tweeted a little bit this afternoon (although he actually said good morning, which either means he's in Europe and he got up late, or more likely, he's in the USA), and secondly, his followers have gone up from 2,040 this morning to just 2,043, that's just THREE all day!

He's once again been pushing the rose thing, asking if anyone will even notice him wearing one, and he's also been tweeting about the manufactured pop act t-shirt. I'm surprised he's come back to tweet, as I'm sure it's boring him to death, but if he stays away from twitter, the followers disappear. There is STILL nothing in the press so I guess he needs another celebrity tweeter to pick up on him, after all, old Boy George didn't exactly pull the crowds in did he?

The Mozziah has posted a few YouTube links on twitter, including; Edith Piaf, Suede & Kristeen Young. I've responded with a bit of Lulu, Japan & Polecats, but I don't think he's noticed me though, he only follows 8 people and I'm not one of them, not that I'm worthy, of course I'm not, but he's even stopped replying to my tweets and isn't retweeting me. It's tough love this following lark. I'll maybe come back later but even MY interest is starting to wane, I'm starting to look forward to it going viral. I've just read that The Cure have been nominated for induction to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Moz ain't gonna like that, but A Forest was a classic though!

2200hrs GMT: Now I'm confused, after a full afternoon of The Mozziah tweeting, and me failing to catch his attention, I eventually caught it with a particularly pleasing response to his tweet about N Dubz singer Dappy being dense. I tweeted, 'He's Dappy so leave him alone', a reference to the brilliant Morrissey song, 'Teenage Dad on his Estate'. The Mozziah not only re-tweeted me, but also replied by saying, 'With his methylated spirits'. Now as any good Mozzer fan knows, the line is, 'With his methadone', NOT 'methylated spirits'. A deliberate mistake by The Mozziah to put me off the scent, or a slip up by somebody who isn't The Mozziah at all? Or, a clever and witty response with another meaning that's gone over my head? As I say, I'm confused. 

A few more people have joined as followers of @MorrisseysWorld, but the total number of followers has fallen to 2,029. Is he purposely deleting followers or are they genuinely leaving as he insults people? 

2300hrs GMT: And now, to top it all, Morrissey has just announced on twitter, and on the blogsite, that he won't be posting for a while. Is he off to the States? He's put yet another article on the blog instructing fans to throw roses before the encore ONLY!
  So that's it then, The Mozziah has gone, so how can I follow somebody who isn't there? And if he isn't The Mozziah, then he's a very naughty boy. Goodnight. 

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