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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 17 Saturday 1st October 2011

Just when I thought I'd worked it all out, and was ready to put it to bed (having finally realised that MorrisseysWorld wasn't Morrissey after all), a nagging thought kept biting away at me. The roses, there's something in those roses! And, what else was it the blog said, oh yes, "when you see the sign", the t-shirt, there's something in that t-shirt too! I've decided to ignore the meths incident, it's either a deliberate miss quote or one of the 'team' is running twitter and doesn't know every word to every song, an acceptable error although Teenage Dad is a classic.

So who is 'on' the team? There is reference on MorrisseysWorld to a friend called Mikey Bracewell, so I googled Bracewell, and found out that he's a novelist. Perhaps he is helping out with Morrissey's autobiography? I have a feeling that Bracewell is somehow involved in the blogsite, and probably twitter, so did Bracewell make the mistake about 'Teenage Dad'? Quite possibly!

 Having signed off from twitter and the blogsite, The Mozziah has briefly been tweeting as '@Morrisseysmum' (it is linked from the MorrisseysWorld blogsite). The other day, '@Morrisseysmum' tweeted, 'Night & Day', which at the time meant nothing to me, but could it be reference to Johnny Marr's performance at the 'Night & Day' club in Manchester on the 29th? The story goes on.

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