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Monday, 3 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 18 Sunday 2nd October 2011

A busy day on the old Mozziah front. He's been back on twitter as both '@MorrisseysWorld' and as '@Morrisseysmum'. I've had a few interchanges with him, and 'mum' is now following me, the pleasure the privilege is ALL mine!

Unbelievably, the masses STILL haven't found MorrisseysWorld, with the '@MorrisseysWorld' twitter account still only having 2100 followers, while 'Mum' has just 450. A prediction has been posted on the MorrisseysWorld blogsite, that the rose will soon be shown 'AGAIN', which means it has already been shown once before. I think this draws reference to a recent magazine interview with Morrissey's friend Linder, which featured a picture of a rose next to it! The story goes on.

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