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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 21 Wednesay 5th October 2011

0855 BST. Bloody dog! Having gone to bed late, after spending a silly amount of time on both twitter and the chat room of the MorrissysWorld blogsite, the dog woke me at 4.30am.  I am now tired and grumpy. First song of the day on ipod shuffle Half A Person by The Smiths. It's been three weeks since I started following The Mozziah and in that time I've seen his twitter followers grow from 334 to this morning's 2968. Still no newspaper has picked up on the story but I think we're getting closer.

The Mozziah has been putting out statements saying watch carefully, and last night, whilst tweeting as  'mum', he posted a photo of a Fontana record on top of a Decca one. I believe this to mean that Fontana will replace Decca as his new record label. It would fit his desire for certain labels. There was also a photo of a book in a jacket pocket, a possible book deal also signed? I've had a few texts from Mrs.Dwyer aka The Mozziah's mum, and she's a lovely lady(?), but not heard from The Mozziah (MorrisseysWorld) himself.

Mum's followers have actually gone down from the 450 she had last week to the 433 she has today. Mike Joyce, the former Smiths drummer entered the debate on twitter yesterday and his followers have also risen to 2319. Mine sit at 1630 but still mainly on the back of being Amanda Holden & Ian Botham, why those people are still following me, God only knows, though of course he doesn't because there is no God/s, but that's another (fairy) story.

 So, I predict that within the next few days, or maybe even today, The Mozziah will announce a new record deal with Fontana on the True-To-You website, possibly a book deal, the media will at last pick up on his secret twittering and blogsite, his followers will go to 10,000 by this time next week and Amanda Knox will duet with OJ Simpson.

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