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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 24 Saturday 8th October 2011

0835 BST Having neglected this blog due to idleness and boredom, I wake up this morning, go through the usual addictive daily ritual of logging on to twitter & MorrissysWorld and guess what? Go on guess? Actually you don't need to guess, the very fact that you're reading this means you probably already know, the bastard Mozziah is 'cyber bullying' me into keeping this blog going! There it is, front story on the MorrisseysWorld blogsite; blah blah great ticket sales, blah blah Tseng's still banned (c*nt, love that!) and then:

 Our Mozzer would like to emphasise how utterly disillusioned we are with the site known as which promises to spend every hour God sends establishing who exactly does own this website/page, and yet has not posted a single journal entry for 48 hours. We should like to stress that your link to the right of this blog is under threat should you not buck up your ideas. Sleeping and looking after one's beloved and children are frankly no excuse for failing to pay due attention to this website/page.' 

Unbelievable, I bet Simon Peter never had this. I bet old JC didn't go banging on his back door if he hadn't shown his face for a couple of days of following. Anyway, now I've been dragged back, I suppose I'd better give an update.

I've worked out MorrisseysWorld is a team effort, look at the wording above in that statement I've just pasted, it says 'we are', not 'I am'. I believe the creative talent behind the site may well be Mike Bracewell, who I've mentioned before, and who was mentioned in the 'Bans Committee' article on the MorrisseysWorld blog, but I'll be honest I don't know anything about Bracewell, although I think he added the writing for the 'Shot by Linder' photograph book about Morrissey. I have googled Bracewell, and found he'd written a book called 'Made in England', but I then got bored of reading about him and went back to twitter. He is a funny man whoever he is, although now I know he's reading this, don't go thinking we're mates Bracewell, oh no, there's work to be done yet.

I hate to say this, but Morrissey is definitely 'Morrisseysmum' on twitter! There are two reasons I didn't want to say that. Firstly, it means that Morrissey is psycho, and will no doubt be murdering strangers in the shower, and secondly, his/her twitter account is remaining pretty under the radar, so the more that  people like me draw attention to it, the more the masses will flock, and we don't want that do we?

 Some quick updates, 'Mum' has been tweeting some more photos, mainly of records, which includes one on the 'London' record label, which is owned by Universal. I now have no doubt, that Morrissey has signed back to Universal, and plans to use both the Fontana & London labels to release his records,  but then again, thinking about it, the other day 'mum' tweeted, "Mam's the word", which I interpreted to mean Gilbert O'Sullivan's old label 'MAM', which ISN'T owned by Universal! Confusing!

Mum has also tweeted photos of The Mozziah's diary, which suggests the autobiography could be a publication of Morrissey's diaries, which would tie in with some of his literary heroes, and also make Bracewell's job a lot easier, because all he'd have to do is copy them into 'neat'! Just made myself lol!

 An amusing entry on the MorrisseysWorld blogsite today says, "Mozzer has nothing to do with the twitter account MorrisseysMother", which is quite amusing as that is too many charaters for a twitter account, and yes, I did try it.

 Finally for now, twitter currently shows that, '@MorrisseysWorld' has 3413 followers, but I'm still predicting 10000 within the week. Michael Winner mentioned Morrissey yesterday, although that didn't boost follower numbers, fat cunt!

Mum has a pitiful 445 followers, I currently have 1617, although this is still on the back of when I was '@Amanda_Holden', and got it up to 3000 followers before getting bored. The new/real Amanda has 709,361 followers, which is ironic as she says exactly the same things as I said when I was her! Joyce has 2335, static, like his drumming and Johnny Marr has 69,437. Having watched Johnny's recent gigs on youtube, I must mention his singing.....he's a great guitarist.

 That's it for now, so welcome to those hundreds of you reading my blog for the first time, and thanks to 'Team Moz' for dragging you here, and speaking of 'Team Moz', ie Bracewell/The Mozziah etc, can I please request that now you've made me continue my blog, could MorrisseysWorld at least have the decency to follow me on twitter? I'm not hard to find, I'm @TheRatsBack!

1743 BST UPDATE: I have actually managed to have a bit of normal life away from 'Following The Mozziah' today, but I did take time to place a comment on his MorrisseysWorld blog, on an article where he'd been rambling on about some Mexican film he'd just watched called 'I'm Gonna Explode'. My comment followed another person's comment, about jumping on stage at a Morrissey concert. Here is the comment I left, but I've cut and pasted it, so you'll have to squint at the light coloured ink. Here it is:

I too have appeared on stage with The Mozziah at Great Yarmouth, for what I thought was going to be a cosy duet, but a well built young man with a shaven head, without even hear me sing a note, had other ideas and gently took my hand and escorted me outside. Still, I did make contact first and am the only person who can legitimately say they have touched Morrissey up the pier. Anyway, what was this pre-dated blog about again, oh yes some film that none of us have ever heard of, that we will now feel compelled to go and research, just because The Mozziah likes it. That's the control he has over us all. If he likes it, we feel that if we too like it, it brings us closer to him. First it was James Dean(like), then the New York Dolls(okay but if I'm really honest, not for me) & then there have been all the others such as Sparks(already liked) & Sandie Shaw(ok). And let's not forget of course the other influences that get played on those big video screens before each show, which reminds me, how many of us nerdy Smiths fans really would've had a clue that we were listening to Prokofiev's Montagues & Capulates? None, oh apart from the odd university type with their posh parents with a whole classical collection. The latest thing being rammed down our throats is Jessie & The Giants or whatever they're called, who actually are very good, especially the song Your Body, but I only know that because I was compelled to check them out cos HE said so. Well do you know what Mozzer me old son, I'm not going to watch I'm Gonna Explode. Not once have you watched or commented on the youtube songs I've posted on twotter, so b*llocks.

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