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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 25 Sunday 9th October 2011

0530 BST: Bloody Mozziah, and bloody dog! One keeps me up until silly o'clock on twitter, as I hang off his every word, despite him not actually really saying anything, and the other one wakes me up at silly o'clock, again without saying anything, but by licking my face! I don't need to explain which does what, but the result? Nil sleep, but I love them both!

Well yesterday was obviously a busy day on the following front but today, I will be having a normal life, mainly away from my pc. I amused myself on twitter yesterday, by immediately following the director and stars of that Mexican film that Mozzer was talking about ('I'm Gonna Explode'), but I'm certainly not going to watch it. I don't know WHY I followed the director and stars, as 'if' Moz would notice what I do on twitter, and as 'if' he'd care, but for some reason it made me laugh.

Twitter took a strange turn yesterday, as The Mozziah's mum (him really) decided to change the name of the account from '@Morrisseysmum', to the catchy '@ODyrbrm'! I can only presume this was due to boredom, or perhaps as protection for Mozzer's real mum, Betty, who really should NEVER have been dragged in to this mess! Anyway, I immediately registered the vacated twitter name '@Morrisseysmum', mainly to stop anybody else taking it over and confusing everybody. I tweeted '@ODyrbrm' to tell him/her that I'd registered '@Morrisseysmum', and they tweeted me back to thank me for my foresight, and he also said he owes me one, which all said and done, isn't a bad one to be owed I guess!

 '@ODyrbrm' also asked me to put a note on the '@Morrisseysmum' account, saying where the new account could be found, which I was happy to do, but thought it sort of defeated the object of changing it's name! It MUST have been boredom! I really don't think The Mozziah thinks these things through. If Action is his middle name, then boredom is definitely his first name! A thought has gone through my mind, if 'Team Moz' are a collective, and it's not just The Mozziah, have all the others got  twitter accounts too, and if so, what are they? Are Boz and the rest of the band involved? What pseudonym is Mike Bracewell going under?

There were some great new entries on the MorrisseysWorld blog yesterday, with my favourite being the Agony aunt, which is VERY funny, comic genius from somebody in camp Moz. Anyway, enough for today, but my latest belief is that '@MorrisseysWorld', is the corporate collective, when the whole (2?) team sit together on twitter, and '@ODyrbrm' is the personal rambling account of an absolute genius who is mind numbingly bored, ie, the Mozziah. Roll on the tour.

1845BST I have had a nice normal day today, away from all that following lark. I wonder if old Simon Peter was given days off? Did old JC gather the twelve around and say, "Right fellas, not a lot on for the next couple of days, so don't worry about spreading the word, your time is your own" ? Or maybe they did it in shifts, maybe just 3 or 4 disciples would follow at a time, and they had a rota where you'd have, 2 days on, 2 days off. Now here's a thought, what if the disciples  got recognised on a day off, while they were trying to relax? Say for instance, old Simon Peter (he's my favourite) was down the beach, topping up the old tan in his skimpy speedos/loin cloth, and somebody came up to him and said, "I know you, you're one of JC's followers aren't you, tell me, what's it all about?" Now being on a day off, you wouldn't want to be bothered with all that nonsense, so what would you do? You could hardly say, "well yeah, I am a follower, but to be honest mate, it's me day off and I'd rather not talk about it", JC would go mad, not to mention his old man. I can picture God now, telling Jesus to give Simon Peter a verbal warning for his lack of conviction. And was there scandal within the ranks? Did James, son of Zebedee, ever decide on his night off, to pop down the 'Jeruselem Hole', a local tavern of ill repute, where Mary Mag and the girls would reside? And if so, did he ever get caught by a hack from 'The Daily Sand Dune', with his trousers around his ankles, singing, "Slap me on the patio"? And  did Matthew, the tax collector, ever run an illegal betting scam, where he would put a few sheckles on when the next miracle would occur? Now that's an idea, what odds could I get from a local bookie on this Mozziah blogsite thing being real? Or would the bookie look at me, and in the words of Michael Winner say, 'Who?'
Christ I'm losing the plot.

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