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Monday, 10 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 26 Monday 10th October 2011

I'm tired. Absolutely drained. Exhausted. Having found the MorrisseysWorld blogsite 26 days ago, today I discover a whole section, going back two years, that I have not read. Of course I couldn't just ignore it, I felt compelled to read, and comment, on every last drop of it. It's taken me most of the day on and off to read as much as I can, and I still haven't finished. I should be reading it now but if I don't keep this blog up to date I get lambasted by the powers that be.

Talking of the powers, The Mozziah gave me a wrap over the knuckles last night. I saw a new side to him that,  I'll be honest, scared me. As you may remember from yesterday's entry, I registered the @MorrisseysMum twitter name after The Mozziah vacated it. The problem arose during a particularly bored period yesterday evening when I decided to send a tweet from my newly owned site. The Mozziah clocked it and from his new catchy name of @ODyrbrm,  tweeted something along the lines of 'is there no trust anymore?' I could tell he wasn't pleased & knowing his passion for law suits, I immediately vacated the area. I don't think it helped that he was sat in an airport, just about to board a flight, it would appear from his tweets that flying isn't his favorite past time.

In between catching up with The Mozziah's blog today and trying to live my life, I have of course been on twitter, and The Mozziah, who it would appear is now holed up in some hotel room, possibly in Ireland, has been tweeting quite a lot. I don't think he sleeps much. The previous night he was up late tweeting and this morning he was up early. And when does he get time to write songs? And rehearse? And write his blogsite?, talking of which, there were some bizarre 'Twin Peaks' entries today involving somebody called the Log Lady. I've never watched Twin Peaks but (now here we go again), because The Mozziah likes it, I feel I should check it out. I now follow both '@The_Log_Lady' and '@LauraPalmer' on twitter. I'm pathetic, he has SUCH a hold!

As Bruce Forsyth would say, let's have a look at the scores on the doors. Twitter follower numbers. AFKABD (The Artist formerly known as Betty Dwyer) aka '@ODyrbrm' 423, down from yesterdays 445. Me, '@TheRatsBack', 1618, up one, welcome '@leonardnaf', may our relationship be a long and fulfilling one. '@MorrisseysWorld' 3499, up from 3413, despite having not tweeted, (which must mean the new followers are coming from the blog, which in turn means (if they're doing the full rounds of looking at everything), they should ALSO be reading this, which if they are, welcome along, and yes, I know it's all bizarre and too good to be true, but stick with it, it REALLY IS MOZ, although not EVERYBODY believes, and in fact, some get quite upset with those of us who do.

Earlier today, on twitter, somebody called '@HeartMorrissey' called me obsessive. Really? Heart Morrissey also said  that he/she (I think she, although on twitter you never know) didn't believe the blog to be Morrissey's. A couple of us tried to explain but, well, sometimes it's just so tiring trying to do the Mozziah's work. Back to the scores on the doors, Joyce remains static, like his drumming, at 2335, Johnny Marr leaps from 69,437 to an impressive 70,880, my new mum site has 6 and Amanda Holden leaps 3,000 in a day to 712,398. Says it all really.

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