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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 27 Tuesday 11th October 2011

0800BST I was just about to write up proceedings from yesterday, which included me winning two Euros off The Mozziah on Twitter when, I quickly nipped over to MorrisseysWorld, to see if I'd missed anything, and there, as the main story of the day, is a story about Johnny Marr tweeting The Mozziah....and ME, and it ain't good news!  Holy shit I've upset Johnny Marr, and he's blocked me on twitter! It was only meant to be a joke.....well, sort of!

Let me explain, Johnny tweeted that he was off to New York with his band The Healers, to which I responded by tweeting, "don't forget to pack your singing voice". The Mozziah posted something similar. Johnny read the tweets and was obviously offended, because he replied and then blocked me! Shit!!! I'm not going to take it back though. I love Johnny Marr, and I love The Smiths, but, and let not any of us delude ourselves, Johnny Marr is NOT a singer. Go check out YouTube. I won't suck up to Johnny and try to say it any other way, he just HASN'T got a particularly good singing voice. He was a huge part of mine, and many other people's lives when in The Smiths, the greatest band ever, but in the words of the greatest singer in the world, 'I know you and you cannot sing.' I'm sorry if I've hurt Johnny's feelings, I would never want to do that, but I was speaking the truth.

 MorrisseysWorld will today go viral as the waking world picks up on the story of Morrissey & Marr exchanging tweets. Johnny obviously has no idea that MorrisseysWorld is really The Mozziah, or perhaps he DOES know, and he's been hurt by his (and my) comments. I can see why he would be hurt, let's face it, nobody likes criticism, especially from a nobody like me, but I am a music fan, and I'm honest, and so is the Mozziah. I would imagine that journalists will try and track me down today to get my take on the exchange but they won't find me, I've won two euros and I'm taking the afternoon off to spend them.

(Note, before it all goes viral. MorrisseysWorld twitter followers are at 3406, down 93 from yesterday, and that's WITH The Mozziah tweeting again. The loss of followers is probably all the Johnny fans, who haven't realised that MorrisseysWorld REALLY IS The Mozziah. @ODyrbrm is also down 5 to 418, despite a whole evening of tweets from the artist formerly known as MorrisseysMum (AFKAMM), I'm up 5 to 1623 (perhaps I gained The Mozziah's lost five?), Joyce is static at 2334 (no comment from me, I'm only allowed to upset one Smith per day), Johnny Marr is up 206 to 71,086 ( I wonder if he's blocked The Mozziah too?), the 'new' @Morrisseysmum' account up one to 7 and last, but by no means least, well, I don't think so, Amanda Holden is up 1,700 in just one day to 714,042, and let's face it, if Amanda's spotted out shopping or something today, the whole Mozziah/Marr debate won't even make the small print!)

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