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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 28 Wednesday 12th October 2011

0800BST Well, Amanda Holden must've gone shopping! Did I say yesterday that the whole Mozziah/Marr story would go viral? I was wrong. Not a sniff, let alone a full blooded cold. The outside world still don't believe that MorrisseysWorld is indeed, Morrissey's world. At least it's got me off the hook. I took the afternoon off yesterday and strolled through John Arlott country. Very relaxing away from the intensity of being a follower of The Mozziah. As I walked, I kept thinking about upsetting Johnny. I don't even know him so I don't know why it bothered me so much, but I'm sure it's also bothered the boss, that's The Mozziah, not Bruce Springsteen, I doubt old Bruce has given it a second thought, although perhaps he is watching the whole tale unweave from his ranch in New Jersey. In fact I can picture him now, crouched over his laptop morning, noon and night.*Shouting to wife who is in kitchen preparing waffles* "Hey Patti, get in here quick, look what's happening now, quick come see, Morrissey's having a spat with Johnny Marr on twitter. Patti honey, quick, come see this. What do you mean who's Morrissey? The guy from The Smiths, you know, I was lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, but Heaven knows I'm miserable now. It's real Patti, I'm telling yer, that blog is real. I love that Bans Committee thing, C*nt, jeez that was funny".
0932 BST
 Welcome back, now where was I? Oh yes, Johnny Marr. I have been on MorrisseysWorld blogsite regarding this story and many people have made comment, including one anonymous person who has absolutely ripped in to me, suggesting I'm not to be trusted due to my previous twitter life. Trust is one thing, boredom is another. Speaking of which, I have written a song called Boredom is A Plague on behalf of The Mozziah, well let's face it he's far too busy these days to actually write songs, what with a website to update and Wildean tweets to make. It is obviously written from The Mozziah's perspective and please feel free to dissect every last word to find the meaning, and if that fails, just tweet me and I'll explain.
Title - The Mozziah
Words - TRB
Tune - Still in my head and I've no idea how it reaches the page!
You bring your gift, your gift of love
And I bring mine, voice from above
And as we stand in this room, this room designed for your leisure (I love that line - Ed)
There's a glow in my heart, you'll never know of the pleasure
But it's over so soon, and you return to your bed
And I return to my life, a life that fills me with dread
Because the thing you don't see, the thing that swallows me up
The empty passage of time, that was sent to corrupt
Boredom is a Plague
And the way that it grips
It sends my mind to decay
Boredom is a Plague
And as it gobbles me up
My genius withers away

There isn't a second verse, no need! If you can say all you need in one verse then no need to pad it out. Bring back the 1 minute 30 second pop song I say. Adam Faith managed to get to number 1 with just 1 min 30 seconds, so it can be done. And let's face it, songs only cost 99p these days so why give 'em more if they're paying less? It's not as though they're getting a nice piece of vinyl with a pretty label anymore, not that they'd appreciate it anway, bloody youf of today, don't know what culture is, peasants.
(Sh*t, look at the time, and I've got so much more to say, PLEASE COME BACK LATER....if you can be bothered!)

1218 BST Sorry about that, it's not a full time job this following lark, and of course there's no money in it and I do have to earn a crust in the real world. It was no different for Simon Peter you know, he had his fishing to do. But it can be done, beauty of being your own boss. A little tweet here, a little bit of blog there and then throw the nets out and so we go again. EAT - SLEEP - FISH - TWEET.
 Anyway, where was I? Today's blog is going off on more tangents than a Ronnie Corbett story. I've just read back and before I go any further, *note to self, finish the main point Mozziah & Marr, finish talking about vicious attacks on ones self on MorrisseysWorld and finally don't forget to mention that witty thought that came to you about records as you were driving along about an hour ago*
 Anyway, going back to the 1 minute 30 second song, a thought came to me about an hour ago as I was driving along in my car (tick), now that the music industry has moved on so much and it's only 99p to buy a song, 59p in the case of cr*p songs, why not charge by the verse. So for your download you just get the one verse and chorus, where as if you buy the 7' you get two verses, a nice bit of vinyl and a label, all for £4.50 or if you go the whole hog and buy the twelve inch, you get three verses and a remix version. It could work, although having said that, with a lot of the songs out these days, you wouldn't even want one verse, let alone three. The Mozziah often criticises modern day song writing and he's right. Whilst in the car, about an hour ago (different story), The Wanted's latest offering Lightning was played on the radio. It goes like this, 'Oh, oh I know it's a little bit frightening, we might as well be playing with lightning'. It's lazy writing and no different to what Eddie Floyd was writing in the 60's with Knock on Wood. If you can't think of a different word to rhyme with frightening, then don't use that word. I'm now starting to ramble so forget the assault on my good character, I'll return to that another day, although I must quickly re-emphasise, my various former twitter lives were through boredom, not malice. Trust, loyalty and fairness are my rules. So as I was saying, forget me, back to The Mozziah & Marr. It would seem that JM has blocked MorrisseysWorld on twitter which shows he has no idea it's the real Mozziah. In which case it is even more reason to believe that The Mozziah, like me, will be feeling remorse for hurting Johnny's feelings about his singing. But friendship runs deep and The Mozziah was being nothing than 'true to you' to his old friend and one day Johnny will maybe thank him.
 Plenty more to report but too much for one day, nobody will bother reading it, is anyone reading? Feedback to my twitter account would be appreciated, otherwise I'm just rambling to myself. Mozziah, are you still reading? I tweeted the Mozziah twice earlier today and got no response, I fear he may be distancing himself from me. I will try to resist the temptation to tweet him again and see if he tweets me to let me know all is okay and that I haven't been ostracized.
 Finally, this mornings scores on the doors:
MorrisseysWorld 3437, up 31
ODy 421, up 3
Me 1621, down 2
Joyce 2338, up 4
Old Mum 8, up 1
Johnny M 71,208, Up 122
Amanda H 715,082 Up 1,040 despite not tweeting for 2 days.
Back to the fishing nets.

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