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Friday, 14 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 30 Friday 14th October 2011

0100 BST The dog lays next to me snoring, I have spent the last hour sparring on twitter with the most famous comedian in Britain as we work each other out. I am ashamed to say I threw wee over him but we've moved on and are establishing a friendship. The most amusing thing was the fact that I had announced on my blog that BuckTooth was Russell Brand and yet everybody buggered off to bed rather than wait for him to appear and tweet. (Message to The Mozziah, who I know will be reading this), your replacement is driving your followers away, I'll do a score count in the morning. I am absolutely shattered. I have been tweeting and working out clues on MorrisseysWorld all day. My real life is passing me by. I miss The Mozziah like mad, but I think I'll enjoy RR. I now believe, through blogsite clues, that The Mozziah has a new song called Walk The Fire and he will sing it live after Meat is Murder but I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, or log. I believe the rose he will wear will be PINK, not white or red and I wish I hadn't blabbed who BuckToothedBoy was so the mystery could've lasted longer. This whole thing is incredible, as I said to fellow followers on twitter, we should be embracing every second of this experience, it will never happen again. Bound to go viral now....where have we heard that before? And finally, I was supposed to have spent the evening on ebay trying to find a pair of Noel Gallagher tickets for my nephew. Oh well, I'll buy him the album, on vinyl of course. Goodnight.
0500 BST Yep. I really am up this early, a combination of that b*stard dog, yeah the one who was snuggled up snoring just four hours ago, and a very very active brain. I didn't really sleep, not properly. I find my brain is usually more productive at night, believe it or not, I even wrote the future million seller, Boredom is a Plague drifting in and out of sleep. I've just written in my head today's blog so I've needed to get fingers to buttons, not as romantic as pen to paper but that's modern life for yer. Anyway, the thoughts banging on my bonce to get out involve this whole story, obviously, it's not as though I think of anything else anymore so it was unlikely to be a brilliant new idea of how to make a hundred million overnight, oh yeah, buy a euro lottery ticket, that should do it, speaking of which, have you seen that ex-wife of the bloke that won 101 million the other day, she's saying she's entitled to some of it. I don't think she even played the drums! Anyway, as I lay in my pit, I thought where's the News of The World when you need 'em? Not of course that I would ever sell out, some things just don't have a price, but can you imagine?
*Picks up phone & dials*
TRB: Hello is that the News of the World, I have a story you may be interested in.
Teenage Girl Receptionist With Deep Gravelly Voice: Does it involve Jordan?
TRB: Eh, no.
TGRWDGV: I doubt we'd be interested then, although, is Giggsy involved?
TGRWDGV: *Grabbing a printed sheet* Hold on, what about Tiger Woods, Simon Cowell or Lonnie Gordon?
TGRWDGV: No, we never get anything on Gordon, she's squeaky you know. Well if it's about wor Cheryl, we're not interested, fish & chip paper stuff.
TRB: No it's about a blogsite I stumbled upon about 30 days ago, well exactly 30 days ago actually. You see this blogspot told me about another blogspot, allegedly written by Morrissey, which gives out clues about roses and t shirts and well, it links in to a twitter account, well two actually and one is Morrisseys mum, except it isn't and....hello? hello *sound of dead line*
TGRWDGV: Twat, never anything on bloody Lonnie.
  Now, nobody knows I'm writing this blog, nobody. Two of my very closest friends are DJs with daily radio shows, now I could ring one of them up,
TRB: Hi mate, now you're never going to believe this but last night I was on twitter speaking to somebody called BuckToothedBoy, and you're never gonna guess...., actually don't worry, how's the kids?
(Back later, no doubt! I promised a scores update if nothing less, oh yes I must fill you all in with my exchanged tweets yesterday with former Smiths drummer mike Joyce. To be continued, unless of course I die and this comes to a sudden halt, I'll drive carefully. Actually, it would be quite funny to bring it to a sudden halt, it would be like The Italian Job all over agin but without the gold, minis or Noel Coward).
0910 Like a bad penny, back again. I have been chastised on twitter by Girl on Bike for being too full of myself and been told to back off. In the words of Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson (well nearly) she knows me so well. But I can't disagree with her, even I'm starting to tire of myself, so today I will have a rest from twitter, God knows I need to do some work. I will also leave Bucky to the masses tonight when he appears, I just hope they hang around and realise what they've got. He popped up at midnight last night and has promised to pop in again today. Before I go, I yesterday sent Joyce a tweet asking what he thought to the new complete Smiths? He replied by pointing me to where he was playing a selection from the albums. I listened in for a while and Joyce reminisced about how he and The Mozziah put various tracks together. I couldn't help wondering if he regrets suing The Mozziah, he must have realised it would end any chance of The Smiths reforming? Money however has a habit of decaying people's perspective and he must've been desperate. It is well documented that The Mozziah bitterly hates Joyce for what he did, and I think we'd all feel the same, it's nothing to do with the money, It's the loyalty. But there is always an olive branch, if I were Mike Joyce, I would say sorry and I would give back the money. I really believe it could be that simple. In my next tweet to Joyce, I will suggest this. I can see the headlines now, RODENT'S ARSE REUNITES THE SMITHS VIA TWITTER. Or, I feel another block coming on!
 Well, now we've got that out of the way, scores on the doors time.
TOP 10
1. Rusty Rockets 3,276,279 NEW ENTRY (To us anyway)
2. Amanda Holden 717,058 UP 906 - Despite only sending 2 nothing tweets, I swear to you I was better
3. Johnny Marr 71,458 UP 107 - He played a gig yesterday & 'sang' . 107 people can't be wrong!
4. Joyce 2,359 UP 21- I'd love to see Eastvllageradio's Rajar figures!
5. MorrisseysWorld 3,471 UP 12 - Including @IamRossMitchell and @SquirrelWorld. Welcome.
6. Me 1,617 DOWN 1 - Probably the Girl on the Bike
7. Banjaxer 720 UP 5 - The masses are swarming his way
8. ODyrbrm 415 DOWN 2 - I blame RR
9. BuckToothedBoy 32 UP 8 - Only 3,276,247 more to find their way to the new residence
10. Old Mum 7 STATIC - Give her some drum sticks
So that's it for today, I will post this to my twitter followers & then have a day off, and Mozziah, forget the roses, forget the t shirts, let's please keep this going longer and longer. You don't need to prove who you are, we already know. Save it until you are back on home soil, on the 'Back to Swindon Tour', where you could walk out on stage and say, Welcome to the Leisure Dome and then burst in to Boredom is a Plague.

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