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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 31 Saturday 15th October 2011

I have been contacted by The Mozziah, requesting that I release his mother. I have said I am more than happy to do this but if he wants her back, he has to be around when I release her, or someone else could grab her. He hasn't replied, so for now, I still have her. I am having another day off from twitter today as I'm off to see TD Rose. And this evening I am very lucky to be seeing a future number 1 artist. See, I can do mystery too. In the words of the great Rolf Harris, have you guessed what it is yet?
 Anyway, yesterday, when our Mozziah seemed so far away, except he was back, as @MorrisseysWorld. All be it very briefly at midnight BST, just as I was going to bed, so I left him alone. He was tweeting from an airport. No point tweeting him at airports, he's grouchy, I think he has a flying phobia. @ODyrbrm also made a brief appearance to post a weird photo, not sure what of or what it means. You will probably remember that yesterday I said I would leave Bucky alone, and I did, until he started laying in to the deputy editor of The Guardian, Kath Viner for her scathing, ridiculous and hurtful lies about The Mozziah. She has the audacity to publish an article in her rag saying how much she loves the album Meat is Murder, but fills half the article dragging up all the old comments and accusations of racism. Bucky set about her with all guns blazing but she didn't reply. Defence secretary Liam Fox had just resigned & she seemed pre-occupied, so I waded in with a tweet that started 'Oi Vinner', always gets a reaction if you spell their name wrong, it worked, she repied. I know how to talk to the hacks you see. I'd asked her to explain her comment about calling The Mozziah a 'Little Englander'. Her reply stated, 'Morrissey calling the Chinese a 'subspecies', which is very unpleasant but the article is about Meat is Murder'. You couldn't make it up, how can she try to justify her comment and then say the article is about Meat is Murder? Kath, love, if the article is about the music, then f*cking write about the music! I tweeted her back to remind her of The Mozziah's ACTUAL words from the interview Kath had chosen to rake up. For the record the ACTUAL words were 'You can't help but feel'. In discussing the cruelty by some barbaric Chinese people towards animals, a cause The Mozziah feels very strongly about, he said, 'You can't help but feel' that the Chinese are a subspecies. Kath, do you even know what The Mozziah was referring to? The attack wasn't made at ALL Chinese people Kath, but at the authorities, the people who allow such barbarism. Surely if a 'Meathead' like me can see that Kath, then an educated person like you can? Where oh where is the racism Kath? A dig at the Chinese authorities yes, racism? Come on! Kath, go and put your album back on, and this time LISTEN. The Mozziah is the defender of the defenseless Kath, he is asking, do you know how animals die? Kath, go and re-read the article. Trendy to like The Smiths though isn't it? And I bet she was gagging to write at the end of the tweet,' it's Viner actually, not Vinner'. Thank God for a 140 byte restriction.
 Where was I? Oh yeah, I left Bucky alone to the masses and I went delving into the twitter user RosyMires. RosyMires is an anagram of My Rose Sir, and Rosy exchanges a lot of tweets with Bucky. I suspected that Rosy could also be a 'somebody' so I informed her/him, I had my eye on them. Rosy responded by posting a photo of herself with today's date. I have to take the heat off for now but I'm still watching. You may remember my fellow detective from the other day @Jo_beth_s? Well she has disappeared from twitter completely. I now have a feeling she may have been a journalist investigating the whole story from the inside. She was last seen digging in to Banjaxer's personal life, which seemed unnecessary. Let's see if a story breaks, if it does, this will all go viral!! Rusty Rockets has tweeted that he is off to Canada so I don't think we'll see any Bucky tweets, unless of course I've got him completely wrong. That's it for now, I'm off to see TD.

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