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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 32 Sunday 16th October 2011

Dear Kath Viner, Thank you. Having re-read your Guardian article, once I'd got past 'those twisted lies' and 'Meathead' comments, your article actually wanted me to revisit an album I hadn't played in it's entirety for far too long.
Yours, not so faithfully,
TR Back
ps. You're still a twat

 That's the problem with ipods, we tend to either load them with everything and miss so much or in my case, limit it and shuffle and still miss so much. So yesterday, I dug out my Meat is Murder cd and headed to the car to drive to sunny Dorset. At full volume, I played it over and over, and was immediately reminded what an utterly brilliant album it is, there is not a single duff track amongst the 10 individual works of art.

As I drove, I yelled out every word of every song, and it reminded me of the one and only time I saw The Smiths play live, Portsmouth Guildhall, Sunday March 3rd 1985, and no, I didn't need to google the date, it's etched on my brain, it was the day the miners strike ended. I was nineteen, and on the dole at the time, clueless as to where my life was heading, and barely able to afford the ticket. The atmosphere was electric that night in Portsmouth, Meat is Murder had been released just a few weeks earlier and had shot to number 1 in an era when the charts were full of Foreigner, Ashford & Simpson and Elaine & Barbara. The Smiths were the ONLY band talking my language.
  The night started with new band 'James' opening up, with this mad singer writhing and twisting. I'd not heard of them before that night, and they were superb......and then, at last at last at last, (and yes they did play that too), the four of them wandered on to the stage, a slight pause and then, 'For the rain falls hard on a hum drum town, this town can drag you down' (they'd obviously been to Portsmouth before). The crowd went bananas, and I mean, BANANAS, I was lifted off my feet as the whole place just bounced, and even as I sit here now typing this, I can still feel it.
   Halfway through the set, during 'Barbarism Begins at Home', and no doubt as a throw back to the old punk days, somebody thought it would be funny to spit at Morrissey. Morrissey obviously didn't share the spitters idea of fun, and immediately stopped singing. He looked at the guy who had spat, and said, 'We don't do that from where we come from, goodnight', and then left the stage. The band continued to play, (whilst looking at each other, not knowing what to do), and as soon as Andy had finished his solo, the band walked off. There was stunned silence and then, the bloke who had spat was set upon by his own mates. The crowd cheered as this guy took a bit of a pasting, and then as he was led out by security, the crowd started banging their feet and chanting 'We want the Smiths'. After a few minutes, they were back, and they finished an amazing set, that included my personal favourite at the time (and still in my top 3) 'Reel Around the Fountain', plus my two favourite tracks from the album, 'How Soon Is Now?' and 'What She Said'. The band were superb but for me it was all about the singer, it's always been that way. Whatever concert I've ever been to, the musicians just provide the background music, I'm always fixated my the man out front, the one who actually talks to me, and this man was fixation personified. I was in love and knew I would follow and defend this man to the end of my days (although maybe not to the extremes I'm currently going through, where I no longer, eat sleep or function in the real world!)

 And that is why Kath Viner can't really be a 'true' Smiths fan, because if she was, she wouldn't, she couldn't, have said those things she said about The Mozziah. The 'real' fans may not like everything Morrissey likes, and may not agree with everything he says, but what we would do is defend him to our last breath, because that's what 'meatheads' do!

   On the subject of The Smiths, I exchanged tweets last night with '@aboyinthebush22', who mentioned the forthcoming reunion of The Stone Roses and asked The Mozziah if he would reform The Smiths. The Mozziah, who incidentally returned to twitter last night, retorted in his usual witty way, that there was more chance of him performing with Durutti Column (the old Manchester band that was formed by Vini Reilly).

The Mozziah's mention of Durutti Column, suddenly sent my paranoid brain into overdrive, is Vini Reilly somehow involved in this whole MorrisseysWorld thing? Is Vini in fact '@Banjaxer'? Are the WHOLE of the Manchester music scene involved in MorrisseysWorld? Is my old squash partner Ed Garrity holed up in Mozziah HQ taking his turn on the twitter nightshift? Could '@RosyMires' possibly be the artist formerly known as Ed Banger? Is the other regular twitterer '@Mancladmozfan' actually Noel Gallagher? Banjaxer, RosyMires and MancLad are all bloody City fans, and in twitter land last night it was horrible, all of them crowing because City have gone top of the league, but did any of them mention the names Balotelli or Toure in there tweets? No, of course not, it was Marsh this and Tueart that. Nostalgic hogwash.

Anyway, back to '@aboyinthebush22', I tweeted to tell him that in my opinion, reunions rarely work and to just look at The Rolling Stones as a prime example. I asked aboyinthebush22 (who I would guess is a male in his early twenty's living near to the BBC television centre), who would want to go back to an ex from 25 years ago who's body had decayed? He replied by saying I was being too harsh on Johnny Marr. Of course I hadn't particularly meant Johnny (Christ, he's already banned me once for criticizing him) but, the truth must out, so I asked boyinbush this question, a question I have asked myself, and I asked BinB to answer HONESTLY; has Johnny Marr done anything and I mean ANYTHING, that has been better or even as good as The Smiths in the last 25 years? And in the same period, has Morrissey? BinB replied with these words, "I know he hasn't and I know Moz has, but I'm young, I never saw The Smiths". Well I've got some very good news for you BinB, go and see a Morrissey concert, and believe the words from a man who did see The Smiths, there is NO difference. Same singer, same songs and a group of superb musicians, playing the same notes, in the same order. Every single Morrissey song since 1987 has been a Smiths song. Reunions usually happen for either money or nostalgia, I've no idea nor any interest in why The Stone Roses are reforming, a band that completely passed me by, but The Smiths would NEVER  reunite just for money and so the only way it could or would work, is if The Mozziah & JM feel a nostalgic need to write together. Never say never but if it is to happen, with any credibility, it would have to happen soon. How Soon? I don't think it's Now, but maybe one day and then maybe we could all turn our dreams to Cheryl, Jay, Mike & Bobby picking up the phone.

 Back to now, whilst writing this, an announcement has been made by The Mozziah (@MorrisseysWorld), that he is leaving twitter and his blog until either; a rose, t shirt or spoken word, show once and for all what we few have NEVER doubted, that the MorrisseysWorld website IS run by Morrissey.

I will continue this blog only if The Mozziah sends me a message or gives me a sign to continue. I hope he has enjoyed it enough to want me to carry on. If there is no message or sign, this will be my last entry.

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