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Monday, 17 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 33 Monday 17th October 2011


And there we all were thinking that was the end of my blog! The very fact that you're reading this means, I've been given a 'sign'. More of that in a minute, but firstly, I forgot to mention yesterday, that Mum (@Morrisseysmum) has been handed back to her son and heir, and '@ODyrbrm' has left the building (although I immediately registered that account to stop anybody else using it). The Mozziah's first tweet of the day (as @morrisseysmum) read, "@TheRatsBack You were so helpful. It is appreciated." His second tweet of the day was simply "157". His third tweet was a quote from footballer Joey Barton (with The Mozziah's own comment added after the SJP bit), it read "@Joey7Barton: Loving The Smiths 'Everyday is like Sunday' on at SJP...Easy mistake to make I suppose."

Let me explain these three tweets for anybody who may have been wondering what they meant. The first one is fairly self explanatory, it's the 'sign' that I asked for at the end of my blog entry yesterday. The Mozziah telling me that my involvement in the Kath Viner incident was appreciated, and that my blog was still being read. The second tweet, I believe, is in reference to my blog entry mentioning the 150 promo copies of 'Glamorous Glue', and it is The Mozziah telling me that there were in fact 157 copies made (although no indication was given as to whether one can be exchanged for a 2 euro coin with a smiley face on it!). The third tweet referred to the Newcastle vs Spurs game at SJP (St James' Park) played yesterday lunchtime. As the players were warming up, The Mozziah's 'Everyday is like Sunday' was blasting out over the sound system. Obviously Joey tweeted about it & mistook it for a Smiths song, which proves EXACTLY what I'd said in my blog only yesterday morning, that all Morrissey solo songs ARE indeed all Smiths songs, there is NO difference.

 So, a sign has been sent, 'and here I am'. Fear not that MorrisseysWorld has temporarily closed for business, the work of The Mozziah goes on and the gospel will continue to be spread. I have to say, I presumed MorrisseysWorld had shut the doors due to a tweet from our old friend Kath Viner to The Mozziah on twitter. She blew him a kiss, which I interpreted to mean that she was on to the blogsite and was about to run a story in the G*ardian, but so far, nothing. Did The Mozziah also presume she was on to him, or is he merely too busy to keep the blog going on a daily basis? Was the extra work too much for the 'Mancunian Writers, Rockers & City Loving Massive' who I wrote about yesterday? Whatever the reason, MorrisseysWorld is not currently in production and I will continue to do my best to offer something in it's place.

The hits to my blogsite, have now reached 1,100 in the two and a bit weeks it has been going, so somebody, somewhere is reading it! Before closing the doors on MW, messages & instructions were left on the blogsite, saying that, "roses need to be thrown on to the stage at the USA concerts at the end of the main set, before the encore." The Mozziah has also promised to 'appear' with a rose before Christmas. I believe this will either be on one of the two US television shows or in an interview. I don't believe The Mozziah will actually wear a rose, that would be too obvious. I also believe, that if The Mozziah is asked by a journalist why there are so many roses at his concert, he will simply deny any knowledge. He's a clever swine this Mozziah of ours. Who else could've created such mystery and intrigue?

 Yesterday was a weird day for us disciples who use twitter & follow MorrisseysWorld. With the closure of the MW blog, you'd have thought he had died. Obituaries were being left by everybody, saying how much they would miss him. I again listened to Meat is Murder, but this time on Youtube with live footage from 1985. Eventually The Mozziah tweeted (with the aforementioned tweets as 'Mum') and the mood lightened a bit. God knows how we'd cope if he DID actually die, thank God he's eternal! I spent the evening away from Mozziah life, but returned to twitter at witching hour in the new guise of '@UpThePier'.

'UpThePier' is a new account, and my own personal tribute to The Mozziah, as a reminder of when I touched his left knee up the pier at Gt Yarmouth. The website '' (a superb site that has lots of Mozziah information), has a section that lists every concert that The Mozziah has ever played, and also lists not only the setlist from each concert, but comment about the crowd, and particularly STAGE INVADERS.

On May 15th 2009 at Great Yarmouth Pier, according to 'Passions', "The crowd was very receptive, and a few fans tried to make it on stage, but no one was successful". I can tell you from the bruises, that ONE PERSON WAS SUCCESSFUL, and here is my tale: As many of you reading this will know, it is a tradition of Morrissey fans to try and get onto the stage at his concerts, but over the years it has gotten harder. It's a double edged sword for The Mozziah, because he genuinely seems to enjoy the fan's attempts to stage invade, but he has to be aware of security and 'his' security TAKE NO PRISONERS. These guys take their job VERY seriously and if anyone makes it to The Mozziah, the security take it personally, because it means they've lost. Well on May 15th 2009, during the Smiths ditty, 'I Keep Mine Hidden', security DID lose, but only very briefly.
     I'd often thought about making the plunge at previous concerts, but it's all about opportunity. The best time to attempt it is when the two security guys at the front are dealing with other potential invaders, and at the Gt Yarmouth concert, when the guy to my right made a move and was pounced on by BOTH the front two security guys, I saw my chance. You have no time to hesitate, so without thinking, I leapt, grabbed The Mozziah's left leg, and tried to claw my way up it, but having reached the knee, I was promptly removed from the stage and tossed out onto the wooden planks of the pier.
  As I strolled down the pier, I bumped in to a slightly elderly looking couple leaving the concert. I said to them, "Keep Mine Hidden not one of your favorite's either?"
They looked at me rather puzzled. I then said, "I don't mean to appear rude but you don't look like typical Morrissey fans". They informed me that their son worked for The Mozziah and that their grandson Sebastian was the baby on the Years of Refusal album cover. I continued to converse with these charming people for a little longer and then asked them if I could have their VIP stickers. They were more than happy to give them to me, a pleasant reminder of my day Up The Pier.

 Back to Sunday night twitter, Buck was back, but not really concentrating. No doubt doing something else and just dipping in. We exchanged a few tweets. Buck thought he had gotten one over me by tweeting when I presumed he was flying to Canada, but Buck me old china, the penny has dropped. He wasn't flying from the UK, he was flying from the US, so he'd already landed, and what FINALLY gave Buck away? Why did the penny suddenly drop that '@Bucktoothedboy' was DEFINITELY Russell Brand? *This is the bit where Buck laughs out loud to himself* He was given away by his local vineyard! Yep, his latest twitter follower is a Californian vineyard! You're right Buck, we're being watched!
 Weekend scores update:
1. Rusty Rockets 3,296,479 UP 20,200 - How can you have deep & meaningful exchanges with 3 million followers? No wonder you've come to us.
2. Amanda Holden 720,912 UP 3,854 - Despite only one meaningless tweet all weekend.
3. Johnny Marr 71,824 UP 366 - & Yes I'm still banned
4. MorrisseysWorld 3,508 UP 37 - Drip drip drip as they arrive
5. Joyce 2,380 UP 21 - Mainly Man City fans. Look at them all uniting in excitement
6. TheRatsBack 1,587 DOWN 30 - I decided to ban a few of Amanda's old followers
7. Banjaxer 726 UP 6 - 'We are top the league, say we are top the league'
8. Mum (formerly ODyrbrm) 416 UP 1 - Back Home, they'll be thinking about us when we are far away
9. Buck 44 UP 12 - As they ask, could it REALLY be him?
10. UpThePier (Formerly Mum) 18 UP 11 - Here for me or Mum? Who knows? Who cares?
11. ODyrbrm 0

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