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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 34 Tuesday 18th October 2011


Congratulations to G*ardian reporter Josh Halliday for just reporting the 'facts' from yesterday's court hearing. We can now see why MorrisseysWorld has temporarily closed, The Mozziah's lawyers were in court yesterday arguing why their client should be allowed to have a High Court hearing against the NME & it's former editor, Conor McNich*las. Today, Britain's most senior libel judge, Justice Tugendhat, will give his decision as to whether The Mozziah should be allowed to have his day in court, which if he does, will be next Summer. Now I know I am bound to be biased, but looking at the evidence, there is no way that Justice Tugendhat will decline a High Court hearing. From yesterday's transcript, the NME's lawyer, Catrin Evans, already looks weak in her argument and as long as The Mozziah's team know their stuff, the actual case will be a formality. I personally feel The Mozziah has no need to go to court, the people who really matter to him; his family, friends and fans don't need a High Court judge to tell us what we already know. The song 'National Front Disco' looks from it's title to hold racial connotations but if only the masses had bothered to 'open the book' and actually LISTEN to the words, they would realise that this song sits side by side with Lennon & McCartney's 'She's Leaving Home', and I don't remember any racist allegations there. Ms Evans yesterday brought up the 'Chinese' debate, but seeing as a layman like me has been able to rip that to shreds, The Mozziah's lawyers are going to have a field day with Ms Evans. It would appear that she too, like McNich*las has just picked out words to make headlines and has not read full sentences.

  A court hearing next summer will be distracting and draining for The Mozziah, at a time when he should be writing and playing live music, but he feels the need to carry this through and I for one cannot blame him. It's nothing to do with money & The Mozziah knows he has nothing to prove to the three F's (Family-Friends-Fans), this is purely and simply about 'Fair Play', 'Right & Wrong'. I have tried to write this with balance and thought but I now have one last thing to say, I feel these words are being given to me by the Mozziah. They are of course words that he himself would be unable to say in print and for those of you of a nervous disposition, please look away now. *Pause* Conor McNich*las you are a ***t and you are about to get yours, enjoy Christmas, but don't spend too much. And now let's just hope that the British legal system is as honest and fair as we hope it should be.


And now to my good name, which has again been slandered by 'anonymous' on MorrisseysWorld. Somebody is really at loggerheads with themselves, they just cannot get their head around the fact that this whole phenomenon is happening. While all around have embraced it for what it is, this one person lurks in the shadows, he wants to be part of it but is scared to admit it could possibly be true. This person, who I will call Hank (in the Shadows, get it?) will have read and re-read every little scrap on the MorrisseysWorldblog, has trawled through my blog and is watching every tweet that the 'believers' make and yet Hank still doesn't believe. But it's not his fault. Because Hank decided early on that this wasn't real, it would hurt too much to concede now. Rather than looking at the evidence, such as; the predictions that came true, the unmistakable Wildean wit of the tweets, the unbelievable insight of the writings on the MorrisseysWorld blog, and the photos on twitter, Hank is only looking for flaws, flaws that will prove him right. The flaws he threw at me before, were that I'd admitted to using twitter  under pseudonyms. This is something I brought up and explained in full as to why I'd done it. The allegation now from Hank is that I mustn't be trusted because I've started following 'fake' celebs on twitter. A heinous crime, but aren't most celebs fake anyway Hank? And there is also method in my madness. The eagle eyed among you would've noticed that I've mentioned these fake celebs before. I then dismissed them, but let's just say, I've got my eye on one that I don't believe to be fake, one who has changed their user name since I mentioned it in my blog. The other fakes I'm following are just background music. If Hank had been watching my twitter account more carefully, he'd have noticed that I've already stopped following some of them because they clog my twitter timeline with the most annoying drivel you've ever read, it's Richard Madeley all over again. I may be losing one or two of you here, but others may wish to take a look at the fakes and tell me what they see. And you thought Log Lady was mysterious! Anyway, regardless of whether I've lost the plot looking at twitter accounts, Hank me old fruit, it's now time to either accept that the evidence is indisputable or, in the words of The Mozziah in Odense, "Go, Go, we don't need you, Go." But before you go, and I know you won't, because you can't, go and have a look at the backdrop photo on my twitter page. It is a photo, posted by the Mozziah of his, as yet, unpublished diary. Look at the handwriting Hank, handwriting that any TRUE fan will recognize beyond any doubt, to be The Mozziah's. Oh and Hank, 'It takes guts to be gentle and kind'.
    I would guess that Hank is a regular user of the website, or as The Mozziah calls it So-Low, you may have seen him donning a t shirt with the catchy slogan FU*K SO-LOW. I have to say, when I saw the images of the band all wearing these shirts I was shocked and mystified. I had no idea The Mozziah had such hatred for the website, a website that every Mozziah fan I know, uses as a reference point for the songs performed at each concert. I'd read that the owner of the site, a guy called David Tseng, had been banned from Mozziah concerts. I had no idea what this dedicated fan could've done to possibly upset the Mozziah so much. Having now read the hilariously satirical 'Bans Committe Minutes' on MorrisseysWorld, I now understand The Mozziah's anger. Mr T*seng himself had committed no crime, he just failed to stop 'trolls' using his website. Trolls who anonymously leave hateful, spiteful, slanderous comments. Mr T*eng, whose dedication as a Mozziah fan cannot be doubted, was given plenty of opportunity to put things right and moderate his website properly. He didn't, and now his fifteen years of hard labour and love are going down the pan. I for one will not be using So-Low as a reference point anymore, I believe every detail of every concert will be on MW, and 'fans' will be allowed to comment. Fans, not Hanks. And when the 'sign' comes and the masses run to MorrisseysWorld, the lid will close on So-low.
STOP PRESS: I have just googled Justice Tugendhat, his father was an Austrian immigrant and The G*ardian newspaper love him. Let's just prey that HE too is able to read the sentences and not just the headline making words.

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