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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 35 Wednesday 19th October 2011


0030 BST: After the debacle of the Judge Weeks case, in which The Mozziah lost & was told to pay 'Static Joyce' 1 million pound, you may feel my headline is a bit optimistic and hopeful. Well I disagree, I've got a good feeling that at last, at last, at last, The Mozziah is going to be judged on by a man from an intelligent background. After reading Josh Halliday's well written and informative report of day two of The Mozziah's libel court hearing, in which the outcome was that Justice Tugendhat will deliver his verdict in a couple of weeks as to whether or not there will be a trial, I spent most of Tuesday afternoon, in between twittering with Old Bugsy (more of that later) and doing some actual REAL work, by googling and researching Michael Tugendhat, his brother Christopher & the family background. Tugendhat's father emigrated to Britain after the First World War from Austria. Sir Michael Tugendhat is highly respected and, as a QC, acted for the likes of David Beckham and Michael Douglas. As a Judge, he has overturned 'super injunctions' by John Terry and lifted Fred Goodwin's gagging order. Sir Michael's brother Christopher is a former Tory MP (Good thing Cameron never got the concert ban, I was right to vote against it), but more interestingly, he is also an author who wrote a book entitled 'Options For British Foreign Policy In The 90's'. Now, although I have 'speed read' as much of the book as I can, I can't claim to understand fully the concept of the book, but it does seem to question the changing identity of Britain by such things as immigration. It would appear to be a well balanced book, playing Devil's Advocate as to how Britain is likely to be affected. Although written for the 90's, a lot of it seems to be on going and still ringing true. It talks about how Britain still hasn't decided how it sees itself with borders being broken down. It proves that intelligent people can discuss the effect mass immigration can have on a country without being branded racist. I obviously don't know the Tugendhat's as I don't know The Mozziah, but I glean that Justice Tugendhat is from an open minded background where fair play is important. I truly believe this man will see that The Mozziah has been wrongly branded a racist by Conor McNich*las and that he will not only be given his day(s)/weeks in court, but he will win and once and for all, clear his name. This is a huge, huge risk for The Mozziah as the financial implications are massive. This would be the biggest libel hearing in front of a jury for 3 years. But it is a risk that anybody would take to put the record straight, not slightly less crooked, straight.
 We are missing The Mozziah! It is now day three since MorrisseysWorld was closed for what we hope will only be a short break, more a bank holiday in Eastbourne than a fortnight in Benidorm. Regular follwers are sticking together on twitter and some have even resorted to in house fighting. There are doubters and there are extremists. A couple of tweets came from The Mozziah, with slighted reference to the court hearing, but no intercourse. I feel the hidden messages on twitter are the modern equivalent of Palare, a Twitterdilly Palare. I kept a twitter window half a jar and jumped in and out throughout the day. I exchanged tweets with all the regulars, tried to entice a bit of banter with my former self, Amanda Holden, but she was having none of it and posted some you tube clips of various songs, mainly Mozziah ones like Trouble Loves Me, but also Night Boat To Cairo by Madness and Jeff Buckley's version of 'I Know It's Over', which incidentally has a red rose right at the end, a sign? Twitterers were getting very excited about The Stone Roses reforming, I really really don't get it. The Roses opened a twitter account, @thestoneroses and within an hour it had 6,000 followers and by the end of the day, over 11,000. Where's the mystery and intrigue in THAT? Anybody could do that, it takes far more planning to be an International mega star on twitter for 2 years and only have 400 followers. Other twitter 'highlights' included an Adam Ant concert review posted by @Uncleskinny, in which Adam Ant is alleged to have referred to The Mozziah as 'that f*cking idiot'. Now I used to like old Adam Ant, he not only produced some good post punk songs, but as pop songs go, Prince Charming is a classic. Don't laugh, I'm being serious, and even if you are laughing, ridicule is nothing to be scared of. Now, I believe Boz Boorer to be a close friend of Adam Ant so I feel that when MW is back open, we need an explanation from the Ant or he faces a concert ban. What's his problem with The Mozziah? I can only guess it's jealousy, as it is plain to see, that alas, Mr Ant can no longer hold a note. Check out You Tube. (STILL MORE TO COME, INCLUDING SOME BUCK ESCAPADES, PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER).
0500 BST *Singing, rather loudly* Wednesday morning at 5 0'clock as the day begins. So, the best part of my day yesterday involved the old Lamb of God himself, Russell Brand. I had tweeted a message from the genius Richard Dawkins, the man who is the re-incarnation of Charles Darwin. Dawkins & Darwin are the equivalent scientific double act to The Mozziah & Wilde of our world. Dawkins, who mustn't be confused with the former Smiths drummer Stephen Hawking, is my 'other' hero. Obviously he's not in the same league hero wise as The Mozziah but if events had taken a different twist and it had been Dawkins and not The Mozziah who had started a secret blog on the internet, you could now be reading 'Following the Dawk'. Anyway, back to the plot, Old Buck Toothed Boy picked up on my tweet, (after I'd already had a little bit of an exchange with my favorite prodruding gnashered friend about his local winery following him, oh the irony of a teetotaller being given away on twitter by a vineyard, there's definitely some stand up material in there) and called Richard Dawkins the Abu Hamza of atheism. A witty retort I thought because to be honest, although I believe every word Dawkins says, he isn't the most convincing and dynamic of people. Let's face it, despite overwhelming evidence that the earth is 4.55 billion years old and not the 6,000 years old that the Christian faith believe it to be, (oh you didn't know that? Where were the dinosaurs living you ask? Saturn, or perhaps Southampton, both are alien planets undiscovered by human life) Dawkins has still failed to convince the world he is right. You'd have thought that when Galileo put together his first telescope and realised that it was planets and stars sitting above the clouds and not a man with a big fluffy beard and some rather nicely crafted gates, that the world would've collectively shrugged their shoulders and said, 'Well we got that one wrong'! But no, still the 'intelligent' world believes in it's hundreds of different Gods, talking of which, back to mine, or for now, his buck toothed stand in. That's a good point actually, if The Mozziah is God, Bucky can be Jesus, The Lamb of God, a role I'm sure he could play well ; ) (Note to self, Christ you're good, you should be getting paid for this). And now back to twotter. I sent a tweet to @JoshHalligan, the young G*ardian reporter who had done a good job of reporting The Mozziah's court hearing, to congratulate him on his straight report without a 'slant'. He replied by asking if I was being sarcastic and what slant. Halligan, it has to be noted, had earlier in the day tweeted to say that his favorite album of all time is.... Meat is Murder. We have to start believing here that G*ardian HQ only has one CD or perhaps Kath Viner has taken young Josh under her mother hen wing and is force feeding him with Smiths classics, let's just hope she allows him to LISTEN to the words and interpret them for himself. I have high hopes for Josh and have pointed him in the direction of not only MorrisseysWorld blog, but also here. If he uses his journalistic skills properly, he'll expose us, he'll have a great scoop for The G*ardian and we will go viral (yes I know, I know!) I have already pointed both Kath Viner and Rhian Jones in our direction but neither have come up with the goods.
 Anyway, enough (too much) for today, a day in which it has just been announced that Bob A Job is to return. I can't work out if this is the Government's latest initiative to get everybody called Robert back in employment or the new minimum wage!
 I will record the 'Scores on the doors' later as a point of record because I have just noticed that Josh Halligan is following me. That should mean he's done his homework. He will take this story to Kath and The G*ardain will send it viral. Buck me old mucker, if this means the end of your involvement, it's been a blast. I hope it won't be, just follow the three golden rules, DENY DENY DENY, oh and stop visiting vineyards x

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