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Monday, 24 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 40 Monday 24th October 2011

Dark clouds are forming, the world is a changing place and people are taking to the streets. Yes, I'm afraid The Wanted have gone straight in to the UK Top 40 at Number 1 with the meaningless drivel that is, for want of a better title, called 'Lightning'. 'Oh oh I know that it's a little bit frightening, we might as well be playing with lightning'. It is The Wanted's third Number 1 and we are now faced with the prospect of them chasing Westlife's fourteen chart toppers. And The Mozziah has had NONE! Where is the justice in THAT? The Mozziah, a man who has dedicated his life to the music business and record industry, not only in his adult years but as a young pent up glam rocker living in Stretford, spending every last penny on the offerings of T Rex & Sparks. And what reward has he had for this dedication to the industry? A Number 3 hit with his life anthem 'Irish Blood English Heart' and a Number 2 with 'Stop Me' , but no, not performed by The Mozziah, but a mashed up offering produced by Mark Ronson & 'sung' by Daniel Merriweather, whoever he is? NO NUMBER 1's. With manufactured pop now filling the charts to the rafters, The Mozziah's only hope of a Number 1 is probably if the anti X Factor brigade on Facebook decide to adopt him as their leader. Well it won't be this year, I am informed by those with this Facebook thingy, that this year the brigade have adopted Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Another band who've never had a Number 1. Of course The Mozziah's other best chance of reaching Number 1 would be posthumously, but there in lies another problem. When Michael Jackson died, the Top 100 was filled with fifty of the King of Pop's songs, but because the fans were grasping at everything, there was no focus on one particular track and unbelievably, MJ failed to hit the top spot. Man In The Mirror stalling at Number 2 was the closest of the fifty. It is therefore imperative, that if The Mozziah is to reach Number 1 posthumously, he needs to almost make a record 'Will', bequeathing the song he'd like us all to go out and download. And it's not that simple either, it has to be the same track from the same album, otherwise it will count as two separate songs. It's no good leaving it to the fans to decide which song to choose, the back catalogue is too vast and like Jackson, the pages of the catalogue will be pulled apart. For John Lennon it was obvious that 'Imagine' would be re-released and hit the top, similarly for George Harrison with 'My Sweet Lord', but The Mozziah's penchant for different record labels over the years will leave the various companies scrabbling to release whatever they can get their mitts on. The Mozziah needs to let it be known what he sees as the definitive song that he wants the world to remember him by. And if he doesn't, well it's 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' for me, a cliche true but surely definitive? I have more to say on  'There Is A Light' in a minute but first of all, let's catch up on events. Following my 'visitations' from The Mozziah last Friday when he gave me the words; TROUBLE, MONSTER, ACTION, MURDER, LIGHT, I have spent the weekend resting, the events from the last few weeks had left me exhausted. (To help me rest, I purchased a new memory foam pillow, IT's FANTASTIC, and if anybody ever asks me to send them the pillow, the one that I dream on, my answer will be a swift, bugger off and buy your own, £79.99 from all the usual outlets.) I am now recharged and ready to re-follow The Mozziah, albeit on a less regular basis, as daily updates are currently not necessary, what with MorrisseysWorld being closed and all that. So, what happened after my last blog entry? Did The Mozziah give a 'sign' via 'True to You' that he likes my blogsite? Did he buggery, left me hanging out on a limb, more egg on my face than John Prescott on a walk about. But it wasn't The Mozziah's fault, it was a schoolboy error on my part. If he'd said he liked my blog, it would indicate that he read and approved of MorrisseysWorld, which of course he has denied, not once, not twice, but three times. Silly, silly me. The finality of my last blog entry and the closure of MorrisseysWorld brought about much sadness to the twitter community. Bucktoothedboy closed his account, as did HectorLector and I too closed The Pier for repairs. Many of the twitterers tweeted their sadness but The Mozziah was kind enough to tweet a message, a message that I believe was aimed at my schoolboy error, he said,  'I thought about it. But not for very long. That's just the way it goes'. Fully understood Mozziah, fully understood. So I am refreshed and back to serve The Mozziah and to spread his word. I briefly took time to look up 'The Virtual God Riley' on twitter and found the account @msjulie73. Obviously her name isn't Julia after all, I attempted to follow this owner of the True to You website but found I was blocked! Mysterious I thought. Some investigation revealed that she does not follow or have anything to do with the happenings on MorrisseysWorld and I believe she probably blocked me after I had a little dig about Johnny Marr's 'singing' voice. If she blocked me, did she block MW and DOES she actually know what is going on with MW? I have a sneaky feeling she has no idea. The Mozziah has asked her three times via True To You to deny he has anything to do with MW and I believe Julie(a) actually believes it. Arguing on MW continued until admin guy/moderator/Morrissey/Rusty Rocks put a stop to it and some anonymous person has also posted a long write up about the mysteries of the Blue Rose. I would guess the person who posted it is American as colour has been spelt color but it's still a nice piece. The blue rose, it would appear is full of mystery and intrigue. It represents love at first sight. Please take the time to google it, the person who posted the comment on MW certainly did and if they think for one minute that anyone believes they own a copy of 'Le Livre de L'Agriculture' by Ibn al Awam, they are wrong, unless of course it was The Mozziah who posted it, he has EVERY book. The blue rose, it appears, also symbolises the impossible or the unobtainable. Is this still a reference to Johnny Marr as I first interpreted or is there another meaning? And why do these roses keep popping up everywhere? Can this really be coincidence that roses seem to have SO much connection with The Mozziah? Even his name 'Morrissey' has the word 'rose' hidden within it, in fact, it is an anagram of 'My Rose is R'. Could The Mozziah's rose be Russell? Or does the fact that he has neglected his duties so very very badly mean the R is now Rat? Or is it neither of these two huge egos that are clambering for The Mozziah's attention and the R is in fact the dedicated twitter follower @RosyMires, who uncannily has a name that is an anagram of Morrissey? Only The Mozziah knows. And talking of roses, I am brought back to the song 'There is A Light That Never Goes Out'. Why was it given such a long title? Why was it never just called 'There is A Light'? I believe the answer lies in the whole title and the author of the words THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT - MORRISSEY. An anagram of THE ROSE TOUR IS MY REVENGE. THAT ROSE IS A LIGHT. Revenge for what? If Justice Tugendhat fails to allow a court case, could the tour be revenge against him? I think not, I believe the case will go ahead and the tour is leading up to it. The 'Rose Tour', as it will be known, thanks to all the roses that will swamp every venue, will signal the start of the revenge towards Conor McNich*las, culminating in the trial at the end of the tour. Talking of McNich*las, he had started to follow me on twitter. Has he been reading everything on MW? Who knows, but I have blocked him. Go follow someone else you c*nt. (Sorry all, I'm really trying my best not to swear but what other word is there for this man?) So, 'THAT ROSE IS A LIGHT'. The divine light? The light of retribution that is coming the way of McNich*las? I am now starting to feel like Jane Seymour in Live & Let Die as I interpret all these signals and signs. The Mozziah continues to be like Anthony Perkins in Psycho as he dons his mother's twitter clothes but for the main part he is silent. His only other tweets of note were to do Bruce Forsyth impersonations and to tell me that he has invested the two euros he owes me. I asked him to stick it under the mattress, to which he replied, 'It is under the mattress, as am I.' The self deprecation continues, would we have him any other way?
  Enough for today, twitter has been full of the crowing City fans after the 6-1 drubbing of Man Utd yesterday, or as Banjaxer called it, Six in the City. And talking of Banjaxer, after all the intrigue, I deduce that MorrisseysWorld is a joint conception, in which The Mozziah is definitely involved, Rusty Rocks definitely contributes and Banjaxer, The Occupier, administrates and monitors. Others may well be involved, including the elusive and secretive Peter 'Uncle Skinny' Finan but for what ever reason, the collaborators have for now closed it down and the media refuse to believe it is true. I will continue to blog, when I have something to say and in seventeen days, 'The Rose Tour' will begin. Finally, I made contact with Joyce via twitter and asked him if I could ask him a question. He replied, 'Yep' but unfortunately I didn't see it. I have now replied, asking if he regrets suing The Mozziah. I await his reply....or block!
1. Rusty Rockets 3,349,487 UP ABOUT 19,000 - PAH, ABSOLUTE PAH. Good article on NY streets though
2. Amanda Holden 729,660 UP 6,000 - Virtual Dog Walking does the trick
3. Johnny Marr 72,826 UP 700 - That man can play
4. MorrisseysWorld 3,554 UP 25 - Closed
5. Joyce 2,412 UP 25 - Yep
6. Me 1543 DOWN 22 - Waffling Soothsayer
7. Banjaxer 735 UP 9 - City fans
8. Mum 425 UP 4 - Hiding under the mattress
9. Bucktoothedboy Account disappeared
10. UpThePier 0 DOWN 21 - The Pier is closed
TheStoneRoses 21,705 UP 8,000 - Oh the suspense
 My blog stats show me that I have people from eight different countries reading my blog. They come from; UK, USA, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Italy, Germany and Russia. Following The Mozziahski, now there's a thought.

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