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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 41 Tuesday 25th October 2011

I have received a private message via Twitter from Mike Joyce. I can't message back because he doesn't follow me, I have therefore asked him to follow me. If he does, I will ask him straight if he regrets suing The Mozziah and if he is prepared to say sorry? If he is sorry, it will be the first step forward to the reformation of The Smiths. I think.
 Morrissey popped very briefly in to twitter today quoting Lindisfarne's 'Meet Me On The Corner'. It is a song about dreams. As his self appointed soothsayer I am happy to interpret his dreams, I will await a further 'visitation'......or tweet!  I have asked StillICling, via twitter, to sell/distribute roses at the Chicago concert, with a print out of the MorrisseysWorld home page, explaining what to do. StillICling may well need help in spreading the word. I believe the cat, who's name is Heather will help.
 1742 STOP PRESS: I have just read that The Mozziah is to be in court tomorrow to hear the judgement of Justice Tugendhat. The news was revealed on twitter by Josh Halliday of The G*ardian but he has blocked me! Don't know why, might be because i called him a reporter and NOT a journalist, so precious these media types. Good luck Mozziah, although of course you don't need it, I have seen the future for Conor McNich*las, and it isn't 'rose'y.

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