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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 42 Wednesday 26th October 2011


Today, the British Justice system, which is no doubt one of the 'British' things that The Mozziah finds 'Quaint & very amusing', has taken it's first step to restore our faith in what is right and what is wrong. As I predicted in my blog of Tuesday 18th, Justice Tugendhat has granted The Mozziah the right to take his libel action against IPC Publications (NME owners) and more importantly the former editor Conor McNich*las to the High Court. The NME article, written in 2007 by Tim Jonze, a respected music journalist and fan of The Mozziah, was tampered with by the then editor Conor McNich*las, who was hell bent on grabbing headlines and making a name for himself. It now looks as though Mr McNich*las's wish will at last be granted, and the name will be 'fool'.

I believe Justice Tugendhat has probably spent the last week listening to and analysing the words to many of The Mozziah's songs, as well as reading various interviews conducted with the Mozziah. As I said in my previous blog, Justice Tugendhat is a very intelligent man, and it wouldn't have taken him long to realise that the allegations against The Mozziah are ridiculous, 'Almost too silly to discuss'.  I would guess that the lawyer's for IPC are also intelligent people and they too will have been analysing every word, who knows, The Mozziah may be gaining a whole new fan base here, the High Courts could become like G*ardian HQ with the strains of 'Viva Hate' echoing through Chambers. 'Tugend slowly over wet sands, back to the bench where your wig was stolen'. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I would guess the lawyer's for IPC will now realise they are on a very expensive hiding to nothing. They will UNDOUBTABLY want this matter settled out of court and will be falling over themselves to throw large sums of money at The Mozziah, without prejudice of course.

 McNich*las will have NO say in any of it, he is the pea brained pawn who made the mistake, the shuffling little embarrassment of a man that has brought very bad publicity to IPC. They all of course have Public Indemnity Insurance to protect them against such writs, but it is the bad press that IPC won't want. So the final decision as to whether this case reaches court, will rest solely on the shoulders of Steven Patrick Morrissey. His lawyer's will probably advise him to take whatever huge sum of money IPC eventually decide to offer, and the temptation to take the money will be huge. There would also be the advantage of not having the stress and strain of going to court, of being in the newspapers daily, of not being able to perform while this is going on. And on the flip side, The Mozziah wouldn't have his day in court and wouldn't be able to see McNich*las hung up for what he really is.

Conor McNich*las said that The Mozziah's views were, 'Unreasonably skewed towards immigration'. But THEY AREN'T, and McNich*las MUSTN'T be allowed to wriggle away. If there is to be an out of court settlement, then there has to be terms attached, and one of those terms has to be a full page apology from McNich*las in not only the NME but other IPC publications. McNich*las must explain in his apology that he was wrong and also explain the actual meaning of The Mozziah's comments. And if he STILL doesn't understand them, let me help. 'The higher the influx into England, the more the British identity disappears'. A fairly obvious one you'd think. Justice Tugendhat, The Mozziah, myself and millions of other Britain's are only here in Britain because our families migrated here many years ago. Britain is our home and we are British. We speak English, we ARE English. Britain has flourished because of immigration but immigration was never monitored and the 'Old Britain' has gone forever as millions of differing nationalities come to Britain, for better or worse. Inner city schools are full of children who's first language is not English. Statements like that are not racist, they are fact. Whether it is a good thing that 'Old Britain' has lost it's identity to become a global melting pot is down to individual interpretation or debate but it ISN'T in itself racism.

The very fact that politicians have been too scared to debate immigration honestly and intelligently is the very reason it wasn't monitored. Justice Tugendhat's own brother wrote a book on it at the end of the 1980's, questioning whether or not Britain knew what direction it wanted to go. The question was never answered. Intelligent men like The Mozziah must be allowed to debate and talk about such things without being branded a racist. If Conor McNich*las had bothered to read the words of the interview properly he wouldn't now be sat biting his nails, awaiting his fate. 'Immigration DOES enrich British identity, but it does mean saying goodbye to the Britain we once knew'. Not a racist word to be seen, just FACT.

 So, Court or settlement? As I've said, only The Mozziah can decide. A high profile (and let's not forget this will be THE BIGGEST and possibly LAST libel court case in front of a jury) court case not only brings justice and revenge, but commercially it will bring success. Being reported on daily in the national papers is never a bad thing and the perfect launch pad to an autobiography/new album/tour. The negatives I have already mentioned. I personally would go to court. The Mozziah is THE poet of our generation and I believe the publicity will bring new fans. The one nagging doubt in my mind would be trusting the' twelve men good and true' to have the intelligence to make the correct decision, but after all, they will have Tugendhat to guide them, not to chide them and if they do get it wrong, can the last one out please close the door. Come Armageddon, Come Armageddon Come.

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