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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 43 - Mike Joyce, Are You Sorry? - Thursday 27th October 2011

I have a twitter claim to fame, I am being 'followed' by two members of The Smiths (The Mozziah & Mike Joyce), and banned by a third (Johnny Marr). I have made no contact with the fourth (Andy Rourke).
   It has been reported in The Sun newspaper that QPR footballer, and Smiths fan, Joey 'Bone Crusher' Barton, is going to try and reunite The Smiths. He has claimed that he is friends with both The Mozziah & Johnny Marr and he is going to try and bring them together. I'll be honest with you Joey, I don't think reuniting The Mozziah & Johnny is the main problem, if they decide they want to work together again, I believe they will, but they are both purists and they have loyalties, so if they do decide to work together, it won't be as The Smiths unless Andy Rourke & Mike Joyce are involved, and there in lies the problem. If  The Smiths are ever to reform, in their original format, the biggest hurdle will be reuniting The Mozziah and drummer Mike Joyce, and believe me, THAT isn't going to be so easy, but Bone Crusher me old mucker, I'm giving it a go. The question still has to be asked of course, is a Smiths reunion really a good idea anyway? As I've talked about in my blog before, reunions very rarely work and they HAVE to be for the right reason. The so called excitement currently bestowing The Stone Roses is laughable. They are obviously ONLY reforming for commercial gain, do they really have anything new to offer the music industry? Of course not. The main reason cited by people wanting a Smiths reunion is, 'I never saw them live'. I was lucky, I did see them live, but for The Smiths to reform it HAS to be for a better reason than nostalgia or allowing a new audience to see them. I remember how excited I was to see The Sex Pistols play a few years ago, but it was meaningless. Yes I can now say I saw them live but can I say I saw them play when they were a meaningful part of the music industry? No. If The Smiths reformed, they would have to behave like a new band. M & M would have to sit down, write a new album, and then take it out on the road via small venues, not Parks and Arenas. Yes play some old hits but can you imagine the excitement and credibility in showcasing new material? Johnny Rotten take note, actually, don't bother Johnny, the moment has gone. For The Smiths to reform, The Mozziah & Marr would have to believe they still had something to give, and probably, more than ANY other band, they have. Their combined genius was cut short when Johnny Marr broke up The Smiths in 1987 and although The Mozziah has gone on to effectively produce 24 more years worth of 'Smiths' material, Marr hasn't. The reason I am blocked on twitter by Johnny Marr is because I criticized his singing but I was being honest, he ISN'T a singer, his skill lies in song writing and I genuinely believe his creativeness part died the day he left The Smiths. The Mozziah could probably re stimulate Johnny Marr and I believe, deep down, Johnny knows that. Johnny Marr is an empty blue rose. The Smiths could make new influential music for a whole new generation. I'm now starting to feel excited, and I was the one who didn't want a reunion. A BRAND NEW SMITHS ALBUM, out on tour. It makes your mouth water.
  So, back to the stumbling block, Mike Joyce. For those who don't know the history, in 1996 Mike Joyce took Morrissey & Marr to court believing he should be paid 25% of royalties because there were four members of the band, even though it was only Morrissey & Marr who wrote the songs. Joyce won the court case but lost a friend, Marr was more forgiving. Morrissey was deeply, deeply hurt by the court case and even now, fifteen years later, the betrayal still hurts.
 I have stated in my blog before, that I truly believe, the ONLY way The Mozziah will ever even possibly contemplate reforming The Smiths, with the original line up, is if Mike Joyce apologizes for taking him to court. Whether Mike believes it was right or wrong, the hurt runs deep. The Mozziah & Johnny Marr wrote the songs, they deserved the majority of the royalties, very few people, with the exception of Judge Weeks, dispute that. Yesterday I again tweeted Mike to ask him to apologize to The Mozziah. He ignored me, I wasn't offended, after all, I am a nobody. However, he tweeted that he was to be interviewed later in the day on the Talk Sport radio station, I tuned in, hoping he would take this perfect opportunity to say sorry, he didn't. He told the interviewer that his ideal 2012 would be for Man City to buy, sorry, I mean 'win' the league and for The Smiths to reform. He explained to the interviewer that a reunion may be difficult because of the court case. You can say that again Mike. I'll aim the next part of this blog entry directly to Mike. Like it or not Mike, I might be your best shot to playing with The Smiths again. You have nothing to lose. And please believe me, a public apology IS needed. The Mozziah reads this blog and reads YOUR tweets. I fully understand a public apology it is a VERY VERY hard thing to do, and you probably feel you have nothing to say sorry for, but you have. Fifteen years ago, you were broke and desperate. Understandably you wouldn't have been thinking about the possibility of a reunion, you'd have been thinking how were you going to survive. But by suing The Mozziah, you betrayed him and you can surely understand why he is so bitter towards you? But fifteen years is a long time and perhaps, just perhaps, he is ready to forgive.
A reunion would make Mike a wealthy man and I don't believe The Mozziah would begrudge him making money, at the end of the day, Mike Joyce WAS and still could be 'A Smith'. I will send this blog entry to Mike Joyce via twitter and ask him once again to say sorry. A simple tweet to say, 'Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I now very much regret suing Morrissey & Marr, I was wrong & am sorry'.
 The destiny of The Smiths is now in the hands of Joey Barton and Mike Joyce. As Cilla would say Mike, 'The decision is yours'.

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  1. OK RB, a few relevant facts … You stated ”In 1996 Mike Joyce took Morrissey & Marr to court believing he should be paid 25% of royalties because there were four members of the band, even though it was only Morrissey & Marr who wrote the songs.”

    You also stated “The Mozziah & Johnny Marr wrote the songs, they deserved the majority of the royalties, very few people, with the exception of Judge Weeks, dispute that.”

    I think you’re slightly confused regarding the issue of royalties.


    They receive all the publishing royalties for writing the songs. In fact, Morrissey receives 50% of publishing royalties from all instrumentals recorded by The Smiths! M & M did write the songs and that’s why they received, and still do, 50% each of the publishing.

    Publishing royalties are a completely separate revenue income than mechanical royalties. Mechanical royalties are generated from actual sales of an album/ single/ 12” etc.

    It was the unequal share (40%-40%-10%-10%) of these royalties that was disputed.

    I do regret that it had to go to trial and I’m also sorry that we all had to go through the process, but in my opinion, I wasn’t wrong to take up proceedings in the first place, nor will I ever be.



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