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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Day 46 - Joyce Bites Back - Sunday 30th October 2011

The Mozziah and his only begotten son, The Rusted Rocket have completely vanished. Actually that's not entirely true, The Mozziah did tweet a thank you message to a young 'mug designer' fan four days ago and the Rusted Rocket turned up on twitter in a different outfit, but I didn't realise it was him at the time and he hasn't returned since. Both The Mozziah & Rusty Buck are greatly missed by the followers who are hoping for a swift return.

What did Simon Peter and the crew do when JC disappeared for weeks on end on his walk abouts? They had no youtube in those days to tweet old JC 'performances' to each other. If they did, they would of course have looked for the more obscure of 'Previously Unseen Miracles' and 'Rare Footage From Behind The Scenes At Mount Olive'. Did they instead happily amuse themselves retelling old tales about blessing the meek? Perhaps they would go down The Jerusalem Hole, the local tavern, have a few jars and as the alcohol soaked in become louder and more raucous? James, son of Zebedee would slur,  'What about the fidge and the bread? I loved that day. Baskets of the stuff. More fidge that day than on a Jody Marsh hen do'. In fact, what happened when Old JC finally took the final trip to sit by his Old chap's right hand? Did the disciples continue spreading the word until their final days or as the months and years passed by, did they give it up or move on to something else? Is it really that dissimilar to modern day? When Bieber Fever dies, will Justin's disciples continue to spread the word of what a God he is or will they deny they ever really liked him and go back to listening to Timberlake?

   I have attempted to lift spirits in the twitter camp but it's getting harder. I have kept myself amused by baiting Mike Joyce into saying sorry but he wouldn't. For those who missed his reply to me, here it is in full:
Mike Joyce said...

OK RB, a few relevant facts … You stated ”In 1996 Mike Joyce took Morrissey & Marr to court believing he should be paid 25% of royalties because there were four members of the band, even though it was only Morrissey & Marr who wrote the songs.”

You also stated “The Mozziah & Johnny Marr wrote the songs, they deserved the majority of the royalties, very few people, with the exception of Judge Weeks, dispute that.”

I think you’re slightly confused regarding the issue of royalties.


They receive all the publishing royalties for writing the songs. In fact, Morrissey receives 50% of publishing royalties from all instrumentals recorded by The Smiths! M & M did write the songs and that’s why they received, and still do, 50% each of the publishing.

Publishing royalties are a completely separate revenue income than mechanical royalties. Mechanical royalties are generated from actual sales of an album/ single/ 12” etc.

It was the unequal share (40%-40%-10%-10%) of these royalties that was disputed.

I do regret that it had to go to trial and I’m also sorry that we all had to go through the process, but in my opinion, I wasn’t wrong to take up proceedings in the first place, nor will I ever be.


I'll give him his due, he obviously believes what he did was right, which it wasn't, and he seems to have missed the bigger picture. Personally, I cannot see how The original line up of The Smiths can EVER reunite. As Joyce says, 'I wasn't wrong to take up proceedings in the first place, nor will I ever be'. Actually, that doesn't make sense, he should have said, 'I am not sorry, nor will I ever be,  NOT, I wasn't wrong, nor will I ever be.' Schoolboy error, in more ways than one.

Joyce has this morning sent a tweet to Joey Barton, asking Joey to follow him as he wants to send him something! Interesting. However, firstly, Barton has 600,000 followers so will probably not see Joyce's request and secondly, Barton was five when The Smiths broke up, so he probably has no idea who @MikeJoyceDrums is!

My blog of Thursday, and the subsequent reply from Joyce, caught the twitter eye of The G*ardian's deputy editor Kath Viner. This is the second time she has replied to me so there must be something nagging in her mind that this whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon really IS Morrissey. I'm going to make life really easy for her now, because so far, these so called journalists are failing in their investigative duties to find out if The Mozziah really IS behind it. I worked it out, why can't they? Maybe they're too worried to run the story in case they get sued. Come to think of it, the papers are NEVER again going to dare slur The Mozziah once this High Court libel case is done and dusted, he'll be untouchable, well that is unless you're prepared to make a diving lunge up the pier at Great Yarmouth!

So, as I was saying, I'll make it easy to prove it's The Mozziah. Yesterday I trawled back through some of @MorrisseysMum 's tweets. For those who don't know, @MorrisseysMum is in fact The Mozziah himself in his Anthony Perkins role as his Mother. This twitter account has also been owned by me at one stage but I won't mention that now as it will only cloud the issue and lead people to think this whole story is made up. People will start to believe I am behind MorrisseysWorld, especially in light of my particularly amusing Andrew Lloyd-Webber skit of yesterday which definitely had a whiff of the Wildean wit used in similar pieces on MW. And come to think about it, could TRB, The RatsBack actually be a hidden coded name for The Russell Brand? I've got you questioning it now haven't I? But surely if I were Russell Brand I wouldn't have just hinted that, or would I?

Anyway, assuming that I'm not Russell Brand, or in deed anything to do with MW, which I'm not, I'm just a nobody, I trawled through old Mum tweets yesterday and found some interesting ones. Now, it is well documented that Joey Barton received an invitation from The Mozziah to meet him at Glastonbury. Barton first tweeted his exciting news on June 18th, but if you look, you will see that 'Mum' tweeted the following on June 1st:

 "My boy on phone to someone called Joey Barton, saying "Get down to Glastonbury and give him grief for me."Anyone know what's going on?"

 It would appear nobody DID know what was going on! Now let's go back to May 25th, the Uk tour dates had just been announced but no US ones. Mum tweeted:

"America don't despair, you haven't been forgotten."

And low and behold, US dates later appeared! The most interesting old 'Mum' tweets for me, are ones from January saying that Morrissey had been out with Johnny Marr and there was also another from May 2nd that said:

"I can confirm my boy has been in touch with an old pal and they have collaborated. He knows you'd love to hear it." If this is true, could it possibly mean that Johnny Marr will feature on the new album, which, according to a tweet from August 19th will be released 'Sooner than previously expected'.

I honestly believe The Mozziah has LOVED the fact that he has been able to give such open public detail of so much that goes on, and yet SO few have picked up on it. Part of me dearly wishes I was a journalist, but the majority of me is so glad I'm not. This whole experience has been an unbelievable ride, a ride that will pick up momentum as soon as the tour starts. The number of hits on MorrisseysWorld website currently numbers 145,000, so people are obviously finding it, but his 'official' twitter account has just 3,863 followers and 'Mum', which is also linked from the MorrisseysWorld site, has just 429, so people STILL don't believe it's true.

It is a shame all the really funny content on MW has been taken down, because the new arrivals are missing some treats, but in less than two weeks, the masses will finally arrive, and as the masses drink in every bit of the story, my blog will act as some sort of record of how The Mozziah's website remained secret for so long. The anticipation grows.....I so wish I was living in the USA.

 Twitter Follower - Scores on the Doors:

1. @RustyRockets 3,383,667 UP 34,180 - This guy's popular!
2. @Amanda_Holden 736,330 UP 6,670 - A rude tweet about a moist sponge brings more followers.
3. @Joey7Barton 639,016 NEW ENTRY - He doesn't even wear 7!
4. @Johnny_Marr 73,444 UP 618 - I'm still blocked, has he ANY idea Mozziah behind MW?
5. @TheStoneRoses 22,702 UP 997 - Momentum declining. False Gods.
6. @MorrisseysWorld 3,863 UP 309 - Numbers growing despite no tweeting for 2 weeks & Website closed.
7. @MikeJoyceDrums 2,436 UP 24 - What does he want to send to Joey?
8. @TheRatsBack 1,530 DOWN 13 - Ian Botham fans leave at last.
9. @Banjaxer 740 UP 5 - For those new to the blog who don't know who he is, tweet & ask him.
10. @MorrisseysMum 429 UP 4 - THE most famous & ONLY genius in this list has 429 followers. Welcome to his World.

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