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Monday, 31 October 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 47 Monday 31st October 2011


Judas Iscariot was the disciple who was in charge of the money pot. He stole from the money pot and finally betrayed his Messiah for 30 pieces of silver. JC FORGAVE him.
  I have got this Smiths reunion thing ALL wrong. There was I trying to reunite The Smiths by asking Mike Joyce to apologize without thinking it through properly. If The Smiths are to reform, it won't be through an act by Mike Joyce, the destiny of The Smiths is in the hands of The Mozziah and Johnny Marr, after all, it's their band. If it's true that The Mozziah & Marr are in contact, and the Mozziah himself announced on twitter that they were, then there is NO reason The Smiths can't reform, if they both want to, but I guess both are playing it cool, well they would wouldn't they, they ARE cool! The main stumbling block to a Smiths reunion is that The Mozziah has felt such deep betrayal by Mike Joyce. Understandable. But if The Mozziah does fancy a Smiths reunion, and despite the MANY denials to the contrary, I believe he probably does, then HE needs to forgive, after all, he is the all loving and all forgiving Mozziah, I think!
 I've said before, if a reunion IS to happen, it has to happen soon while The Mozziah & Marr look like 'Rockers' and not wrinkly old men. They would also have to have something new to contribute, which I have NO doubt they have. A new album and a small venue tour would add far more credibility than straight into an Arenas/Festival tour but that would be up to the pair of them to decided what THEY wanted.
 The Mozziah reappeared on twitter yesterday to shoot down some loud mouth who announced a Smith's reunion was imminent, some people have NO idea do they, imminent? Well today is Johnny Marr's 48th birthday, Mozziah, forget the bouquet of vegetables, how about picking up the phone, wishing Johnny, the empty blue rose, an unhappy birthday and then asking him he he fancies it? If he says 'No', it's dead, forever. Move on and NEVER let it happen, certainly not as sixty year olds. If he says 'Yes', then YOU were the one who made it happen. And Judas Joyce? Well he's hardly going to say no is he? And if he does, roll out the drum machine.

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