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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Introducing The 12 Apostles

Last week I made a conscientious decision to blog less regularly and start living in the real world. I haven't. On Sunday night I made a conscientious decision NOT to go on twitter AT ALL this week, it's mind numbing addictive rubbish. I spent virtually ALL day on it yesterday! What has happened to me? In fairness, having written my blog yesterday, I went on to twitter to post it to all the regulars and got involved with a few pleasantries here and there. The discussion was mainly about my blog content, the old chestnut, 'A Smiths Reunion'. I argued that if it were ever to happen, it had to be soon or it wouldn't work. Others reasoned that The Mozziah could still credibly perform into his seventies. Most of the usual 'twitter gang' seemed to be online at the same time and it was, as twitter goes, as good a debate as you could wish to have. I then decided to 'log off' and keep to my vow to stay away, and then, who should suddenly reappear, as if he'd never been away? The Buck Toothed Boy. For those of you who are new to this blog, including my reader from Bulgaria, ( добре дошъл, that means welcome) you will have to trawl back to find out who Buck is, but be quick as I'm thinking of editing it out. So, Buck reappears as if he'd never been away (the second coming?) and as you can imagine, we're all fawning over him like the sycaphantic fools we all are. God only knows how pathetic we'd all be if The Mozziah happened to be on line at the same time, well all pathetic except Mancladmozfan, he'd be too cool. This seems as good a time as any to mention all the twitter followers of The Mozziah who have been there from the start of this MorrisseysWorld phenomenom and continue to tweet each other on a daily basis. It has become a little community and the only reason that I, and I'm sure they, keep coming back, day in, day out. I've just added up the number of these daily followers, but in many ways I didn't need to, I knew there would be twelve, well it just had to be didn't it? So who are these twelve disciples? Well, let me introduce you, firstly of course, there's me, @TheRatsBack for those who didn't know. I'm a nobody who has an opinion on everything and an overrated belief in his own importance. I also interpret 'signs' from The Mozziah and have 'visitations' from him. I told you I overrated my importance. Next up is @Mancladmozfan, a Man City supporting male from Manchester. He's flying out to the US to see The Mozziah on tour. Sometimes he questions if MorrisseysWorld really IS Morrissey, but as the days and weeks have gone by, I'm sure he now does truly believe, although don't ask him to admit it! He'll be wearing his rose though. @Stillicling is an American gal who is the most dedicated of twitterers. I don't think she EVER sleeps, she's ALWAYS there. She is the one who pulls the whole community together. @EcubyanSoapbox is a young and emotionally bruised poet with a unique talent and gift. I hope he finds what he's looking for and if not, The Mozziah is a pretty good resting place. @mmedestaelghost is artistic and kind. I think she's a she from Sweden, although I've never asked! The internet is like that, you can 'converse' with people without having a clue of their age or gender, nationality, colour or creed. How refreshingly nice is that? People who in everyday (real) life we wouldn't normally mix with and yet here in cyber space they become our friends, our 'Mozziah Mates'. Would Simon Peter, the fisherman, ever have mixed with Matthew the tax collector? Well perhaps if he wasn't declaring his whole catch and had been caught off loading Mackrel & Sprats on the black market, but apart from that, no! @heathercat222 is not in fact a cat, she's a mischevous female from the US, with a sharp wit and a friendly nature. The media usually paint a picture that the stereotypical Mozziah fan is a moping society drop out, or more recently, a 'Suedeheaded Meathead'. It would appear that the media have got it wrong, but then, when have they ever got anything right about The Mozziah? In fact these days, it would appear your stereotypical fan is a British comedian, they all love him. Brand, Ross, Coogan, Walliams, Gervais, Baddiell, Lucas, the list goes on and on. And why do they/we all love him so much? Is it the quiff? The mic whipping? The songs? Surely the songs? No, well, yes all of the above, but above all, it's the wit. Actually, now I think about it, the songs do play RATHER a large part, but the wit in the lyrics is the attraction for most. @girlwithout is the group organizer. A female, I presume from the UK who hates swearing and is dedicated to The Mozziah. @AIRRAID25 is another female, most of them seem to be don't they? It must be women's intuition that they all found MorrisseysWorld. I always knew I was in touch with my female side. AirRaid's twitter profile claims that she's in a mid life crisis, aren't we all? In fact, most of the twelve would 'appear' to be of similar age. Ecu is the baby of the bunch but the rest of us are probably all in our thirties and forties, mainly forties. @RosyMires also claims to be a gal, although I've always been suspicious. Another Man City fan with Irish and Mancunian connections. I had an inkling early on that she was in fact Steve Coogan, she isn't! A very witty 46 year old who likes 70's football. Can she really be a girl? @GirlOnBike1102 is definitely a girl, generally on a bike! I think she's French and apparently quite feisty, but I've never really got to know her. @Lizzycat4 is another female, probably called Lizzy, who ISN'T a real cat! Her twitter profile makes me laugh, it says, 'Loves Morrissey, the smiths and my husband'. She has her priorities right! @loughtonlil is the final one of the twelve. Not called Lil at all, but a male who 'missed' The Smiths and is sort of on the fringes of the group of twelve. Not always in the thick of the twittering, perhaps he has a REAL life? So there we have it. I would guess that once The Mozziah starts his tour and the 'signs' are shown that proves MorrisseysWorld is real, the blogsite will reopen and the masses will flock. Just nine more days before The Mozziah, His son, @BucktoothedBoy and the twelve disciples, are joined by the hordes. They are all very welcome but the question remains, 'Where have you been?'
  So, Buck is back on twitter and the masses are happy, although there was no visit from The Mozziah yesterday, perhaps he's busy? I sent a tweet to Mary Hopkin with a youtube video of The Mozziah's 'I Like You' and she tweeted me back to say thank you, which was nice. Joey Barton and Mike Joyce are now in touch with each other via private messaging! God, I'd love to be a fly on their twitter walls. I have sent my blog to @Jamieskelton, the loud mouth who was shouting to all that a Smiths reunion was imminent, he has promised to read it, but will he believe that he was actually communicating directly with The Mozziah? Who knows? Who cares?

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  1. You forgot @SonyaJayne7 who was the first to be followed by the Mozziah!
    I am German by the way! :)


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