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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 55 Tuesday 8th November 2011


Tim Jonze is currently the Music Editor of, an online version of The Guardian newspaper, a daily publication in the UK that is known for it's left wing views and is very popular among teachers. Tim Jonze is also the 'writer' who interviewed Morrissey in October 2007 for the NME.

Dear Tim Jonze, I genuinely believe that Morrissey liked you and was relaxed enough in your company to give you a more candid and open interview than he usually gives. I also genuinely believe you were happy and proud with the original interview and looked forward to being 'in' with the 'Morrissey Camp'. And then, a turn of events changed everything. But before I mention these turn of events, let me remind you of the email you sent to Merck Mercuriadis (Morrissey's manager at the time) the day after the interview, October 26th 2007. Here it is, word for word, an email that will be read out in The High Court in London next Summer:
 Hi Merck, Was great to meet you yesterday. Interview was really good, I was surprised how open and charming and humble Moz was. I'm sure you could tell I was quite nervous, I'm a big fan. Anyway, you said that you might have some guest list spare for tonight. So I was wondering if I could get these on to the list for Friday (tonight), in order of importance...Guy Eppel, Alex Cisneros, Fiona Byrne. Guy shoots for NME and wondered if he could take pictures. I said I had no idea but I would ask you if there was any chance of getting him a photo pass. No worries if not. Fiona might be writing a news story on the night for but if there's no spare tickets I can cover that. If there's lots of spare tickets and you don't know what to do with them, they'd all like plus ones but this might be stretching my luck! Anyway, let me know what the deal is. Tim x
   And now for the turn of events. I believe and of course YOU KNOW, that the then NME editor, Conor McNicholas, read your interview and saw the opportunity to turn certain 'comments' in to headline sensation. His motives to do this are obviously only known by him, but it could well be because Morrissey had refused to attend the NME awards to collect his 'Godlike Genius' award or perhaps he just wanted to sell more copies of the magazine. I believe you were appalled that McNicholas had changed your interview and you instantly tried to distance yourself from the changed copy, even having your name taken off it, but I then believe you were TOLD, in no uncertain terms, that unless you BACKED McNicholas and the NME, your career would be affected. Perhaps McNicholas, who let's face it is a much 'decorated' editor who in 2007 was listed by the Evening Standard as one of the top 1000 most influential people in London, promised to always find you employment as long as you stood by him. This must've been agonising for you, you had to chose whether to stick with your morals, values and journalistic integrity or protect your career. I believe you wouldn't have made this decision lightly, but ultimately you made your choice. You were backed into a corner, you told yourself there was NO choice and you then started to convince yourself that McNicholas was right and Morrissey was wrong. On Friday 30th November 2007, you wrote an article for in which you TOTALLY U TURNED on your previous feelings of outrage and wrote, and I quote, 'I asked Morrissey if he'd ever consider moving back to Britain. Little did I know then, as such an innocent question left my lips, that I was about to provoke a Morrissey rant about UK immigration policy, a series of ignorant, racially inflammatory statements (based on no factual evidence), and a media storm that has seen this piece debated on forums, newspapers and even Question Time.' Tim, that writing style and terminology just ISN'T your style. I believe you co-wrote that statement with the help of Conor McNicholas, or he at least had an input, especially the bit in brackets that says 'based on no factual evidence', that just ISN'T the way you write. It looks like those words were 'fed' to you. The thing is Tim, whether you believe it or 'think' you believe it, Morrissey's comments weren't 'ignorant', on the contrary, they were highly intelligent and reflect the thoughts of many other intellectuals including a man called Christopher Tugendhat, brother of Justice Michael Tugendhat, who has also questioned how Britain intends to handle immigration. You see Tim, having a view on immigration doesn't make you racist, it means you are open minded enough to debate such subjects. Also in your piece you wrote, 'Morrissey was given a chance to apologise or clarify his views with a second telephone interview. At no point did he back down. Although Morrissey as a person was charming, courteous and (until this point) a joy to interview, I found comments such as "England's been thrown away" and "these days you won't hear a British accent in Knightsbridge" woefully ignorant.' Again, Tim, these words just DON'T ring true as being words that YOU would use, I believe they are also McNicholas's words. You DID NOT find Morrissey's words 'woefully ignorant' or you wouldn't have been fawning all over his manager for tickets, as a 'man' you would have distanced yourself. The words of course AREN'T 'woefully ignorant' as will be proven in the High Court next year. The identity of England has VERY CLEARLY been thrown away and it is a statement of FACT that LESS than 50% of the occupants of Westminster are British, so you are therefore more likely than not to encounter somebody WITHOUT a British accent. Not an ignorant statement Tim, FACTUAL. It doesn't mean it's right, it doesn't mean it's wrong. My fore fathers were immigrants, so were Morrissey's, so were Justice Tugendhat's. Immigration has turned Britain into a colourful place but many people believe immigration should be controlled. This isn't a racist view, it's to 'protect' a country's identity. It should be obvious to you by now Tim, that there is a VERY good reason Morrissey has never apologised, there is absolutely NOTHING to apologise for, and next year, in the High Court, Conor McNicholas's journalistic career will go down the pan. If you stand by him, yours too will lose ALL credibility. Make NO mistake, McNicholas WILL lose, Justice Tugendhat is already saying that IPC should settle out of court, this is a one horse race and YOU need to make sure you are backing the right horse, not the lame one that is stuck in the stalls. If you decide to continue standing shoulder to shoulder with McNicholas, you will be tarred with his brush and your integrity will be gone forever. There is of course a different route. You would need to be strong, but it would make you a man. It is not too late for you to stand by your original convictions that the piece YOU WROTE, and not the rehash McNicholas put together, was the true piece you wanted to publish.
 Tim, If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too; if you can wait and not be tired of waiting, Or being lied about, DON'T DEAL IN LIES, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look to good, nor talk too wise: Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - YOU'LL BE A MAN, MY SON!
T Ratsback
ps I have just tried to post this to you on twitter & it would appear you have blocked me, so I will get a friend to send it.

Normal blog service will be resumed tomorrow, MorrisseysWorld and the twitter account have again shut down, Buck has reappeared and claims he saw The Smiths play in 1985, when he was 9, I will try and remember to let you know if my identity has been revealed, the video in my head for 'Trouble Loves Me' remains still in my head and for those in the know, The Mozziah has been seen tweeting with 'the other' account.

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