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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 60 Sunday 13th November 2011

MorrisseysWorld remains closed and my request to have a link added, directing readers to this blog, has been ignored, and yet, I soldier on, although yesterday I had a day off from both twotter and blogging. But our all adoring Mozziah remains 'all around us', at least, when he isn't in either the Myopic Book Store, Reckless Records or The Globe pub in Chicago, well that's according to the internet, so it MUST be true. As I reported on Friday, The Mozziah posted the John Lewis ad on twotter, but he has been pretty quiet since then, although he did exchange a couple of tweets with fans on Friday night and posted a Youtube song of the Yellow Rose of Texas, which would suggest he's on the move, let's hope Boz Boorer is too! It does feel a little bit like the lull before the storm, with the tour beginning on Monday at San Antonio. My 'day off' yesterday was very enjoyable, I woke early and put my ipod shuffle on, first song of the day, 'Nothing Rhymed' by Gilbert O'Sullivan, a good start to the day. I was then about to embark on a two hour car journey to Oxford. I decided to choose three CDs to take on the journey. I picked 'Kill Uncle', 'Maladjusted' and 'Your Arsenal'. The beauty of travelling in a car on your own is that you can sing at the top of your voice to your heart's content. You get to really listen to songs that otherwise get 'ignored', but there is always the temptation to skip through the odd track. I made a real effort not to skip, but when you know certain songs are up next, it can be really hard. My journey to Oxford and back, gave me the opportunity to listen to each CD at least twice. You suddenly find yourself wanting certain songs to come sooner. Obviously for me, 'Trouble Loves Me' is the one I can't wait for so 'Ambitious Outsiders' tends to get skipped but the 'Maladjusted' title track always keeps me gripped. From 'Kill Uncle' it is 'Sing Your Life' that I can't wait for although today I was surprised that I really looked forward to 'King Leer'. Best of the three albums in my opinion, on a pound for pound, track for track basis, is 'Your Arsenal', and what is the 'Can't wait for song'? 'National Front Disco'. I have mentioned this song before in my blog, when I likened it to Lennon & McCartney's 'She's Leaving Home', but the press have turned this song into a song that we fans feel almost too embarrassed to mention, which isn't fair, because I love it. If EVER there was a case of 'Don't judge a book by the cover' then 'National Front Disco' is the song equivalent, 'Don't judge a song by it's title'. It is just such a brilliantly written story, which, if the 'David' in the story was a young Cameron, and the subject matter was him leaving to join the Tory party, it would have had Kaff Vinegar and the G*ardian hacks adopting it as their anthem. I saw 'National Front Disco' performed live by The Mozziah at London's 'Ally Pally' in 1992, a concert that also featured another of my favourites, 'November Spawned A Monster' and had Kirsty MacColl supporting, where she was joined by Shane McGowan for 'Fairy Tale Of New York', needless to say, it was a special night, with 'National Front Disco' being the lasting memory. The passion of the lyrics, the feedback from the guitars, I dearly hope The Mozziah brings this beautiful story back to the set list, there is NOTHING to be ashamed of.
  Talking of the G*ardian, yet another two of their so called journalists have come out to leap on Kaff's anti John Lewis ad bandwagon. This time it's Alex Clark & Robert Booth, how many people do that rag actually employ to write about the Mozziah? Is there a whole room dedicated to writing negative stories about him? The slants are of course led by McNich*las and Vinegar, but it's spreading. Clark & Booth have both accused The Mozziah of 'selling out' and Booth even added another 'slant' by suggesting to John Lewis's Director of Marketing Craig Inglis, that perhaps The Mozziah wasn't a suitable role model for John Lewis, but he was shot down in flames. Inglis said, 'I would say Morrissey is original and unique in his take on life and music and in many ways we are too.' Unlucky Booth, Clark, Ricketts, Vinegar, McNich*las, Jon'z'e, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all at The G*ardian, Mr Inglis, an intellectual man, just like Justice Tugendhat, doesn't want to hear your slants, he has a mind of his own, he can HEAR what is being sung.
 And so to Oxford. I parked my car and walked through the buzzing City centre, full of students on bikes and manicured shoppers, as I headed to watch a junior game of rugby. After the game I had a spare fifteen minutes, so I picked up a pen and paper to see if my writing would flow. I came up with this:
Middle England still lives and breathes
Amongst the fallen Oxford leaves
With flicky hair, the students dare
To think they're different, we've all been there

And Barbour jackets, Hunters, Tweed
The skins of ancient English breed
Cheer Archie's every ruck & maul
Stripped for the day from his cotton wool

The shopper's look so very content
To part with cash, it's their 'event'
No lotto tickets needed here
The English dream rings loud & clear

If politicians were ever to seriously debate immigration, Oxford stands as a role model. It is quintessentially English and yet there is a great array of colours and creeds blending in. I live in a horribly insular community that is crying out for more immigrants, other parts of Britain are unrecognizable as being British anymore due to having too many, Oxford looks refreshingly perfect, although it has to be said, I didn't visit the notorious 'Blackbird Leys Estate', once described as the 'Epicentre of Chav Scum'. I suppose the Teenage Dads & Slum Mums have to live somewhere!
   And so, an internet free day, that was finished off by watching X Factor, waiting for the John Lewis advert, which I'm pleased to say, didn't make me cry, thank Moz, and then a long soak in the bath listening to my ipod, which included the seven and a half minute version of 'Number 1 Song In Heaven' by Sparks.
  So to today, I am having another twotter free day, perhaps my life is turning back to 'normal', although I doubt it, I am expecting MorrisseysWorld to reopen with a bang on Monday night/Tuesday morning, and if there's a sign, this'll all go viral! I have just peeked through the back of the wardrobe into our Twitterdilly Narnia, and all is quiet. No visits from The Mozziah and just a fleeting Youtube posting of 'Stretch Out & Wait' from The Mozziah's 'son', The Buck Toothed Boy, who had changed his profile picture to Aslan the lion, but it would appear he's back to his old self. I shall now tiptoe back through the wardrobe to post this blog and a Youtube offering of 'National Front Disco' and then I'm off, no Oxford today, it's the 'other end' of the scale, the arm pit of the world, Southampton.

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