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Monday, 14 November 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 61 Monday 14th November 2011

 Do the Americans do the football terrace chanting thing like we Brits? I don't suppose they do! The wait is over at LONG, LONG last. Tonight, the concerts start and finally, finally, after all these days, weeks, tweets and months, we will find out if The Mozziah is the true Mozziah. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it.....AND I'M NOT EVEN GOING! I'M NOT EVEN ON THE SAME CONTINENT! Thank Mozziah for Youtube, as long as somebody films it. Why can't there be live streams of all the concerts? Will 'Trouble Loves Me' be on the set list? If it is, will it be dedicated to 'NOBODY', the dedicated secret society? Will the intro music and Big Screen include; Bobby Driscoll, Nico, Jobriath and Elvis? If so, will any of the Yankee Doodle Dandies know who they are? (they MAY recognise the Elvis fellow, unless of course The Mozziah was referring to Costello and not Presley, after all, he has been listening to a lot of Costello lately.) And what of the set list? The hints from The Mozziah have included; Meat Is Murder, Trouble Loves Me, First Of The Gang & Mama Lay Softly on The Riverbed. My 'visitation' showed that 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', 'November Spawned A Monster' and 'Action Is My Middle Name' will also be on the list. It is also thought that something to do with Twin Peaks will be included, could it be a new song called 'Fire Walk With Me'? And is there really a song called 'Boredom Is A Plague'? Will we be hearing; 'Art-hounds', 'The Kid's A Looker' and 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'? And will the stage be covered in red and white roses at the end of 'Meat Is Murder', just before the encore? I'd say unlikely! Chicago would probably have had a few but if twotter is anything to go by, there won't be many at San Antonio who are aware of the secret society. @CajunCauliflowr will be there, as will @DickieFelton, but he's in Row Z! If there is just one rose, it is a start, and by the end of the tour, as the message spreads, so the roses will grow, not literally you understand. But there has to be a 'sign'. If there is no sign, and MorrisseysWorld doesn't reopen, the momentum will probably not grow. Some people wouldn't mind that, as it would keep the 'Secret Society', eh, secret, but without the interaction of MorrisseysWorld, it isn't the same. It already isn't the same. The excitement that I and others have experienced over the past two or three months has all centred around the wit of MorrisseysWorld, but without it, the central core of the community is gone. I'm sure there WILL be a sign in San Antonio and MW will reopen with a bang. The non believers will be dumbfounded, although no doubt some will still deny it's true. Will 'Spud' finally believe? And if there isn't a sign and MW doesn't reopen? Then I will stop my blog, come away from twotter and life will return to normality. It's been a great journey and new friends have been made through the back of the wardrobe in Twitterdilly. I may peak back occasionally. What will become of The Bucktoothed Boy, will he make anything of himself? Will @Banjaxer go back to being a good old fashioned Manc Hack? And what of the journey I've had through this blog? I've exchanged tweets and chat with The Mozziah, made 'virtual' friends with Rustle Brand, upset Johnny Marr, criticised Mike Joyce, who was unable to see the 'bigger picture' and buried a 'Smiths' reunion, argued with an unbelievable number of G*ardain hacks, praised Justice Tugendhat, who didn't let me down, took over Morrisseys Mum's twotter account, and then handed it back, deciphered lots of hidden messages, that I believe included the announcement of a new record deal on 'London' records, imagined Bruce Springsteen following MorrisseysWorld, pictured Andrew Lloyd Webber writing 'Morrissey The Musical', had The Mozziah explain the idea behind the 'Secret Rose Society' as a parallel to Wilde's 'Secret Carnation Society', bared all about wanting to be a writer and also leaping on The Mozziah up Gt Yarmouth Pier. So what now? Is this the end or merely the beginning? It's fair to say it's probably the end of the beginning and the beginning of the new beginning. If this is to be the end of the begining and the end of the end, it was fun, especially in the beginning, although not so much in the end, where it sort of petered out a bit and ended up with a rubbishy poem about Oxford. Or was it all a hoax? Has anybody noticed Kate Ryan aka Damien Dempsey on the So Low website? A dedicated follower of MorrisseysWorld who then 'turned' and slagged this site off as a hoax. Kate Ryan was mentioned on MorrisseysWorld but we all missed the relevance. For anybody interested, go to So Low & read Kate's comments. As I have said before, The Mozziah is all around us! Put your tin hats on, we're going viral!
 And talking of viral, the John Lewis Christmas advert has now had 625,000 hits in just two days. Slow Moving Millie's version of 'Please Please Please' has been released so I've just downloaded it. It is currently at number 35 in the UK itunes 'Hot 200'. Could The Mozziah finally get his name on a number 1 song?
 And before everything goes viral, how is the Twitterdilly chart looking since last week?
I have got rid of Rusty Rockets, Amanda Holden & Joey Barton as they aren't relevant to the story. I have brought in Cajun Cauliflowr who is going to be reporting from San Antonio.
1. Johnny Marr 76,567 UP 1,822 - Heal the World, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.
2. MorrisseysWorld UNKNOWN - Closed. Last week was 3,793 so we'll assume the same.
3. Mike Joyce 2,642 UP 105 - Drum de dum dum dum.
4. Ratty 1517 DOWN 8 - Does he still do that rubbishy old blog?
5. Banjaxer 748 UP 6 - Gone to the USA.
6. Mum 445 UP 8 - Some great Youtube listings. Can she keep her anonymity after 'viral'?
7. Good Old Buck 49 UNCHANGED - A comfortable anonymous number.
8. Cajun Cauli 12 NEW

And for anybody reading this blog for the first time, yes, despite all the denials that you've just read on MorrisseysWorld, it's all true!

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