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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 62 Tuesday 15th November 2011

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the flowers gone? Long time ago. Where have all the flowers gone? Girls have picked them every one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?
 San Antonio Set list: I Want the One I Can't Have / The First of the Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / You're the One For Me, Fatty / Speedway / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Scandinavia / Maladjusted / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / People are the Same Everywhere / Alma Matters / All the Lazy Dykes / I Know It's Over / Everyday is Like Sunday / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Meat is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart/ Encore: Still Ill.
What a start, what a set list. But was 'Trouble Loves Me' played? No. 'November Spawned A Monster' ? No. 'Mama Lays Softly On The Riverbed'? Nope. What about 'Action Is My Middle Name'? Nah. 'The Kid's A Looker'? Eh, naa. How about the new songs, 'Boredom Is A Plague' & 'Fire Walk With Me'? *whistles to himself whilst looking in the air* Well surely 'Meat Is Murder'? Yes. 'First Of The Gang' ? YES. 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'? YES YES YES. 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'? Er, well, er, No. Well as Meatloaf said, nope, make that Meathead, three out of eleven ain't bad! I have spent the last hour watching Youtube clippings and The Mozziah was in great form last night in San Antonio, it's a shame the same can't be said of the crowd, at the beginning at least. The opening song, 'I Want The One I Can't Have' was met with lots of videoing but not a lot of moshing, and I thought us Brits were supposed to be the reserved ones. I love the bustle of the Mosh Pit at The Mozziah's concerts in England, to a newcomer it would probably feel a little threatening and violent but it isn't, it's just the pent up 'somethingness' that seems to explode. You will often see girls standing at the front before a concert starts and then quickly retreating to the rear as the pushing and shoving begins. The only time it does tend to get a little violent is when The Mozziah tosses his shirt into the audience and dozens of 'Meatheads' tug the shirt, trying to claim it for themselves. It's a pointless exercise as it ALWAYS gets ripped to shreds. The one time I got involved in shirt ripping shenanigans was at The Forum in London, where I was able to reason with my fellow meatheads and I made them all let go, and we then civilly tore it in to small pieces. I still have my piece of blue and white chequered shirt, it did have a lovely Paco Rabanne smell to it at the time, but as it's been in the loft for the last twelve years so it'll probably be more like Paco de Must.
  Back to San Antonio then, were there ANY signs from The Mozziah? Well there certainly weren't any roses if the Youtube clips are to be believed, not that any were REALLY expected. As I said on yesterday's blog, we knew that only a couple of the regular tweeters would be there and @DickieFelton was in Row Z and @CajunCauliflowr in Row U. Cajon did report on twotter that somebody was holding a bunch of red roses near the front, and if you watch the 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' video on Youtube, you can CLEARLY see it, but the rose holder seemed to be suffering from the equivalent of a darts players inability to throw a dart, called 'Dartitus', I'll call it 'Roseitis', THEY DIDN'T THROW THE BLOODY ROSES ON TO THE STAGE! I expect the twat took them home and gave them to his or hers granny. Why take them and NOT throw them? The very fact they had the roses MUST mean they are a follower of MW, perhaps they even read this blog. If they do, Please Please Please Let Me why you didn't throw? It transpires that 'Meat Is Murder ' wasn't the last song before the encore, it was 'Irish Blood, English Heart', and at the time of me writing this, there is NO Youtube footage of this song, so therefore it isn't known if The Mozziah paused before leaving the stage, but I doubt it. He KNEW San Antonio wasn't the place. However, there WAS a Bieber reference. According to Cajun Cauli, The Mozziah said, 'Are you feelin' Me'? which, I am led to believe and can HONESTLY say I've never heard, is a Bieber lyric from the song 'Kiss & Tell'. The set was finished with 'Still Ill' and there were quite a few Stage Invaders and some very gentle security types, but the stage remained Rose free. Oh and did I mention that @Stillicling's song 'I Know It's Over' was sung? And did I mention, 'You're The One For Me Ratty'?, I mean, 'Fatty'. Great set list.
  MW remains closed and so I feel it my 'duty' to continue in it's place, I'm being asked to! A Michigan date has been added for December 18th, The John Lewis ad has now had 924,000 hits and Johnny Marr has been defending it in the press and also 'busking' on stage with Nile Rodgers, why, why, why? The MW administrator, @Banjaxer has been blogging about his trip at, not to be confused with Morrissey-SoLow. No wonder MW is closed if the moderator is off on his hols! He's hinted there could be some UK dates on the way and he's also nicked my 'And finally Cyril' line, which he followed up by saying, 'Sometimes we get what we wish for, so let's all keep wishing - it could just happen. You know what I mean...' I believe 'Trouble Loves Me' is on it's way.....soon. He also posted a photo of a plectrum with 'Love A Kiss' written on it, in handwriting VERY similar to The Mozziah's. So here's the kiss x, but don't 'Kiss & Tell'. And so to Austin, although if any other snippets crop up today, I'll be back!

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  1. I think it should be duly noted that no one was brought on stage for the performance of "You're the One For Me, Fatty". Great work as usual, TRB! I found "Please Please Please Let Me why you didn't throw?" to be worth a chuckle. I imagine a rather peeved rat clenching his fists, audibly asking the question to a low quality Youtube video of "Everyday Is Like Sunday".


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