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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 63 Wednesday 16th November 2011

A new sensation is gripping America, 'Rose Walking'. It is a craze that has associations with 'Roseitis', the condition I mentioned yesterday, but the main difference is that with 'Rose Walking', you don't attempt to throw your rose, you simply take it out for an evening, perhaps to a bar or restaurant, and if the night's going well, you take it on to a club or concert. Following the 'Rose Free' night at San Antonio, the tour moved on to Austin and it has to be said, hopes weren't high for large volumes of roses being cast to the stage. However, regular twotter user @CajunCauliflowr, who had attended San An but was positioned in Row U and therefore unable to 'Rose Throw', was this time located in the third row. I tweeted her during the day to give her a little pep talk about her big moment. She was to become the first person to throw her rose to the stage. The person to start the 'Secret Society's' charge from the back of the wardrobe and into the light. She was nervous, understandably so, everybody would be wondering why is this small Texan girl throwing a rose, what can it mean? And so? She didn't throw it. The ridicule was too much to bear and today she reports back to twotter that the rose remained in her purse, but it had a cracking night out! Cajun, my little cauliflowrered friend, you were brave, you took your rose and we know you WANTED to throw it, and please don't feel bad that you didn't, nobody likes to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, but if The Mozziah's wish is to be granted, somebody, somewhere HAS to take the initiative and THROW A ROSE. Next stop Dallas in two days time, and all eyes will be on @MancladMozfan who has already announced he is taking a rose, but is he just taking it out for a good old knees up, a couple of pints and then back to his, or will he THROW IT? And what's going on with @DickieFelton? He's attending the concerts, even getting hold of a sleeve of The Mozziah's shirt from last night(I wonder if it has a Paco Rabanne whiff to it?), but he isn't involved with either the twotter group or MorrisseysWorld. He has written a book about The Mozziah's fans and yet he doesn't seem to believe. And talking of the shirt, on Monday night The Mozziah encored in a 'White' frilly number, and yesterday a 'Red' frilly. The signs are there, the signs are there, the signs are. Dear God Please Help Us. Lettuce Pray.
  I am now going to continue working through Youtube clippings, and if anything further needs reporting I may return later. The set included; Black Cloud, The Kid's A Looker, Action and Satellite of Love. The concert looked great, but those phones, those phones. PUT THEM AWAY.

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