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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 66 Saturday 19th November 2011 remains closed and no 'signs' have yet been given. Very little video footage has emerged on Youtube from the Dallas concert and so it must be presumed that again, no roses made it to the stage. No word has been heard from @Mancladmozfan, so it must be presumed he too has adopted the Texan craze of 'Rose Walking', in which one takes one's rose out for a good night and then takes it home again, caring for it lovingly until it wilts and dies. With no concert last night, The Mozziah took very briefly to Twitterdilly yesterday but again didn't engage with any of his followers. Some of the followers are starting to doubt and question if MW really WAS The Mozziah, and are wondering if they have fallen for a big hoax. I of course KNOW it is all true, and am enjoying the fact that no signs have been given. It is hilarious that no roses have made the stage as MW had received over 150,000 hits before it closed so we KNOW lots of people are aware of the 'Secret Rose Society'. I honestly believe that people are just TOO embarrassed to admit they believe it to be true. God only knows how many people are secretly taking roses to the concerts, keeping them hidden in their pockets, waiting to see if anybody else throws, and then taking their rose home again when nothing happens. It's the secret, secret rose society, which is so secret you can't even show your rose, let alone let anybody see you wearing it and question why? I wonder if Wilde had this problem? no wonder he had to resort to paying his followers to wear the green carnations, they just were too embarrassed to do it. When The Mozziah did post on Twitterdilly, everybody immediately bombarded him with tweets but he was obviously in no mood to converse. He posted that '@AndrewCollins is a bad man, liar, cheat and generally quite smelly'. Andrew Collins is an English author who once wrote a book called 'Where Did It All Go Right?' I read half of it before giving it up as one of the blandest books ever. Anyway, I googled to see what Collins's connection was with The Mozziah and it transpires he opened the 'racist debate' on So-Low a few years ago. I would guess that during The Mozziah's spare hours on the road, he is doing some research for his Court Case. And talking of So-Low, it would appear that The Mozziah has been passing a bit of time by visiting the said website and having a pop at those who are having a pop. Of course I may be wrong and it may not be The Mozziah but there has been a lot of 'Wilde' quotes from somebody who is signing themselves as 'We'll Let You know'. Now I'm sure there may be SOME other fans who are able to quote Wilde, but not many, and whoever it was had a nice use of the English language and to my extreme delight, used the 'C' word, so whoever they are, they are alright by me.
  I have spent a whole day away from Twitterdilly and have made the most of a beautifully sunny, autumnal day, to retrace the last 'on land' footsteps of  Admiral Lord Nelson's before he set sail on HMS Victory, a voyage that led to his death, aged 47, at the Battle of Trafalgar. Yes, I've been in the historic city of Portsmouth, a rough and ready city, that if it were human, would be covered in tattoos, would wear hobnail boots and would spit in your face if you looked at it in the wrong way. Portsmouth, I salute you.
 So tonight, The Mozziah moves to Santa Fe, will we see roses? No chance. Will we see a 'sign'? No chance. Is The Mozziah behind MorrisseysWorld? Yep. Will MorrisseysWorld reappear soon? Probably not. Will it reappear EVER? Time alone will tell.

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