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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 67 Sunday 20th November 2011

How can one follow one's Mozziah when no news comes forth of what he is up to? As I write this, it is 3.30pm in Britain, which therefore means it is 8.30am in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so understandably, anybody who went to the concert yesterday, went straight home to bed, not giving two thoughts to post any footage onto Youtube. Even So-Low has no news of the set list, let alone if any roses made the stage or  any signs given. I think The Mozziah should start his OWN website, giving instant news about set lists etc. He could call this website something like, er, MorrissseysWorld. He could have a moderator to stop people posting vile and hateful messages, but this moderator would need to be somebody WHO DOESN'T GO ON THE TOURS AND SPEND ALL HIS TIME DRINKING AND SLEEPING. A moderator who doesn't set up a tour update website called AND THEN NOT BOTHER PUTTING ANYTHING ON IT AFTER DAY TWO OF THE TOUR BECAUSE HE IS TOO HUNG OVER, TIRED AND HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME. A moderator who doesn't spend his adult life claiming to be a socialist and then JUMPING UP & DOWN WITH DELIGHT WHEN MANCHESTER CITY, THE MOST CAPITALIST FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD, goes on to top the Premier league. The Mozziah needs to kick @Banjaxer off his tour bus and back to work. It is now clear from certain tweets, that Banjaxer is with The Mozziah, and that is probably the main reason MW shut down. I feel sorry for Banjaxer, if he really does believe in socialism, he should denounce his football team. This would be a very hard thing to do but if his principles are THAT strong, he should walk away, NOT celebrate it's success through capitalism. Of course he won't do that, people who believe in 'isms' rarely do. It's the same with Catholicism, it is said it is with you for life whether you like it or not. What a load of tosh, you just need to be strong enough to accept the bare face facts and walk away. This is the same for all religion. I was brought up as a good Church of England boy and sang in the Church choir. i wasn't allowed to question it or have a choice, my parents and my school and of course the church TOLD me it was right, so therefore it was right. I also grew up in an insular area where there were no foreigners, and my parents had lived through the Second World War, so from an early age I was informed that Germans were bad people. So there it was, before I was even allowed to think for myself, I was told God is great, Germans, and probably anybody else who wasn't the 'same' as me, were bad. I now know of course that god doesn't exist, there is far too much scientific evidence to prove this, and most of the Germans I've met are thoroughly decent people, except there was a friend of a friend called Christian, who's house I stayed at in Cologne, who was VERY odd. But I couldn't hate him for his 'oddness' and I'm pretty sure that he only took me and my mate to that cross dressers bar to try and prove he wasn't as square as he looked. The beer was good, and as transvestite bars go, a good evening was had by all. Anyway, Banjaxer's socialising (as opposed to socialism) with The Mozziah has meant we have NO MorrisseysWorld for the foreseeable future, so we've all had to peep into So-Low, which is proving itself to be totally inadequate as a site for reliable information, and the unmoderated input on it yesterday, showed it up for all it's failings. It is clear to see why The Mozziah hates it so much, when the moderator/owner doesn't moderate properly/at all. I'm all for freedom of speech but various eNME & G*ardian journalists have already proven how dangerous that can be when unmoderated/edited correctly. So for now, I have nothing to report, although I can say that Bucktoothed Boy is apparently going to be taking a rest from Twitterdilly, he will be missed. He has changed his profile from, 'I'm not the man Rat thinks I am' to 'I'm not the man Rat used to pretend to think I am'. I have therefore changed mine to simply say. 'Yes he is'.

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