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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 70 Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Since deciding to become a writer, yesterday, ideas are absolutely thumping in my head, which I really wish they wouldn't, as I'm not 'officially' a writer until January. One of my ideas is to write a play based around the faceless, genderless, ageless world of Twitterdilly. My idea is to have the actors all either wearing masks or brown paper bags over their heads. They will be wearing either cardboard boxes or attire that doesn't give away their gender. Disguising nationality will be more difficult but not impossible. Nothing is known of looks, gender, age, status, physique, race, qualification, disability, political swing, type of car, colour of shoes or any other thing that in everyday 'real' life, influences us all, whether we mean it to or not. It would also be challenging to try and make sure that sentences are limited to no more than 140 bytes at a time, but this may stop the flow of conversation. The 140 byte restriction in 'real' Twitterdilly, means that one (you can tell that one has suddenly been influenced by Victorian Wilde) has to forever go back and 'edit' tweets before they can be sent. In my case, this often means sacrificing gaps after commas to save on a byte but I refuse to give in to 'text speak' m8. Talking of Wilde, I feel I have perhaps cheated by 'watching' rather than 'reading' 'The Importance Of Being Earnest' but I needed a quick fix and reading takes so long, as you already know, in fact you are already deciding whether to try and jump pieces of this blog to get to the crux of it, if indeed there is a crux. The annoying thing is, you could've skipped the last two or three meaningless sentences but don't skip the next ones, they may be worth reading. I now have to decide whether to read Dorian Gray or simply 'listen' to it? Part of me feels very lucky to have discovered Wilde this 'late' in life, although as mentioned before in my blog, I feel annoyed that his name was never even mentioned during my thirteen and a half years of state education. Who exactly decides what should or shouldn't be taught in our schools? Clueless Government after clueless Government, failed education secretary after failed education secretary, bored teacher after bored teacher, all of them blissfully unaware of individual's needs or talents. Educate en mass, all for one and one for all. For me it was wasted hour upon wasted hour of woodwork and metal work, to somebody who was never going to have the ability to ever do anything more practical than to put out the bins. From memory, my English literature lessons consisted of Shakespeare's MacBeth and nothing else. There may have been something else but and I turned off after 'When the battle's lost and won', Act 1, Scene 1, Line 4. I have no idea if those three witches ever did meet again or if the hurlyburly was ever 'done'. And don't send your answers in on a postcard because Frankly Mr Shankly, I don't give a damn.
  So back to the reason I am here and the reason the regular readers of this humble offering are here, The Mozziah, and more to the point, the discovery of MorrisseysWorld and subsequently, the 'Secret Rose Society'. Have any roses yet made the stage? Well the only Youtube clips I've seen from the concert in Phoenix on Sunday night were taken from so far away, it could've been Jimmy Krankie on stage singing 'I Know It's Over', except I didn't detect a Scottish accent and the guy in the black shirt swaying around looked to have a 'poorly' finger, so it must've been The Mozziah. The Youtube films also show not only the backs of hundreds of heads, but also that a number of the owner's of these heads are holding up their mobile phones, sorry 'Cell' phones (Americans), and are filming, so where are THEIR Youtube offerings? Why film it and not share it? So, roses? We have to presume not. Footage has begun to arrive on Youtube of yesterday's concert in Escondido and although there was a Shelagh Delaney backdrop replacing Sacha Distel, there would appear to be no roses. News from @Mancladmozfan in Twitterdilly confirms my thoughts that he TOOK his rose to Dallas but instead of throwing it to the stage, took it on the lash with him and then back to the hotel room for a night cap. He has tweeted again this morning to say, 'Just going back to hotel slightly worse for drink, the rose looks a dead duck. Hermosa beach rocks.' Now, this message could of course be interpreted in different ways. Is it HIS rose that is a 'dead duck' or the whole 'Secret Rose Society'? If it's his rose that is dead, what has he done to it? Was it a murder most foul or did it drown in the copious amounts of alcohol no doubt dribbling down his chin and onto the poor wilted rose on the lapel of his jean jacket? I sent MancLad a tweet to ask and he replied that he believed the 'Whole lot' was dead. Could it possibly be the end before it even began? No, of course not, it is just that Manc is suffering from the embarrassment that overcame CajunCauli. The problem seems to be, that it is just not the DONE thing to wear a flower of any kind in a button hole. We are not in Victorian times, so unlike Wilde's 'Green Carnation' Club, to whom wearing a button hole on the lapel of their jacket was common place, a rose attached to a Meat is Murder T Shirt just doesn't quite work in the same way. Manc said he awaits Oakland with 'baited breath' but if he isn't going to be throwing a rose, who is? MorrisseysWorld's prediction that by Oakland on December 1st, the stage would be awash with roses, is starting to look a tad optimistic. I think we can safely presume the only thing washing the stage that night will be One Eyed Rick, the local janitor, but you never know. The Mozziah must be loving it, and my desire early in this blog that no roses be thrown, could yet come true. So who in Twitterdilly is still on board and why are NO roses being thrown at all? Remember, before MorrisseysWorld closed, it had received over 150,000 hits, so we know the message is out there, but if even the likes of disciple Manc don't believe, how can anybody else be expected to? There are currently twenty two Twitterdilly believers/followers with their profile picture showing a rose. *Starts to sing, for no apparent reason* 'We're on our way, we are Ron's twenty two, hear the roar, of the red, white and blue, this time, more than any other time, this time, we're going to find a way, find a way to get away, this time, getting it all together, we'll get it right.' Has this MONSTER hit from 1982 got anything to do with the story? Is the red, white and blue that Keegan, Brooking and little Mick Mills sing of, anything to do with the roses? Mmmm. For the record, the twenty two genderless, ageless, faceless rose followers are:
1. @stillicling - the 24 hour a day tweeter. Could be female, could be American & could be going to Chicago concert.
2. @RosyMires - Could be female, could be of Irish/Mancunian Catholic stock, could be living in Brighton.
3. @EcubyanSoapbox - Could be a poetry writing male called Rutger Bullock.
4. @GirlOnBike1102 - Could be a German female living near Coventry with a boy who plays Under 11 football.
5. @Mancladmozfan - Could be a Man City supporter currently in the US losing the faith.
6. @Mmedestaelghost - Could be a Swedish female of whom I know no more.
7. @Lizzycat4 - Could be an English girl who loves Morrissey, her husband, travelling and gin.
8. @Hector_Lector - Could be a German who disappeared but has recently reappeared.
9. @Heathercat222 - Could be a female from Indianapolis and could be going to the chicago concert.
10. @TheRatsBack - Could be a male from England who writes a daily blog about The Mozziah.
11. @loughtonlil - Could be a male from England with the initials JG.
12. @AIRRAID25 - Could be a female, could be vegetarian and could be having a mid life crisis.
13. @amor_y_locura - Could be an American citizen living in Australia, could be female and could be a 23 year old writer & musician.
14. @Alekaki_ - Could be a female book, animal and music lover.
15. @cathyplus5 - Could be a mother of 5 boys living in Ireland celebrating her birthday today.
16. @bucktoothedboy - Could be genderless, could have seen The Smiths in 1985 and could live mostly in London.
17. @girlwithout - Could be female.
18. @its_Only_Me_K - Could be a female called Krystal, could live in Los Angeles and could be going to tonight's concert at the Henry Fonda Theater, in which case, she COULD THROW A ROSE!
19. @jo_beth_s - Could be female, could live in London and really, really doesn't know if all this is real or not but doesn't want to pull away just in case.
20. @CajunCauliflowr - Could be a female, could have attended two of the concerts in Texas and could have thrown a rose, but didn't ; ) and she(?) knows I'm pulling her(?) leg.
21. @caterita2008 - Could be female, could be a mum & wife and could live in Rome.
22. @i2177 - Could be anybody!
 So what will Henry Fonda bring and will the ghost of Ron Greenwood be there with his twenty two in spirit? Is the secret anonymous message that has been left for MancLad in So-Low really from The Mozziah, saying to meet him at St Francis the day after the Oakland concert? And if it is, does he mean the St Francis Hotel as Manc has interpreted it, or the St Francis Catholic church? Will there ever be a 'sign' from The Mozziah? Will MorrisseysWorld EVER re-open or was it only ever put there to create the buzz? Was it all real or just one big hoax that Manc now seems to believe? Is there now a secret society within the secret society that 'KNOWS', but doesn't wear a rose to show it? Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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