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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 71 Thursday 24th November 2011

Yesterday's readership numbers of my blog were at an all time low. It is two weeks today since MorrisseysWorld closed, it feels a lot longer, and with no sign of a sign from The Mozziah and with no roses rising to the stage, it would appear that people are losing faith. According to the gospels of Matthew & Luke, JC said that Simon Peter would deny him three times before the cock crows. According to either MorrisseysWorld or Twitterdilly, I cannot remember which, The Mozziah once said something like, 'Everyone will eventually leave, they always do'. Of the twenty two followers I named yesterday, @CajunCauliflowr attended two concerts in Texas but didn't throw a rose, @Mancladmozfan also attended a couple and didn't throw a rose and last night @Its_Only_me_K not only didn't throw a rose, but informed the Twitterdilly world that she didn't have time to buy one. Fair comment, the rose idea was only muted yesterday teatime, at about 5.30, nobody had ever mentioned it before that. (The Brits do sarcasm so much better than anybody else). Denied three times. Cajun apologized for letting everybody down, but she was comforted and told it wasn't her fault. Manc explained that he just didn't believe anymore and should have listened to the person who from day one told him it was all a hoax. K didn't have time to buy a rose. Denied three times. I make no judgement on these three people/twitter folk, nobody should ever do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable and the fact that after seven concerts, not a single rose has made it on stage is itself true art. 150,000 hits on a website asking for roses to be thrown and not a single one is. Long may the non event continue. Roses in Vegas tomorrow night? Not a hope.
  As readership is dropping off, I won't make today's offering too long winded for the few who are still reading. My delving into Wilde and The Mozziah's worlds have opened my eyes to things I didn't see before, including some of the meanings behind certain songs. I have to say, I don't tend to over analyse song meanings, I just enjoy them for what they are, but having read The Mozziah referring to Wilde as 'Fat' and Wilde living in Battersea, the penny dropped as to the meaning of 'You're The One For Me Fatty'. Having also discovered that Wilde ran off to Paris after his release from prison, I can safely(?) assume that 'Throwing My Arms Around Paris' is sung from Wilde's perspective.
  Anyway, enough for today, I feel my blog entries may need to return to the humour and bonkersnessnes that made them readable and I should stop reporting on non rose throwing and the actions of Oscar Wilde. I so love the idea of the 'Secret Rose Society' but the reality is, if the roses aren't thrown by the twenty two people in Twitterdilly, there really isn't anybody else out there who IS going to throw one. Why would there be? If they knew about MorrisseysWorld and believed it to be true, then they would surely be joining us in Twitterdilly? The ones who really KNOW & really BELIEVE, are the nine who sat in an internet Chat room on Friday 4th November and had the Green Carnation story told to them by The Mozziah himself. A few days after that 'chat', the chat room and website disappeared, but the nine followers remain, and it is now up to them to see the story through. I do believe a sign will come, but the sign will be so subtle that it will go unnoticed by the majority and will be explained away as a coincidence, I believe the sign will be a song, and that song, which will suddenly appear in a pretty much unchanged set list will be? You know the answer, 'Trouble Loves Me'.

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