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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 74 Sunday 27th November 2011

It would appear that @Its_only_me_K managed to take a red rose to last night's concert at The Shrine in LA. IOMK(It's Only Me K), you may remember from the blog the other day, attended the concert on the 23rd at The Henry Fonda Theater, but had no time to buy a rose. Well this time she found the time, well at least her friend did, and I've even seen the rose, in fact it's there for all to see because IOMK filmed the final song, 'Still Ill' and placed it on Twotter for all to see. So is the rose seen laying lonesome on the stage and does The Mozziah pause at the end of the concert, swoop down, pick up the rose and pin it to his shirt lapel? No, the rose can be seen in IOMK's friend's HAIR! Very pretty I'm sure, but how the hell can we expect MorrisseysWorld to reopen when concert after concert roses either aren't being taken or EVEN when they are taken, they are making it nowhere near to the stage, remaining in; purses (Cajun Cali), hidden inside jackets (Manc Lad) or in friend's barnet's (IOMK) ? CONCERTS 9 ROSES 0. If it was a boxing match the ref would step in at this point and stop it, WHAT IS GOING ON? The Mozziah must either be wallowing in his pool of self deprecation or splitting his side's with laughter. I think I'll write a song on his behalf and I'll call it 'What Must I Do'

What do you want from me after all I've given you? after all that I've done for you? and you say I'm the one for you but how do you show it? How can I know it? When everything's said and sung, when everyone's come and gone, when all is spent and shot, you say that I'm hot, I'm not, it's just words that you say, just empty nothing words, absurd words and of course I should've known, should've known, should've known, that I'll be forever alone, what do you want from me? what now must I do for you? I'm only here to give, only here to serve and yet you still have the nerve to pull me apart, to critisise, to tell me what I should do, you really haven't a clue, if only you knew, if only you knew, if only you knew, I have died for you, I always die for you and I would rise for you but who knows? Nobody knows, nobody knows, nobody knows and no rose.

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