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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 76 Tuesday 29th November 2011


The first lot of Youtube footage to appear today from last night's Pomona concert/event/show/performance thingy, showed lots of gladioli being wafted around, had we been transported back to 1984? Well with ALL the audience seemingly filming the show on their 'cell phones', it certainly would seem that Big Brother is watching The Mozziah's every move but footage posted later in the day clearly showed 'Red Roses' being held at the front, two of them. The Mozziah appears to ignore them in the footage I've seen of 'You're The One For Me Fatty', but according to comments on the wretched So-Low site, The Mozziah did apparently take one of the roses at one point, sniff it, pretend to sneeze, and then toss it away. I haven't seen any footage of this and of course So-Low cannot be trusted as a source of 'true' information, but if that comment is true, does it have any significance? The two most significant things from Pomona are 1) Roses were taken, so there are 'other' believers out there and 2) Meat Is Murder was moved in the set list to be the last song before the encore. The Mozziah always said on MorrisseysWorld that after the sound of the three loud drums, the white will turn to red, (or was it red to white?) and this will be the sign to switch from So-Low to MW. He also said, that at this point, roses should be tossed to the stage, just before the encore. I have seen no footage of Meat Is Murder from last night's show, but presume no roses were tossed at that time. So, Thursday night sees the last concert, in this leg of the tour, in Oakland, the venue that The Mozziah always seemed to mention. Will there be a 'sign'? So-Low has today had a comment placed on it relating to Justin Bieber, so are we to see Bieber t shirts being worn in Oakland? Tonight The Mozziah is appearing on the Conan TV show, will there be a rose subtly placed either on the interviewer's desk or on a speaker? And what if there is NEVER a sign? Does it all die or do the 'followers' take it upon themselves to form the secret 'Rose Society' anyway and let it happen without The Mozziah's input? Tick tock, tick tock.

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