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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 77 Wednesday 30th November 2011


I suppose it had to happen one day, and it has. My blog yesterday reported that somebody on So-Low had commented that a rose was given to The Mozziah at Pomona, and that he sniffed it and tossed it away. That is partly true, but not ENTIRELY the whole story. At the end of 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', which incidentally is surely the best song ever, ever, ever, except for the other couple of hundred of course, well at very least it has to be in EVERYBODY'S Top 10? No, Top 5, definitely Top 5 and don't let anybody try and suggest another classic to dislodge it to No.6, it's Top 5 and staying there, and when I say Top 5, I might even be talking Number 4, it might EVEN be Top 3 but that would mean dislodging 'Trouble', 'Disco Dancer', 'November', 'Teenage Dad', 'Reel', 'How Soon', 'I Like You', 'Crashing Bores', 'Charming Man', this is ridiculous, why does anybody ever feel the need to put them in any sort of order anyway? Where was I, oh yes, after finishing 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', one of my Top 15 songs ever, The Mozziah headed straight to the section of the crowd where two red roses were being waved around. He shook one person's hand and then ignored all the other hands, and instead, leaned forward to reach one of the roses. He sniffed it, pretended to sneeze, tossed it away and staggered to the far side of the stage, still mock sneezing as the band finished playing. He then turned to the section of the crowd from where he had taken the rose and bowed towards the rose giver, before then turning to bow to the rest of the audience. The Mozziah promised to appear with a rose before Christmas, and now he has.
  The performance on 'Conan' of 'People Are The Same Everywhere' was superb, this song is another future classic, it's funny with songs, some don't touch the sides, some are instant favourites and some just grow and grow. 'People' is a definite grower and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being the opening track on the new elpee, talking of which, where is it? It is now nearly six months since The Mozziah played 'People', 'The Kid's A Looker' and 'Action Is My Middle Name' on the Janice Long show. SIX MONTHS! I'm sure a deal must have been done but perhaps not, maybe, with the upcoming court case, it is more advantageous to show that he can't get a record deal? Eventually of course, a deal will come and an elpee will be released, so what can we expect? Well one would presume the three aforemetioned songs, plus 'Scandinavia', which is in the set list, will all be on it, and obviously another half a dozen new gems, but a recent poll I have conducted (sort of), shows that the fans would like to see the all time, undisputed Number 1, 'Trouble Loves Me' given a new airing, with a long piano introduction at the beginning. This poll, has also revealed that the fans are crying out for the reworked 'Meat Is Murder', along with the new EAT - KILL lyrics, be added to the new elpee to celebrate the milestone 27th birthday of the song. Finally, and maybe surprisingly, virtually everybody polled, in fact no, EVERYBODY polled,  has requested a rework of 'Death Of A Disco Dancer' also be included. This is a great idea, an album combining new songs and reworked classics, it's a winner I tell thee, a winner.
 So tomorrow, Oakland, and a 'sea' of roses. In fact a 'lake' will do, or a 'stream' even. Okay, let's settle for a puddle, a puddle of red and white roses, along with a Justin Bieber t shirt. What WOULD the So-Lowers do? It couldn't be put down as a coincidence. It's not long now, it's not long now, it's not long now, it is brown cow, it's brown cow to red leader, brown cow to red leader, come in red leader.
Ps. Finger still poorly I see.

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