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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 101 Saturday 24th December 2011

Today is day 101, how apt, it is my birthday and I continue to defy the odds by living longer than the other male members of my family ever managed. I have treated myself to a full blast play of 'Unhappy Birthday' by eighties band The Smiths and just like the 11th November, my dog bolted back upstairs, in fear of it's life. Anyway, enough about me and my quivering hound, let's get onto The Mozziah. As I trawl around the internet, watching and reading things about The Mozziah, the question strikes me, how  the hell does he live his life in such a goldfish bowl, where everything he says & does is scrutinized? Am I any different to the rest of them by 'Following' him and writing about him every day? Well, he seems to be encouraging me to keep going, so perhaps I'm not tarred with the same brush, but I wouldn't wish fame on anybody. The accolades must be great and I'm sure the 'rush' of performing is just incredible but how thick skinned must you have to be to soak up all the lies and crap that are written about you on a daily basis? And particularly for The Mozziah, how must it feel to read your 'fans' slating you, let alone outsiders? Last week on Twotter I got into an argument with a guy I've mentioned on here before, '@Tony_LeMesmer' who, like the SO-Lowers, is always complaining about Jesse Tobias & Boz Boorer, saying they aren't good enough musicians and that The Mozziah should get rid of them. I asked him why he felt the need to question The Mozziah's judgement and he bragged that he owned everything The Mozziah has ever released so he has a right to critisise. I asked if he really felt he had better judgement than The Mozziah about who should be in the band and he replied, 'Yes because I'm a musician'. Tony and other 'fans' like him, really do believe they have a right to choose band members, choose set lists and lay into The Mozziah if he cancels a concert, because THEY are the fans. Well, they say the customer is always right but we aren't customers, nobody is forcing us to buy the records or go to concerts, if you really, really don't believe Jesse Tobias should be playing, then DON'T go and watch. No disrespect to Jesse or anybody else, but I really can't tell the difference from one of The Mozziah's musicians to the next, I'm just there for him and his words, and as long as the musicians keep the beat, that'll do for me! I guess The Mozziah is used to it by now, but being a commodity must be VERY hard. I watched some Youtube footage of him at the airport in Mexico and as he sat in his car waiting to leave, an obsessed woman was sobbing and squealing, it was 'Bieber Fever' for the middle aged. There may well have been a time that I would've been that squealing Mexican woman, but now, I think if I ever  meet The Mozziah, I will hold my dignity and possibly even resist the urge to lick him.
  Various interpretations are being made by fans and the media about The Mozziah's 'True To You' statement the other day. Most of the media are reporting that The Mozziah will drop the court action against the NME if they say sorry. I personally didn't interpret it that way but it must be an absolute Black Cloud hanging over The Mozziah as we enter a new year. How can he think about tours and record deals with a high profile court case looming? It's Goldfish bowl time once again and I have to say, if it were me I wouldn't want the court case, but of course it is a great opportunity for him to once and for all clear his name and he would then be free to say what he likes, nobody would ever dare question him again. There are real pros & cons for a court case and of course the publicity is ALWAYS good, but if the court case is to go ahead, can we really expect concerts and record deals in 2012? And talking of record deals, many fans are telling The Mozziah to forget major record labels and to just 'get it out there yourself'. All well and good but they are missing the point, as I've said from day one of my blog, it's ALL ABOUT THE LABEL, no not the record company, THE LABEL, that little piece of round paper in the middle of the record, paper by the way, certainly not plastic, and it HAS to be a retro label from his past, it just HAS to be. I honestly thought from The Mozziah's tweets a few months a go, that a deal had been done with Universal and he would be recording for the old 'London' & 'Fontana' labels, but it appears no deal has yet be cemented, let's hope it can still happen.
 Anyway, enough of 'real' Mozziah, let's talk about 'parody' Mozziah and the very exciting, 'Coming soon to a PC near you' MorrisseysWorld. He has returned to Twitterdilly as @MorrisseysWorld with the new strap line of 'It's a Morrissey parody for heaven's sake!' and has started offering his witticisms already. I welcomed him back with a tweet and was acknowledged with a 'retweet', an honour indeed. He has picked up where he left off and is laying in to the likes of Jordan but he also tweeted a rather nice sentiment about 'This Charming Man' being Morrissey & Marr's 'She Loves You'. It was probably tongue in cheek & I've missed the joke but I liked it anyway. The Mozziah also tweeted a message to @mancladmozfan, which proves that he continued to read my blog on tour, it said, 'So you go, and you stand with a rose, And you leave with a rose, And you go home, And you fry, An egg to forget the lie.'  Poor Manc, why didn't he just throw the pigging rose? @MorrisseysWorld is holding a Q&A session tonight on Twotter, I will resist the urge to get involved, and leave him to the masses but I hope the questions aren't too lame, whenever in the past he's held Q&A's, I'm afraid the questions have been a little dull, perhaps that's why he has given warning, but of course there will be no heart rendering confessions or revelations, the answers will all be full of self deprecation, mocking, loathing and wit, well let's hope so anyway! The 'Parody' strap line on The Mozziah's twit account has resulted in a number of people once again saying it ISN'T of course the real Mozziah, they are saying, 'MW's back but this time he's saying it 'really is' a parody to stop it being shut down again.' You couldn't make this up, he's ALWAYS said it's a parody and if he'd been shut down last time, how could it be opening again tomorrow? He's a bloody genius, how much longer can this possibly, possibly continue before everybody realises? They say you can't fool all of the people all of the time but with the exception of about twenty devoted followers who have never questioned the reality of MW, he's doing a pretty good job of fooling the rest. I remember when I first discovered MW, I said in my blog that I hoped he WOULDN'T give a 'sign' at his US concerts as I wanted this to go on and on. Well it looks like my wish was granted but never did I believe for one minute that we could've reached Christmas without it all going viral. The story continues and tomorrow, for the few Mozziah devotees who still believe in MW, our best Christmas present will be reading a so called parody of a real tour journal written in a parody style with real content! Well it beats socks and hankies!

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