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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 102 Sunday 25th December 2011

1900 GMT. How did it get to this? Why have I spent various bits of Christmas Day popping onto the internet to see if The Mozziah has posted his Parody Tour Journals? Okay, it hasn't taken over my WHOLE day and as Christmas day's go, it's been pretty much the same as every other year, ie presents, lunch, drinking and games, but I have been unable to get out of my mind that those Tour Journals have been promised and my obsession is such that I feel this compelling need to read them as soon as they are published. How has HE managed to get such a grip on me? Did Simon Peter ever have a life of his own or was it completely dedicated to JC? And it isn't just me, whenever I pop on to the internet to check MW, I can't resist peeking through the wardrobe into Twitterdilly and there I find various other disciples hanging around, waiting for parody words of wisdom from our leader. And have the Journals been posted yet as promised? Have they 'eckers like. Just like the Q&A session on Twotter yesterday, he's keeping everybody waiting, and talking of the Q&A session, as I had predicted, nothing was really given away, but then, when ever is it? Well, I can't keep popping back on to the internet, I'm mad enough at myself as it is for how much time I waste on this thing, it's going to have to change soon, it's ridiculous, it really is, but like any addiction, it's really hard to break. It doesn't help when my inquisitive rat like nose is tested by certain 'people' in Twittterdilly who I just can't work out, the latest being somebody called '@JodyRoad', who has turned up out of nowhere and is following everybody involved in the 'story so far'. Also, '@caterita2008' contiues to fox me, I swing from thinking she is either The Mozziah or that Rustly old Brand, but the last I read about Brand, he was being 'followed' in real life through the parks of London, he surely can't have time to be hounded down in Narnia too? Oh it's all too much for me, I'm off to watch whatever rubbishy festive Top 100 is on the box and then Downton Abbey. Yeah, I know, I'm kidding nobody, I know I'll no doubt be back before the close of play, just to see if the journals are here, it's pathetic, just pathetic and I hate myself for my weakness and need for this parody drug. Tomorrow I will join PMA, (Parody Mozziah Anonymous). My name is TRB and I am a Mozaholic.

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