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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 104 Tuesday 27th December 2011

My blog today was going to be a really honest and open self therapy session, not only about my Mozziah addiction but also about my past, my present and my inner most secrets, but perhaps it is just as well that events have transpired to stop that topic. I sometimes forget that people actually read this thing, and I was going to reveal things that maybe I shouldn't air in public. Having said that, I don't actually 'know' any of the people who read this thing (I'm pretty confident that nobody I know in real life has found it) so I could've just typed away to my heart's content and got it all off my chest. Maybe another day. Anyway, as I said, I WAS going to blog about my self therapy, but just before I started writing, I decided to look and see if those bloody 'Tour Journals' had been posted, and what did I find? This:


our 100% fake Mozzer apologises for the delay in publishing his Tour Journal

However, he has assured me it will be ready for day 106 of

Our Mozzer today entered twitter, posting a few classic witticisms; he also appeared to indicate that whether this blog continues will be decided by a poll and that most of you will not want it to continue when you find out who he is.

Our Mozzer was in fine fettle in twitter, lashing out at Prince Philip, and responding to tweets about his reputation with the following:

Unlike a good reputation, a bad one never disappoints.

A reputation is what emerges when those too dim to understand discuss someone too intelligent to care.

He also managed to lash out at the royalist sector of England:

The only thing in England dimmer than the royal family is that minority of people who actually support them.

Admin Guy

A stark reminder, if ever I needed one, that my own blog is exposed to many more people than I think, but more importantly, the tour journals are to be posted in two days time! A last, a fix! And what's more, proof, once and for all, that the author is indeed The Mozziah. Things will be revealed that only The Mozziah could possibly know and then of course the masses will finally believe and flock to MW, at last believing it to be true. If MW is reopened in full, the masses will maul over everything that has happened so far, including this ridiculous blog of mine, thank God I didn't do my therapy session today, having said that, I could always have passed my revelations off as being a parody, which is exactly what The Mozziah has been doing with his blog for the past two years. It's amazing what you can say, which may or may not be interpreted as the truth or a parody, I now fully understand why The Mozziah started his blog. Even now, after everything we've all been through in the past three or four months, some of the Twitterdilly loyalists are denying that it is really The Mozziah behind the blog. Three of them yesterday tweeted to say they didn't believe it to be him but had enjoyed it anyway. Mancladmozfan even accused me of being behind the blog, I'm flattered but Manc gets mixed up about many things. The Mozziah was also back on twotter yesterday and tweeted:


I have followed  closely: it was my umbilical cord to Twitterdilly.

As soon as @MW disappeared for the night from twotter & Twitterdilly, @Morrisseysmum appeared, firstly telling @MW to 'stop' and then tweeting:

 A N Other 

People making fools of themselves believing myths. It's the time of year for it.  

He continues to play a dual role of both 'The Mozziah' and 'The Anti Mozziah' whilst in his Mother's dress. Interestingly as 'Mum', he also announced that he was travelling North in the morning and then Salford in a couple of days, it would appear to do some filming, filming for what, he didn't say. Finally for today, another quote from Twitterdilly. Despite The Mozziah's loathing for the likes of Bieber and all the modern, meaningless pop tripe, he may take some pleasure to see that Miley Cyrus, (aka Hannah Montana, a modern day manufactured Disney made pop star with over 4 million twotter followers) changed her Twitter profile wording on Christmas Eve to, 'I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.' It would appear that The Mozziah's influence and talent are not being entirely missed by the youth of today after all! There is hope.
Cyrus also tweeted:

 Miley Ray Cyrus 

BTW my bio is a song by The Smiths. One of my favorites You should check it out. Theres no trouble in paradise. I am so happy and SO LOVED.


  1. How wonderful Rats to have your blog 'approved' and read by Moz and for him to utilise it to advise when the Tour Diaries will appear, albeit a few days late - who cares ?
    You do a wonderful job with your up to date blog which is informative as well as very funny.It must be very time-consuming too !
    Please let it continue. Many thanks.

  2. keep up this blog I LOVE IT!! x


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