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Friday, 30 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 107 Friday 30th December 2011

To anyone in Samoa reading this, please go away as December 30th 2011 has been cancelled. I'm not joking, if you haven't heard the news, go and google it, no not you Samoan's, you all ready know, I'm now talking to all non Samoan's. The Samoan's have cancelled today and moved on to tomorrow, and we complain at The Mozziah cancelling concerts, that's light weight compared to cancelling whole days! Anyway, enough of The Samoan's and their lost day, I have far more important issues to worry about, namely MorrisseysWorld. Here I am, three and a half months on since my discovery and if truth be known, I still haven't got a clue who's behind it and who isn't. I have always presumed '@Banjaxer' was admin guy, but I now have to question that. Yesterday he tweeted that Morrissey & Marr were to reunite in 2012. Why would he write that if he was The Mozziah's admin guy? '@Morrisseysmum' later tweeted to Banjaxer saying, 'I see you've opened the thirty year archive.' Banj then replied, 'I'm in the exclusives know how it works.' And then, the original tweet by Banj was removed! WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT IS THEIR RELATIONSHIP? '@Banjaxer' has also taken away his barriers and has revealed himself as Kevin Marrinan, a freelance journalist from Manchester. He can't be admin guy, he just can't be. Why would he release about Morrissey & Marr? I just don't get it, and I HATE not getting it! So is it true, are they reuniting? Actually, before we look at that question, the word 'unite' has reminded me that my Smiths comic book turned up yesterday from America. It's called 'Unite & Take Over' and is a compilation of comic stories inspired by songs of The Smiths. I was intrigued by the idea so I ordered the book but to my horror, and I'm sure to the horror of The Mozziah, the book is dedicated to 'Stephen, Johnny, Andy & Mike'. 'STE'PH'EN', not STE'V'EN! What a schoolboy error and what is more, what influence did Mike & Andy have to the stories, and Johnny in fact? It's the 'lyrics' that have inspired the stories, not the bass line, the drum beat or the wacka wackas! Right, where was I? Oh yes, I've given up on trying to decided who runs MW and I've moved on to a possible reunion. The Mozziah denies it, denies it and denies it time after time but we know that he and Johnny met up last January because 'Mum' tweeted it. Well, I say we 'know' but God only knows what is true and what isn't around here. If it is true and they are to play again together, it would make far more sense than a full blown Smiths reunion with the lawn mower parts, Joyce & Rourke, Judge Weeks' words, not mine. I now have this image jumping in to my head of Judge Weeks having his lawn mown my Joyce & Rourke with Rourke holding Joyce's legs, like in a wheel barrow race, while Joyce cuts the good Judge's grass with his teeth. The Judge meanwhile is sat  watching in his deck chair, drinking Pimms and shouting, 'You owe me Joyce, you owe me'. Why are Judge's referred to as 'Good' Judges? Weeks's judgement that December day was anything but good, well I suppose it was good for Joyce. Sorry, am I losing you? It's not easy living with my mind you know, it wanders. Where was I? Oh yes, I can definitely imagine a gentle Mozziah & Marr collaboration without  the crass fanfare and fuss like The Stone Roses have gone for. But if it IS true, why has The Mozziah been blocked by Marr on twotter with his MW account? Could it be that The Mozziah has indeed met up again with Marr but hasn't made any mention of MW? Quite possibly knowing our Mozziah, at the end of the day, I would guess he has planned to NEVER admit to anybody that he is behind MW and will continue to blame it all on coincidences. I have another thought entering my head, perhaps the investigative journalist Kevin Marrinan, found out The Mozziah was behind MorrisseysWorld and his silence was bought with a free trip to the USA to watch the concerts. Perhaps when The Mozziah pointed us all in the direction of '@Banjaxer' saying, 'He knows, you know', it was just his little game. '@Banjaxer' definitely ISN'T in the know, as a few weeks ago he speculated about a full Smiths reunion and was wrong. And if Banj isn't admin guy, what of his mate '@Uncleskinny' who is a SO-Low moderator? Is he aware that The Mozziah is behind MW? and if so, why hasn't he exposed him? Skinny 'follows' Mum but NOT MW and why did he block me? What is it all about? And what was Brand's roll? Buck seems to have disappeared for good and yet the account hasn't been released. Is he now '@caterita2008', the Italian wife and mother? Is he '@JodyRoad', yet another person who has turned up in Twitterdilly out of nowhere and is following the whole gang? My head is spinning, something is squeezing my skull and where are those bloody 'Tour Journals' we were promised. God, I wish I hadn't got out of bed today, in fact, I've got a better idea, I'm moving to Samoa and therefore none of this has just happened!


  1. How do i hit the like button! :)

  2. Me not, dear Rat, me not! It's nice that you thinking about me! Cheers!

  3. Must be rough to be in Samoa and December 30 is your birthday or some anniversary! Does it not count? Do you have to wait another year to celebrate? And what if it's pay day? That could really mess up one's New Year's celebration,
    but so much for them, let them sort it out, what I really wanted to comment on was yesturday's blog, I really enjoyed it, to me it was a cross between the the dance scene in "Risky Business" and the "Men in Black" scene, where his Mum yells up to her son (David Cross), "Do you want any mini pizzas?" The only thing I'd change is Boz's boxer's , they could have been green and red as it was Christmas, maybe have Christmas trees, Santa or snowmen on them (notice I did not list mistletoe, which might be taken the wrong way)


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