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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 78 Thursday 1st December 2011

Paris, November 30th, 'The Man With The Green Carnation', Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde, dies. Oakland, December 1st, 'The Son of Wilde', 'The Real and Proper Poet Laureate', 'The Mozziah', Steven Patrick Morrissey, forms his own 'Red & White Rose' as a tribute to Wilde's 'Green Carnation'.
   Yes, it is my belief, that finally, after months of speculation, tonight, on stage in Oakland, The Mozziah will 'officially' form has society, by either wearing a t shirt of a 'manufactured pop star', such as Justin Bieber, or he will don a rose, perhaps White, perhaps Red or perhaps even Crimson. He may do both. I also believe that Celebrity fan Russell Brand could well be there to witness the event and that The Mozziah may even say, 'Welcome To My World'. These events will signal the end of the vile and hate filled website and will re-open as the 'Official' website for The Mozziah. The 'signs' will cause much astonishment among the users of So-Low, and they will finally realise that The Mozziah really WAS behind MorrisseysWorld and was serious about closing So-low down. The Mozziah may even sing 'Trouble Loves Me', the anthem of his MorrisseysWorld & Twitterdilly followers. There, I have put my neck on the line, if none of these things happen, I will disappear, for ever, maybe.
 Meanwhile, I forgot to mention 'Art-Hounds' yesterday as another track for the new album, and of course we could see 'Black Formica Table', 'Fire Walk With Me', Boredom Is A Plague' and 'What Must I Do'. If the latter two are on the elpee dear Mozziah, could you please leave £10,000 in used notes, in a brown envelope under Great Yarmouth pier next time you're up that way? Thanks.
 So that's it, there we have it, that's that then, the fat lady is moistening her vocal cords and in a few hours time we'll know. Viral in time for Christmas?

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