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Monday, 5 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 82 Monday 5th December 2011

'Blue Rose' is up and running, well on paper anyway, well actually not paper, unless you print this off. Let me start again, 'Blue Rose' is up and running in 'theory' and in Twitterdilly. The Twitterdillians have agreed to my suggestion from yesterday and 'Blue Roses' WILL be thrown by @StillICling and @Heathercat222 at the concert in Chicago, hopefully during 'Trouble Loves Me' if it is sung, which I believe it WILL, or if not, then at the end of the concert. @StillICling and @Heathercat222 will also throw 'Red' and 'White' roses after the last song before the encore, which is anticipated will be 'Meat Is Murder'. Somebody on So-Low has left an 'anonymous' message that reads as follows:

 'In winter the fingers turn blue. The red of sunburn meets the white of snow and the extremities turn blue.

So it is with the Rose - neither Red nor White can achieve the goal it seems, so Blue will be the choice of winter.

Finally the events will take place'.

 Could this be from The Mozziah? It was suggested in twitterdilly, by @Amora_y_locura, that it was me who had made the anonymous posting on So-low, but it certainly wasn't - I don't post on So-low, which is a site I only ever visit to read what set was played at the concerts. I sometimes read the concert reviews too, but most of the comments on So-low are unpleasant, sometimes vile and quite often, completely unrelated to the concerts.

 The sooner The Mozziah brings back MorrisseysWorld, the sooner it can replace So-low, and on the subject of MorrisseysWorld, yesterday, I was posted a link to a blogsite called '', which I'd forgotten all about. The 'Ringleaders' blog is laid out in exactly the same format as MW but dated from 2006 and 2007.  It was obviously an EARLIER version of MW, so The Mozziah DIDN'T start his blogging in 2009, he started in 2006!
The 'Ringleaders' blog has similar content and writing style to MW, there is an 'Exclusive Morrissey Interview' and a also a very 'honest' (self?)preview of the 'Ringleader of The Tormentors' album.

There can be NO DOUBT that The Mozziah is very heavily involved with the MW blog, but the debate STILL goes on as to whether or not he is the 'actual' author. In his Q&A session on MW, he said he had 'hired help', so who ARE the 'group' behind MorrisseysWorld? Ultimately I still believe it is The Mozziah himself who pulls all the strings, but I am back thinking that my very original theory, that Mike Bracewell is involved, COULD be correct.

When I first discovered MW and read about Mike Bracewell, I had no idea who he was, but it transpires that he is the 'other half' of Linder, The Mozziah's very close friend. Bracewell is also an author, novelist and trusted interviewer of The Mozziah. It's all starting to make sense, the whole idea could even be Linder's, she is obviously both arty and creative and having googled her, there is a lot more to her that I didn't know, in fact, the only thing I DID know about Linder, was that she'd produced that book I've got somewhere upstairs called 'Morrissey Shot'.

Well, it transpires that Linder used to go out with Howard Devoto, the founder of The Buzzcocks, she also designed the record cover for The Buzzcocks brilliant 'Orgasm Addict'. My research also tells me that Linder formed the punk band 'Ludus', which The Mozziah has not only mentioned numerous times but very recently, even posted a cover sleeve of their's in Twitterdilly. Linder was also, according to Google, the subject behind The Buzzcocks song 'What Do I Get?' Interestingly, Google describes 'What Do I Get?' as a song of 'Unrequited Love', yep, it's that phrase again, 'Unrequited Love', the meaning of 'Blue Rose'.

Have we all been barking up the wrong tree, is it in fact Pete Shelley from The Buzzcocks (composer of What Do I Get?) that is the 'Empty Blue Rose'? The Buzzcocks have, after all, just announced that they are reforming and will be playing next year. No, I don't think we'd better complicate this any further, and anyway, ANOTHER 'anonymous' message left on So-Low yesterday suggests that it IS indeed The Mozziah who is the 'Blue Rose', the message says,

'You don't like me, But you Love me
Either way yoU'rE wrong
You'Re gOnna misS mE when I'm gone
You're gonna mISs ME when I'm gone'.

The capital letters spell out 'BLUE ROSE IS ME'. Could this 'anonymous' message have been left by The Mozziah? We'll never know, but it CERTAINLY wasn't me and I very much doubt it was Pete Shelley!

  Tonight The Mozziah's tour moves on to Mexico for a number of shows. We can't possibly expect any roses to be thrown, as none of the Mexican fans have been involved in the Twitterdilly chat and it is highly unlikely that they found the MW blog. The best we can hope for is some Youtube footage. ANOTHER 'anonymous' message on So-Low on Saturday, said that last week's cancelled Oakland concert has been re-arranged for December 15th, the message also said that this would be confirmed on Monday but I've not seen anything yet on True To You, or indeed from Twitterdilly, where in fact, The Mozziah hasn't tweeted since November 27th. His last tweet was a question about an unknown band, who first performed in UK on Nov 27th 1973. I answered Aerosmith but I've no idea if I was right or not, as The Mozziah hasn't returned to Twitterdilly to give the answer! Eight days and no answer, if Bamber Gascoigne had been so carefree, his University Challenge career would have been VERY short lived.

Roses, Linder, Buzzcocks, Mexicans, Bamber Gascoigne, what does it all mean? Where is this all going? And most importantly of all, What do I get, oh oh, What do I get? I'm going for a lie down.

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