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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 83 Tuesday 6th December 2011

Today is a quiet news day! Yesterday's concert in Monterrey looked as good as ever on Youtube, although there is an awful lot of high pitched screaming on the clips I've seen, as if somebody were giving birth, perhaps they were, now that probably would be a first for a Mozziah concert. The song 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' has been added to the set list, you may remember that this is one of the five songs I mentioned in my 'visitation' in October, the other four being 'Action Is My Middle Name', 'November Spawned A Monster', 'Meat Is Murder' and of course, 'Trouble Loves Me'. Will all five be on the set list by the end of the tour? We shall see. One Youtube clip of 'Still Ill' shows The Mozziah collecting a bundle of football scarves at the end and also, what looks to be, a 'Red Rose'. You can't quite tell and he quickly disappears off stage. And if it was a 'Red Rose', was it handed to him by Julia Riley? it's taken from her 'usual' position. On the 'Blue Rose' front, it would appear that no US florists seem to have them, Canadian ones do, but that's not much good. @StillICling and @Heathercat222 are therefore going to dye white roses 'Blue' and make back up silk roses in case the weather takes it's toll on the real ones, apparently Chicago can be a tad cold in December! No news on an Oakland reschedule but The Mozziah has tweeted for the first time in nine days. The solitary tweet read, 'The first of all pleasures'. What can this mean? Is it simply a random Oscar Wilde quote? Does it mean 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' is the first of new 'pleasures' being added to the set list? Is it the answer (at last) to the question he set nine days ago, and if so who are 'The First Pleasure'? Was it The Mozziah's first ever band, formed on the same day the New York Dolls performed in the UK? Or is the clue EVEN more cryptic and the band was called 'Illusion', as in the full Wilde quote which is, 'Illusion is the first of all pleasures'? Or is it a reference to something completely and utterly different and is The Mozziah talking about Pier's? The first  of all pleasure pier's built was at Ryde on the Isle of Wight, built in 1814, now how do I know that? *Goes off singing* I think I'm going to be sad, I think it's today.

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