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Friday, 9 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 86 Friday 9th December 2011

Wow, Youtube footage that has just been posted from last night's concert in Mexico City, and it shows The Mozziah in top, top form. Personally speaking, I have never attended a concert of The Mozziah's where I haven't thoroughly enjoyed it, I mean how could you NOT enjoy all your favourite songs of all time, being sung 'live' by your favourite artist of all time? But some people, particularly on So-Low, seem to just moan and moan that The Mozziah sometimes just 'goes through the motions'. Why, oh why, do people complain about this or indeed about set lists? If somebody said to me, I'm giving you the opportunity to watch Elvis Presley 'live' in Vegas, would I moan if he didn't whoop and leap through 'King Creole'? Of course not. Would I begrudge watching the whole concert if he left out 'That's All Right'? No, I'd savour every last drop of it. The Mozziah cannot of course go on forever, and as he says himself in the brilliant (Top 5?) song 'All You Need Is Me', 'You're gonna miss me when I'm gone', how right he is and what will all the moaners say then? This may sound a ridiculous thing for a middle aged man to admit (me not him) but I cannot imagine him not being here. If he announced his retirement tomorrow, I think I'd sob like a child. So my appreciation to The Mozziah is in the form of this blog, as it seems to be keeping the momentum going for 'Blue Rose'. It is IMPERATIVE that this secret society succeeds, The Mozziah deserves nothing less. Red, White or Blue, anything will do.
 Anyway, back to yesterday's concert, I am pleased to see that the 'Ungrateful Git's' trousers remain fully hoisted thanks to that marvellous belt, with it's lovely, shiny buckle and evenly spread holes. It's doing an admiral job, no doubt a much better job than some old satin 'Sparks' scarf would ever have managed. Following on from my blog of yesterday, it crossed my mind to buy The Mozziah a new shirt for Christmas, but I've seen the way he treats his shirts and by Boxing day it would no doubt be ripped off and tossed over the fence for the neighbours dogs to fight over. Talking of shirts, last night's concert saw The Mozziah sporting a very fetching 'White' number, with the encore producing 'Black'. No sign of the 'Spangly' jumper, and now I can't help thinking that Boz may have hidden THAT now, especially as the belt has been given back. I also think I have found the real reason why The Mozziah has taken down MorrisseysWorld and is no longer tweeting, it's the 'poorly' finger. Once again, it was dressed up to the nines last night in a fetching 'Pink' number, which leads me to believe that The Mozziah may be just about to launch a range of 'Finger Lingerie' for 2012. He'd better be quick because no doubt Katie Price will be considering it too. Personally, I don't know why he can't just wear a Mr Men plaster like anybody else who has a 'poorly' finger. Anyway, the 'poorly' finger is restricting The Mozziah's typing ability and therefore he has withdrawn from the internet, and he's not the only one. It would appear that the Bucktoothedboy's REAL persona, 'You know who' (no not Lord Voldemort), has announced that the internet is 'A Wicked Little Liar' and has said he is no longer engaging with it, so now we know why he's gone too! But he'll be back, he needs The Mozziah as much as the rest of us and if somebody were to post 'Stretch Out And Wait' in Twitterdilly, I'm sure he'd peek back in, soon hopefully, he, like The Mozziah, is missed. I seem to have veered off track again, back to yesterday's concert, a concert full of energy, energy from both The Mozziah and the crowd. It is SO important for a crowd to arrive in the right frame of mind, and the first song of a concert, sets the tone for the whole evening. I remember attending a concert at London's Palladium in 2006 wondering if it was going to live up to usual expectation, as I'd read that a previous concert there had lacked energy from the crowd. I needn't have worried, The Mozziah opened up with 'Panic' and the place went bananas. On this current tour, The Mozziah has been opening with the brilliant (Top 6?) 'I Want The One I Can't Have' and in the main, the crowd's have responded from the very first note, they certainly did at the last concert I attended on August 8th, a long four months ago, and yes I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The same response came from Mexico City last night and the place looks like it was buzzing. I can't wait for my next concert, and of course the opportunity to throw a rose.
  Finally for today, I broke my rule and have posted on So-Low, just a little shot across their bows on behalf of The Mozziah. The post was as follows:

Dear DavidT, Your unmoderated, racist, vile, poor excuse of a 'Fan' site continues to slide further and further down the hill and now lies in the gutter next to the red rose, waiting for the cart to put it out of it's misery. The cart has started it's journey from the yard and will be passing your way soon. Before it arrives, you have three choices; 1) start moderating this site properly, which means taking down EVERY inappropriate, racist, vile or unrelated comment, 2)Close the site completely, which you never know, could even result in your lifetime concert ban being lifted, which surely is what any REAL fan would want anyway? 3) Do nothing and remain a cunt. 
The decision, is yours.

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