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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 87 Saturday 10th December 2011

0710 GMT: I have abandoned twitter. It was an impulse decision, taken at 2am. The addiction had become too, er, addictive. I am currently sat in a hotel room in Heathrow, or it may even be Hounslow, which I have to say, looks like the 'Arse of the World', (Hounslow that is, not the hotel) and am just about to leave, to fly to New York, so the last thing I need is to be thinking about, was what is going on in a completely unreal world in cyberspace when I'm trying to enjoy real life in the Big Apple.

Christmas shopping needs concentration and discipline. I am also planing to do touristy things like go up the Empire State Building and visit Liberty. I look forward to strolling aimlessly through Central Park rather than dashing back to the Hotel to peek into Twitterdilly. I haven't lost the faith, I just need a reality check. But talking of the faith, the same question keeps coming back to me, 'Why do SO few seem to believe in MorrisseysWorld?'

 Last night on Twitter, I attempted to take part in the weekly Morrissey Quiz held by @Mozarmyquiz. A different host asks 10 questions every Friday at 9pm and the winner gets to host the following week, although apparently next week it is being hosted by somebody special, who used to work with The Mozziah. Anyway, yesterday's quiz was hosted by @Tony_LeMesmer, a fan with unbelievable knowledge of all things Mozziah related. The quiz was far too hard for me, I didn't know any of the answers, which included questions like, 'In Morrissey's Penpal letters to Robert Mackie, where did he say he would take him if he visited Manchester?'

Now a man who knows things like that has obviously studied The Mozziah in depth, so I tweeted him to ask if he'd read all the funny stuff on MW? He replied saying, 'No I never did...wasn't that fake anyway?' I told him that it wasn't and even informed him that The Mozziah uses twitter. @Tony_LeMesmer  replied, 'I was told that was POSITIVELY fake' and then sent another saying, 'You've been duped'.

So have I and the other twenty believers (@Mancladmozfan abandoned the faith after going to the tour and seeing no roses) really been 'duped' or have Tony and all the many others who know 'everything there is to know' about The Mozziah been 'duped' by The Mozziah's denials on True-To-You and the So-Lowers mocking? Tony my friend, you may be an expert quizzer, but you don't know it all ; ) . It's interesting that Tony says he was "TOLD" MW was fake. Told by whom?

 Another of the regular quizzers who still mystifies me is @Uncleskinny, he obviously knows @Morrisseysmum is Moz, because he tweets to it, but he has never gotten involved with MorrisseysWorld, so either he doesn't believe it to be real, or is in some way involved. He has never responded to any of my tweets, and then blocked me after I mentioned him in my blog. Has he something to hide?

Yet another twitterdilly user who mystifies me is @girlwithout, who is one of the 22 (21), but keeps quoting the long since gone MW to the exact She/he has also been insisting that I drop the 'Blue Rose' and concentrate on 'Red' or 'White'. Why is he/she so keen for me to drop 'Blue Rose' when everybody else has embraced it? Last night I got a feeling that @girlwithout may in fact be Boz Boorer, but when I put the accusation to him/her, she/he ran off.

Oh and talking of Boz, rumours were flying around that he appeared on stage at the Mexico City concert the other night dressed in a skirt. Nobody believed it could be true, but the proof is there on Youtube, he REALLY did, and to be honest he looks both comfortable and at ease in it.

Today's blog should have been a comedy piece about Parody Boz in a skirt but to be honest, the whole Twitterdilly thing has worn me down. Who is who and who knows what? And what is happening with MW? I am tired, so very tired, so in the words of The Wombats, 'I'm moving to New York cos I've got issues with my sleep, looks like Christmas came early for me.'

Ps. The answer to the quiz question was a 'Stationery shop.' The Mozziah took a new friend to a stationery shop! He's bloody funny that Mozziah of ours.


  1. Good morning! I assume you are now safely in NY, sleeping hopefully, since you were awake the entire night. Have you taken all of your new reading material along with you? I hope you did add Kafka and Whitman to your list. ;)


    Of course the real world deserves your undivided attention and of course you are right to give the real world what it deserves. You have given us all so much of yourself, and for that I thank you. You have been a guiding hand through this experience that, I think I can safely say, none of us expected to be so involved in, and shall I dare say, you have also been a friend. Of course you will object to that, but I feel that it is true. It’s not supposed to work that way in this world, is it? The point is to be anonymous. Real connections and attachments are not supposed to be part of a profile picture and 140 bytes. The one thing in life that we can always count on, though, is that so often plans do not unfold the way they are ‘supposed’ to. I began this journey with curiosity, hope, and no expectations. Today I am an ocean away from where I began. We have created something beautiful, and certainly unexpected, because we believed it could exist. There is a bond that has been formed here that, for me, in many ways, will continue beyond the outcome of this.

    I hope that you come back, I really do, but if you should choose not to, of course I will understand. I will miss you, though. Thank you for every morning read, every kind word, every funny exchange that resulted in countless lol’s, every song shared, every sincere encouragement, and every sentiment that came through even when you did not mean for it to. If we do not see you again, I wish you every happiness and success. You will be brilliant in your writing career, because you are a writer, and this is your masterpiece, so far. Not The Blue Rose, although it was brilliant, but ALL of it. Every blog you have written since all of this began. You have documented, in a beautiful, funny, heartfelt, witty, humbling, sobering, and heart wrenching way this entire amazing experience. Your masterpiece is our story. You have told our story in a way that I’m sure only you could.
    Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us every day. Thank you for being a friend. It has truly been a pleasure and a privilege to know you.

    Happy December!

    “By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.” ~ Kafka

    “In the confusion we stay with each other, happy to be together, speaking without uttering a single word. We convince by our presence.” ~ Whitman

    Assuming the blog will still be up, I will post a review of Chicago here. It seems very natural that the review should be here.

    “Be happy, be happy; you shall have your red rose.” ~ Wilde

    Stilli xx

  2. Rats - you been on the waccy baccy?
    I would like to say that I am not, never have been, never will be, and last time I looked, definitely was not, Boz Boorer. Mr Boz looks far better in a skirt and make-up than I do. And he was wearing fishnet tights.
    morrissey@morrisseysworld said 'If one can't see new things, see the same things with new eyes; if one can't do that, falling over will at least change one's perspective'
    'Wear a single white rose or a single red rose to my US concerts. No thorns. Wilde is on mine'.


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