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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 88 Sunday 11th December 2011

0001 (Local Time) It's Up to You, New York, New Yooooooork, dah, dah dee dah, dah, dah, dah dee dah, Neeeeeeew York. Yes, I am in the city that doesn't etc etc, after a pain in the backside wait at Customs that took 2 hours, but I suppose it could be worse, it could've been a 'Boz Job', who incidentally isn't @Girlwithout, she/he says so in the comments after yesterday's blog. There is also an epitaph from Stilli in yesterday's comments, but I am pleased to report, I am still alive and kicking, just not visiting Twitterdilly or tweeting. It is good to have made the break & although I am tempted to peek in via the back of the wardrobe, I have managed to resist. My plane journey threw up the usual dilemma of which films to watch on a long flight, but luckily my childish/comedy side won the battle (it usually does) and I chose 'The Inbetweeners Movie', which was mildy amusing, although not as good as the TV series. Next, I thought I would try 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' to show myself I had an intellectual side, what a load of bollocks. I fell asleep after twenty five minutes of nothingness, woke up and tried again, but despite Kathy Burke turning up, in the film that is, not on the plane, I abandoned it for good after fifty minutes. What a waste! I have never read LeCarrre and now I know why. I then had time for just one more film, it was a toss up between 'Hangover 2', because I'd quite liked the first one, and 'Hanna', a thriller about an assasin, so I chose.....'Arthur'. I really didn't want to even CONSIDER 'Arthur' for three reasons, firstly I don't generally like remakes, secondly because I'd read bad reviews and thirdly, and most importantly, I thought it would make me a bit sycophantic, sucking up to my new 'Celeb Twitter Friend'. However, I'm glad I watched it, and now don't care if this IS sycophantic, I loved it and pathetically, it made me cry. The first ten minutes were a bit slow but Rustle Brand really is a good actor and it is full of original one liners that weren't there in the Dudley Moore version. Brand seems to have taken over from Hugh Grant as the 'Ultimate Englishman' to put in US films. Mind you, now he's gone and plastered himself in a West Ham tattoo, his roles may be limited to 'West Ham Supporting Ultimate Englishmen' only, he just didn't think it through did he? Having shed a tear at 'Arthur' (I do like a happy ending), I then switched to the ipod to feed myself my daily dose of Mozziah and I'm afraid I shed another tear or two, it's because I was tired, he doesn't always make me cry, but when I'm tired and start thinking about things, it can sometimes just flood out. Airplanes probably aren't the best place in the world to sit and have a sob, and particularly during 'Arthur', so I did the old 'Something in the eye routine'  but it was the lyrics to 'Teenage Dad' that set me off again, a song which, incidentally,  has nothing to do with a teenage dad, well okay, it does a bit, but there is a second story within the story and the lyrics talk of a middle class nobody, achieving nothing in life. It is yet another Mozziah song that seems to speak directly to me, so many of them do, which is what makes him so special. I think one of MY biggest fears in life is failing to achieve 'Something' and by that I mean leaving a mark, it is why I want to write. Being entertained is all well and good, but I feel a burning need to do the entertaining and failure to achieve that grips me on a daily basis, it is the one thing that stops me fully enjoying life. Don't get me wrong, in the main I'm a laid back, happy go lucky person who doesn't have many bad days but I HAVE to achieve something other than 'being an okay bloke'. Also, if I'm honest, 'Teenage Dad' gets me in another way too, because when I listen to the lyric about the wasted teenage dad, it upsets me that the world, and particularly England, is becoming such a desperately dreadful place and there is seemingly nothing anybody can do about it. I had an argument the other day in Twitterdilly with @Banjaxer, because when I told him I no longer vote, he accused me of giving in and having no right to discuss politics, but I disagree, it is just that I have a combination of both sheer helplessness and utter disillusionment, specifically in the people who run for election. It is irrelevant who you vote for, it really, really is, they are ALL totally inept, clueless, and mostly in it for their own gain or speckle of power. I find it all so depressing but hey, enough already (I appear to be picking up the local lingo!), I'm here in New York to enjoy myself, enough about the state of the world and my lack of achievement, (tiredness, emotions and a bit of Mozziah really are a lethal cocktail) I need some sleep.
0315 Awake! I just never seem to be able to sleep very well in Hotels! Perhaps if I write some more it'll send me back off. I've just checked Youtube for footage of last night's concert in Puebla, but so far nothing. I've also checked So-Low but all that's on there are the usual stupid comments and racist remarks and a couple of references to an earthquake, hold on I'll google.....OMG (as the kids say), there really was an earthquake, but the show went on! Who says he doesn't risk everything for his fans?
 Finally, before I attempt to go back to sleep and then enjoy New York, today is the thirty first day since MorrisseysWorld deactivated on Twitter. After 30 days, if you don't reactivate an account, you lose the name. I checked the availability of the name and it ISN'T available, which means the owner of it has reactivated it and therefore obviously intends to reuse it. There are now just two more Mexican dates and then it's Chicago on Saturday, where one way or the other, SOMETHING will happen. We're in the final week, So-Low is self destructing and *Goes off singing* Could be, who knows? There's something due any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows. It may come cannonballing down through the sky, gleam in it's eye, BRIGHT AS A ROSE, who knows?


  1. Hello Ratatouille.

    I've tried shouting to you through the wardrobe, but it's pointless - you'll never hear me. I have my tweets protected you see, God forbid ANYONE in my real world sees me in Twitterdilly. Not because I'm hiding anything here (apart from real name, address, place of work, names of children) but because I don't want THEM ('them' - my real world friends & acquaintances) to see this bit of me - this bit of me is for you guys.

    Can I ditto everything wot the utterly adorable @stillicling said yesterday. I too hope that you will come back. You are missed and you HAVE entertained, you ARE an entertainer. You even try to out-host the host of the mozarmy quiz of a Friday eve!

    Speaking of yesterday's 'comments', I tried to log in to my icon thingy and could not remember the password, or the email account I used to set up the account. I tried a gazillion combinations but to no avail. So my teenage self is trapped on your blog for ever - talking on that grey bakelite phone from the nineteen haties.

    Expect many more 'comments' now that you are out of reach. Why have we not been commenting here before anyway? On this brilliant, funny blog. I may have to trawl the archives, do a 'TRB' and 'Tick' a few more.

    Lots of love to you on your break.

    Admin girlwithout may have her drawers to rifle through, but I have my very own little shoe-box of cuttings.

    "Goodnight and don't do anything I wouldn't do. However shish that kebab is…"

    *Goes off singing* ‘If you get caught between the moon and New York City’

  2. Epitaph? Very funny! You know how sentimental I am. Surely you were expecting something.;) Every word was true. Clearly you are just on a break and not actually leaving (tick!). I can live with that. Strolling aimlessly through Central Park sounds…perfect. Did you know there is a Naked Cowboy in Times Square? Thank you for another read! Enjoy your break and enjoy NY (of course you will).

  3. Hi TRB, hope you're enjoying yourself. Just a random observation re. The Mozziah/Twitterdilly: On December 8th, @GirlOnBike1102 sent a tweet to @MorrisseysMum asking if Mum's son could possibly play Irish Blood English Heart on Saturday since it was the funeral of her friend's boy. Mum responded on Dec 9th slightly less enigmatic than she usually does: "We always mourn". Now there's no official confirmation yet but it appears that the song was indeed played as an encore at Puebla on Saturday night which is all the more remarkable since on this American tour, if my memory serves me right, it was only played on the first night in San Antonio and then dropped from the setlist. I am absolutely convinced that this is the Mozziah taking a bow at Sabine and the Rose Society.

  4. I haven't had a chance to check yet but thanks HL for filling me in. I am almost moved to tears now! BTW Rat, just a little correction for today's blog entry, it was @girlwithout who left the comment about not being Boz, not me. Lack of sleep or jetlag on your part, I guess? xxx

  5. Rats

    Enjoy your break & if you come across any finger lingerie boutiques please do let me know!


  6. HL & Girl

    Didn't see your comments earlier. A moving touch which has sprinkled fertilizer on to our roses.

  7. Hey, Rat...... Enjoy New York! Hope you return to Twitterdilly soon! At least you're still posting to your blog; thanks! =)

  8. heathercat222 said...

    You're greatly missed, Rats, but we hope you're having a blast in NY. Glad to hear you had a perfect day - trouble loves you too. :)Hope you'll return to Twitterdilly soon. Until then, lots of love & take care. xx

  9. Aww...You do miss us!! Between messages from the Apple store and the blog (thank you SO much for both!) wouldn't it be easier if you just came back to Twitterdilly? ;)We miss you too! Continue to enjoy your perfect day and come back soon!! xxxx

  10. FYI: I am a believer...not a Belieber (thank God). Was ready to toss a red rose in Chicago and can't make the rescheduled gig, but will be eagerly awaiting the good news. M took my letter in San Antonio, and now my heart is full. Onward....

  11. Ratty my friend apparently this is the new 'dilly. While you dally in the Apple store we dilly here in your front room playing while you're away.

    Apparently we miss you but - stiff upper lip and all that stuff - we carry on.

    Write soon and twit soon.

    JG aka LL


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