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Monday, 12 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 89 Monday 12th December 2011

0330 (NYC TIME): I still can't sleep! Video footage from Puebla on Saturday night is now up on Youtube and what another cracker of a concert it looked. There is a great moment during 'Let Me Kiss You', when somebody invades the stage and looks to be trying to pull down The Mozziah's trousers! It would appear that certain fans aren't happy enough with the shirt off his back, they want the whole kit and caboodle. The Mozziah is understandably thrown by the incident and momenterally stops singing while he pulls his kecks back up, now why didn't I try pulling his trousers down when I was clinging onto his left leg up the pier in Great Yarmouth? I have to admit, that in that milli second that I was closely examining his left knee cap, it didn't even occur to me to try and debag him and I believe the act could be regarded as, very slightly, 'crossing the line'. That precious belt of his didn't do a particularly good job did it? I reckon he'll be begging me for that Sparks scarf soon or if not, we may see the return of the string/rope thingy that looked more like a chav's dog lead.

Moments after the 'trouser' incident, The Mozziah ripped off his shirt, in what looked a very impulsive act during the lyric 'But then you open your eyes and you see someone that you physically despise'. This man knows how to play a crowd you know, and although the video footage isn't particularly clear, I'm sure I saw the famous heart shaped sweat mark on his back, which he hasn't done for ages. And for those wondering, the shirt was a rather nice pink one, with matching finger dressing, you don't get this sort of information on the SO-Low site you know!

 The encore saw another performance of 'First Of The Gang To Die' and more stage invaders, which again threw The Mozziah to the extent that he not only stopped singing the correct words to the song but resorted to a sort of gibbering babble. I noticed this in another performance recently and it made me wonder what EXACTLY goes through his mind as the invaders come? Is it panic, annoyance, pleasure or, if it's possible, a combination of all three? From a security point of view, it must be a nightmare, and although it is easy enough to be blase and say no harm can come, it only takes one drunken idiot to be stupid. In the main though, I think he enjoys the competition between the invaders and the heavy mob and if he let the security issue worry him too much, it just wouldn't be the same.

Anyway, enough about him and more about me, although for those of you who are tempted to stop reading at this point, please don't, there is more Mozziah relevance to come, just bear with me. My day in New York yesterday was just perfect. If ever I needed a cure to my blues of the previous day, when I was worrying about the depths to which society was sinking, my spirits were lifted by a carefree walk through Central Park on a cold December day. With the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, I can't think of many better places I'd rather have been. One of the highlights was seeing a middle aged woman wearing a Justin Bieber hat, I couldn't help myself, I just had to ask her if she was being ironic? Unfortunately, she wasn't, and apparently, 'His songs are just great', which I'll have to take her word for, although she didn't look like the sought of person who would be battling with herself over the lyrics of 'Teenage Dad On His Estate', still, she's happy so I'll leave her alone. But before I do, let me ask myself this, who has the better life, her with her 'Bieber Beenie' and a smile on her face or me with my dark deep thoughts and a 'Shoplifter's' T Shirt? I'm pleased to say, I think it's me, but I think she's okay too, in fact even as I write this, it's putting the whole thing into perspective and I will try not to beat myself up so much, the world is what it is and we are what we are, and whether you choose Methadone (See Teenage Dad), Bieber Beenies or Angst ridden 80's warblers as your poison of choice, then so be it, we can't all be the same and nor should we be. (NB. I love that The Mozziah is always described as the 'Angst ridden lead singer of 80's band The Smiths', it's as though everything ended with the split, when in fact so much more began, particularly for the angst, which now concentrates it's time on finger attire and string).

Anyway, this bit is supposed to be about me, not him, so as I continued my walk through Central Park, (and yes I did feel a need to go to Lennon's memorial in Strawberry Heights, despite having seen it before) I Stumbled across 'The Afrobats', a comedy acrobatic threesome, who added further pleasure to my day, (search 'Afrobats Central Park', they are very amusing) the little things mean so much. Christmas shopping on 5th Avenue was not quite as relaxing as the stroll through Central Park, in fact it was manic, but with the sounds of Christmas in the air, it fitted the cliche perfectly, and I even took the time whilst in the Apple store, to post a 'hello' message to everybody in Twitterdilly via the SO-Low comments page for the Puebla concert, and to be honest, my hello to Twitterdilly was just about as relevant as all the other postings on there regarding the concert. SO-Low is a dying website, and soon it will be no more, MorrisseysWorld is coming.

 Oh let's forget about my day, it keeps coming back to HIM anyway, and talking of SO-Low, as I sit here, unable to sleep, I have been trawling their archives to find out more on this Uncle Skinny, (the guy I mentioned the other day, who has blocked me on twitter) and the whole MorrisseysWorld thing. There are loads of comments on there and I'm pretty sure, that both the users 'Kate Ryan' and 'Road Hog' are in fact The Mozziah, amusing himself. I would guess there are countless other 'personalities' on there that are also The Mozziah but of course, we'll never know. The amount of people who seemed to believe MW was real and then changed their minds, thanks in part to 'Kate Ryan' changing HER view, is incredible. If ALL this is documented in The Mozziah's diaries, then one day there is going to be some fantastically funny revelations and stories to read. I wonder if The Mozziah has EVER let anybody else read his diaries? Unlikely.

Anyway, I think I've cleared up Uncle Skinny, and I feel a little bit sorry for him, as I expect The Mozziah does. He is no doubt a very devoted and knowledgeable fan, who discovered @Morrisseysmum on twitter in April and he believes it to be The Mozziah, but he has totally and utterly rejected MW as a fake. Now, both 'Mum' and @Banjaxer communicate regularly via twitter with Uncle Skin, but can't of course tell him MW is real because nobody is ever allowed to be told and what's more, Uncle Skin seems to also be an administrator on the SO-Low site, or am I missing the blindingly obvious and Uncle Skin is very much part of MW and is an inside mole? Damn, I knew I should've watched the rest of 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' instead of 'Arthur' on the plane.

Ps A special hello to @caterita2008 in Twitterdilly 

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  1. Good morning! Happy Chicago week!! Thank you, as always. It sounds like you are having a pefect time. Enjoy the rest of your visit! xx


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