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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 90 Tuesday 13th December 2011

0045 NYC TIME. SO-Low have banned me! Unbelievable, absolutely, hypocritically, unbelievable. Despite all the vile, racist and malicious comments that go completely uncensored because DavidT and his mate Kewpie believe in freedom of speech, I have been banned for daring to criticise how they run their site. I can assure them, I have been banned by far better people on Twitter, well Johnny Marr at least, the rest who have banned me, including virtually all of The G*ardian's employees, are equally low as the SO-lowers but you get my point. It is no skin off my rat shaped nose and my whiskers also remain intact. I found out I'd been banned when I attempted to post the following message, 'Brown Cow to Red Leader, any sign of 'Trouble' on Saturday, launch Operation 'Blue Rose', if NO 'Trouble' move straight to Part Two of Operation 'Blue Rose' and dispatch 'Red'& 'White'. When my 'Anonymous' message didn't post, I tried to register but was rejected, I can only presume they can track IP addresses and don't like the look of mine, IPists. With regard to 'Blue Rose', I still feel, despite @girlwithout 's insistence to the contrary, that we 'Twitterillians', as a group, should persist with the 'Blue Rose' idea, but only if 'Trouble Loves Me' is ever played. It will then be a special tribute to the song that the Twitterdilly gang adopted and reflects the anagram of the song, 'Love MT Blue Rose'. The red and white roses are STILL the ones that should be thrown just before the encore as instructed, but it makes it even more mysterious if the society is called 'Blue Rose', and as I've said before, a great parallel name as a tribute to Wilde's 'Green Carnation'.
   Some more video footage of the concert in Puebla has turned up on Youtube, filmed from about eighteen inches away from The Mozziah. The filmer must have had neck ache because most of the filming is centred around The Mozziah's crutch area! The audio quality is atrocious but it does show the purposely designed, heart shaped sweat patch on the back of the pink shirt (unless The Mozziah sweats love) and it also gives a good close up of the belt, or at least, it would do, but there was no belt, nor indeed the dog lead piece of string, but instead, something resembling a dressing gown cord! Has Boz taken revenge for the 'Skirt' incident by thieving the belt, the dog string and the spangly jumper? Time will tell, and talking of time telling, at times I tend to go off at tangents and often get the wrong end of a stick, eg @girlwithout being Boz Boorer, but my latest accusation revolves around a tweet posted by @morrisseysmum on December 10th that read, 'Ladies and gentlemen prepare for the rerun return of Elsie Tanner. Si?' At the time, I had no idea what this could possibly be a reference to, but it struck me as very strange that a reply came from a 'Twitterdilly Rose Wearer' @caterita2008, (who incidentally turned up in Twitterdilly out of the blue wearing a rose without any previous exchanges with any of the regulars) saying, 'Si! Ora ho capito! Better late than never!' My expert Italian tells me that it says, 'Yes, now I understand! Meglio tarde che mai.' I'm sure I vaguely remember MorrisseysWorld having some article that described either Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross or David Walliams as Elsie Tanner, but then, I could be wrong, I often am, but even so, there is something suspicious about the so called Italian mother(?) with her 'sometimes' pigeon English.....mmm.
 Today is my last day in New York, which is probably just as well because yesterday, I walked and walked and am shattered. I resisted taking buses, cabs or the tube, I wanted to take in everything. I walked from The Paramount Hotel (46th Street) where I was staying, down to 34th to The Empire State Building to do the touristy thing, and then I trawled the streets for record shops. I'd looked on the internet before setting off, but the first one I reached, Academy Records on 18th St was rather disappointing. I was directed to their sister shop on 12th St which specialises in vinyl, but again it wasn't very big or very good. Downloading has killed the likes of Virgin & Tower, and the days of finding decent record shops on main streets seems lost forever. Luckily my searching eventually paid off when I arrived at 23 Park Row, in downtown Manhattan, where I found 'J&R', a proper record shop spread over three floors, I was spoilt for choice. As usual with any record shop, I checked out the letters 'M' and 'S' first, just in case The Mozziah has sneakily released something I wasn't aware of, but he hadn't, although the recently released 'The Complete Smiths' Box set of eight albums, remastered by Johnny Marr, was looking at me seductively, with a not so seductive price tag of 249 dollars. I picked it up and caressed it but it weighed a ton, which made my mind up for me, I wasn't dragging that back up sixty odd streets, well certainly not without any remastering by The Mozziah, although I guess the vocals didn't need any remastering, it must have been those instrumentally bits that make up the background that needed polishing up. So instead, I decided to go for a 'lighter' option and  bought The Mozziah's 'Swords' album on vinyl and the new Robert Johnson double cd. When I say new, Robert Johnson hasn't actually recorded anything new, which is just as well as he's been dead for seventy odd years, but it's been remastered,  (I don't think by Johnny Marr) although it's retained it's hiss, which adds to the rawness of the era. Bieber's got all this Remastering to look forward to as his career transcends the next God knows how many decades, perhaps they can add some hiss and indeed boos, for good measure! As I was about to check out, I threw in Noel Gallagher's new cd for good measure as the reviews have been good & as I sit here writing and listening to both Robert & Noel, I'm happy with my purchases. The Swords vinyl will remain wrapped in it's cellophane.
 There is no Youtube footage or SO-Low reports as yet from Guadalajara, so I will report on those in tomorrow's blog when I'm back in Blighty. I guess I will also return to Twitterdilly, although it's been good to have a break from the fantasy world, in a fantasy wardrobe full of people with a quite unnatural devotion to a man who describes himself as an illusion, how did this ever happen to me? Why couldn't I have been the woman in the Bieber Beenie?


  1. Good morning and thank you!

    Why couldn't you have been the woman in the Bieber Beenie? Because what you are doing now is leaving your mark and you can't achieve something like that in Bieber attire. We will be very glad to have you back. It hasn't been the same without you. I did tweet a YouTube clip to you last night that I thought you would find interesting, if only because of the brief appearance of Yarmouth. Enjoy your last day and safe travels for your return. xx

  2. What So-Low actually do now is that they try to monitor anon comments. I tried to post an unsuspicious one yesterday, it looked like this was impossible but today it's up on the thread I posted it to.
    First takes from Guadalajara are Canthave and Killed. Watch the finger lingerie in the first one. Someone has been reading his Rats' texts. New colour and one more finger clad.

    Safe travels,

  3. Looks like I too have been banned from solow which I find rather amusing considering I have only posted twice - in response to the vitriol, I couldn't help myself.
    Obviously I'm
    not up to there caustic, sladerous standards. Enough said!

    Safe journey home!

  4. Morrissey @morrisseysworld said ‘On the Retweet rampage at MY age... go to so-low oh-oh, Go to waste on the internet- machine instead’.
    I have been blocked from posting on solow since 7 December after this exchange about the Mexico live radio concert stream -
    Anon - Will Mr T be banned from watching it?
    Anon/girlwithout - Might be the only chance he has of throwing a red or white rose at a live concert.
    Anon - The blogger thought fans "fans" would throw Roses. David didn't say it. No Roses.
    So yes, I still stand by my belief that anyone who followed the MorrisseysWorld blog or twitter should stay true to the red or white rose. There were a lot of people who followed MW who will look for that sign, not for a blue rose. Twitterdillians should keep ‘Trouble Loves Me’ as our special song, but for me the rose has to be red or white @-‘—,-
    Morrissey @morrisseysworld said ‘Don't forget your rose - a single white rose or a single red rose, devoid of thorns’.

    Boz woz ere


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